Aug 18, 2014

Make Me Smile Monday-School's In!

My youngest daughter is a First grade school teacher and this is her 6th year of teaching. She loves her job and her babies. My "make me smile grin moment" came when she shared with me that she had been asked to take Top Group at her school! She had already been voted on by her piers to be Team Leader for her Quad this year so this news was like an added extra dose of excitement and nervousness rolled up into one. YES...this Mama GRINNED from ear to ear! Ya know Mama's and Nana's do a lot of grinning!

However, this also class room, re-decorating and revamping. OOH...lots of work! Needless to say...there is very little we do in our family that the whole family doesn't get involved in so this task has taken the later part of summer to accomplish but we got it done! Want to share with you some of the class room activity that's been going on. 

She has had a Star theme going on already but this year we decided to jazz it up a little with Hollywood, movies, and popcorn.

On this board will go her lunch menu weekly for the kids to see.

Her Star qualities board; simple but cute with the red, black and yellow. 

I especially like the red, black and yellow months of the year with the stars on them.

Awe...her little puppets for the "theatre" handed down to her by the former teacher of this class whose shoes will be hard to fill. Don't get any better than Miss Kelly Murphy. But, that is why God gave us our own shoes, right?

Her class rules.

Would you believe that I had enough black material stashed away in my little shed to cover everything she wanted covered in her classroom? Computer center, desk, and other things all got covered just like she wanted. LOL! pays to HOARD at times!

Front of her desk draped with black material and red tulle. (my kind of colors)

Each cabinet is filled with something so we made labels that looked like a movie/theatre and placed them on each cabinet to show what was in the cabinet. I didn't make a picture of every one that we made but just wanted to show you what they looked like. 

We actually made these little signs for a lot of different things in her room. 

Speaking of this!

Aren't the pop corn tubs just too cute?

Amazing at how just a piece of black material can shine things up.

Birthday Board:

Writing Center:

Just got to have some crayons ya know....

We finally got her desks situated. She has always had 18 kids but this year was going to have 20. Smaller room meant less space so we had to put our thinking caps on. WORKED OUT GREAT!

Each child got a cute book to take home in their little lunch bags along with class information.

Who says you can't use your left over star plates from July 4th????

Yep, just a picture of the little sink where the kids will wash those grubby little hands at.

But right there within arms reach of a towel to dry those hands will be these words....

Love this! My friend Lauren gave me this idea because she too has this wording in her guest bathroom. Of course hers matches her decor but this is perfect for the classroom.

For Open House she set up stations for the parents. I didn't snap pics of every station but thought it was a cute idea.

Station 4 was too cute!

Parents could crab an apple off the Giving Tree and bring in the items needed. However, a blessing happened the night of Open House...parents brought in that night and filled her bins.

The Treasure chest! YES, loaded to the brim too!

For Open House she wanted each child to have something a little extra special to carry home so....

What better than popcorn? 

My friend Andrea gave me a pop corn machine and the Manager at our local Ace Hardware donated me the little bags they use for popcorn. Turned out so cute and was a huge hit!

Right outside her class room is her main board and each star has a child's name on it.

Getting her board ready for 1st day of school.

I gave her this plaque when she began teaching 6 years ago. 

Chilling out with a Starbucks! YEP, she knows it is going to be a long year........LOL!

So proud of our little school teacher who does strive to make a difference in the life of child.

Thanks for letting me share my smile grin for today!
 Pray for my daughter as she leads and guides these kids to a brighter tomorrow.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. what a wonderful room to learn and grow in! your daughter is beautiful, cindy! i love all the special touches and hard work that has gone into her classroom--what lucky little ones!

  2. Cute, cute, cute class and I love the popcorn idea! Good luck to your daughter this year.
    Connie Royals

  3. What a fun and eye catching class room! You all did a great job with it! Those kids are so lucky! First grade teachers are a special bunch! I bet they love her!

  4. Looks to be a fun year in Miss Conner's class! I pray every day for our teachers. It is a tough job and one that doesn't get as much acknowledgment as it should.

  5. Oh dear Cindy, I bet all the kids love their beautiful teacher, I would! I love her classroom and she also looks like she's such fun! Wish her a wonderful new school year and many blessings.
    Thanks for sharing, I love this post, as I too was an English as a language teacher for elementary school for 3 years and later for 6 I was a HS teacher and I so enjoyed those years.

  6. She has done a wonderful job with her class room. The children are going to have so much fun as they learn. BTW Ms. Connor is very pretty!!

  7. I thought I commented, but I've had some struggles with Google on my I'm gonna give this another try!!! The room looks so awesome. Her kiddos are going to love having her for their teacher this year....and will learn so much!! And, what a wonderful Momma you are to help her out so much! HOPE you have an awesome day!!!

  8. LOVE the theme and how you played it out in the classroom. I always loved decorating the room - spent hours planning and preparing. Best to your beautiful daughter as she starts a new year impacting little lives. Loved the plaque over the sink best . . .

  9. Hi Cindy, this is such a delightful post. I adore how family oriented you are, such a good mama *&* nanny. Great job on the classroom. I really enjoyed how you were able to come to your daughters rescue with the fabric she needed.
    All the best to you.

  10. I can tell you are a proud mama! :) Her room looks great and she is a lovely young lady. My daughter is a kindergarten teacher - she has also taught first grade, and this is either her seventh or eighth year. Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Beth

  11. Oh how sweet Cindy! You must be so proud. Your daughter has one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs on the planet. She sure looks like she is organized and ready for a great year! Cheers. XO

  12. You just completely MADE my morning! I was a teacher myself, many moons ago. I never ever get tired of seeing a room all done up and ready for the first day of school. I always ask my daughters' friends who are new teachers to send me some pictures so I can cheer them on. I was and am such a theme person that I get all jazzed when someone puts work into a room and carries out a theme. THIS room gets an A+ from me!

    I would shout out a favorite part of it, but there were too many to mention. Way too many...

    (And can I just say that your daughter is a beautiful girl, too?)

  13. I really enjoyed seeing all this! Thanks for sharing it with us! Great job! I'm going to send it to my grandson's new wife (who teaches 2nd grade) and my niece who teaches kindergarten.

    Your daughter is very pretty and looks so sweet!



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