Feb 9, 2010

My New Love

Liquid Nails! Yep, I can nail all sorts of stuff now! It is waterproof and fast bonding and I love it! You can purchase a small 4 oz. size for small projects and repairs and it will last forever! Well, unless you've got tons of projects and repairs that is! It is my new best friend! Let me show you my latest little project. The items you see are either thrift store or yard sale finds.
In picture #1 you see the jar with lid (I love them jars), candlesticks, and of course the ivy bowl. A must have for anything and everything! In picture #2 you see where I used my liquid nails and glued my jar with lid to the candlestick I thought it would look best on. Now I have an apothecary jar! Love it! Took the ivy bowl and glued it to the other candle stick....now, I have another candle holder to hold a bigger candle. Or a floral piece.....or candy.....or whatever I want! (picture #3)The ideas are endless! I just love the simple things in life!


  1. Girl, what are you going to do next? Amazing! Audrey

  2. Those are neat ideas. You can also put pretty marbles and a floating candle in the bowl.

    Kristy :-)

  3. Here is my take on this: Fill the pretty jar with silver kisses and the ivy jar with a floral piece.
    Liza S.

  4. I love them! Doesn't it feel good to make something out of such inexpensive things? I think they look pretty good as-is, but I do like that plaque so I will have to come up with something!....The jar would be cute in the bathroom with cotton balls or bath salts. The bowl would look cute if you wrapped the candlestick with ribbon and then tied a ribbon around the bowl with matching candle inside. Or as an extra fancy toothpick holder at your next buffet style dinner???


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