Feb 9, 2010


Read the post, "My New Love" and post your ideas on my blog as to how I could use my new jar and ivy bowl with candlestick project and you may win the new Faith Plaque Photo holder piece. Just hit the comment button and either sign up (it's quick) for a blogger account or sign anonymous but be sure to list your name. Tell me your ideas on use for my new thrifty pieces. You have till noon on Friday and a winner will be chosen for the best idea! The piece you will win is brand new, has one of my favorite scriptures on it, Phil. 4:13 and of course has 3 frames attached for 3 pictures! Post your ideas girls!


  1. Since you said you redid you bathroom - you could put them in the bathroom- the one could hold cotton balls or such.. and then a candle in the other that matches the decor.

  2. How about putting red hots in the cute jar with lid and give it to me?
    Seriously, I think the ideas are endless as you say and I have no doubt that with your creative mind you have a problem using these pieces. I do like the candy heart idea! Audrey

  3. Cindy I Love your NEW blog. You go girl :), JO Hilson

  4. Too cute. Where did you find this?
    Liza S.

  5. Love the blog.
    Tina B.


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