Mar 31, 2010

Just gotta share some WINS!

I love, love, love to give....and within the last week I have WON three giveaways myself...within a day apart my goodies came in the mail and I was like a child opening up Christmas presents. But gotta share this little story. I was reading Patti's Blog from Pandora's Box  at about her post on "Old Paper Goods". I commented on her blog at how my husband LOVES anything that has history to it. Long story short the next thing I knew Patti was mailing us a couple of pieces of the paper goods history! My husband was thrilled. The funny thing was he had been a tad skeptical about this blogging stuff....(from the old school where you don't do anything online if you can help it) ha! When we opened up Patti's gift the first words he said were, "Well, if she is a mass-murderer from ONLINE at least she has good taste in History stuff and that was so nice of her to send this to us! So I am going to make him a little shadow box with these items Patti sent to us so he hang it with his other "stuff" in the Barn. And to top it off she sent the sweetest little note with it! You know, there are still people in the world that are givers! Patti is one!
 Well then I won this martini glass. Now the funny thing about this is when Grace from posted this giveaway on her blog I thought to myself, "What will I do with a Martini glass if I won it. I don't drink martini's! But as I told Grace If I won I already had someone in mind to give it to that loves collectable items such as this. Well I be darn if I didn't win it! When I got it in the mail and opened it up it was so stinking cute that I thought, "I wish I had not already obligated myself to give this away"! I could so use this with my Paris theme that I want to do with a new bedroom makeover with one of our bedrooms! But, I am going to be the "extra giver" and give it to someone I know would love it more than me. The box is even pretty! 
Then I entered a giveaway on She was hosting a giveaway from a generous sponsor from Touch of Glass, Laura from couldn't believe I won and Laura from Touch of Glass was so nice to let me pick the Treasure I wanted. I love it! 
I will tell you now....I have been thrilled with what I call "unexpected blessings". 

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  2. I like it all but my favorite piece is that necklace! Too cute! Angela

  3. You should probably buy a lottery ticket, too...thanks for the kudos, you are too kind!

  4. Cindy,
    Congrats on the so deserve to win...your such a sweet person:)

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Wow! What a lot of blessings this week! Good for you!

  6. I'd say you are one lucky girl! All such nice giveaway gifts but I love the necklace! Yep, you're a lucky girl alright!

  7. My dad would have loved the old paper goods. He too loves anything old and that has a history to it. Congratulations on your WINS! Casey

  8. What a blessed woman you many great giveaways...haha! ;) I am glad that you won them are a very deserving person!

    Blessings, Grace


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