Mar 8, 2010

Yes, my bathroom is finished!

Praise the Lord! I have had it finished a while and thank those of you that had heard me rattle on about it. Here are just a few pictures of the choices I made.The floor I decided to go with I LOVE!
Looked at several places and winded up with this:

I love the color and the fact that is actually looks like ceramic tile and feels like tile to your feet but doesn't have the upkeep that tile does. 
I also redone my cabinets. Amazing what a good cleaning will do...a little sanding and some stain! And of course new cabinet handles always top it off!

The next piece I love is a piece I found at Ross. It isn't too big and it isn't too small and it only cost $15....yep, that is what I am talking about. The box that is holding the wash clothes is actually a PLANTER! I bought another one just like that but much larger to serve as my garbage can! Why pay a fortune for those items when all we need to do is THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 


These two framed pieces I just love! The mat around the words was perfect color and matched my sage color I was using. However the frame was a brassy gold color and I didn't care for that. So took a little spraypaint, taped the glass and sprayed away! Love the results and I love the words on these two prints. I have them on one wall.

Isn't this the truth!

The next print was the theme for my youngest daughter's Senior class. I have always loved this saying. 


Thanks for looking and listening! When I get around to taking a few more pictures of my goodies in my new bathroom I will be sure to post! 
Have a blessed day. 


  1. A planter for a garbage can? Only you Miss Cindy would think like that. I just paid $29.99 for a garbage can for my bathroom from Bed, bath & beyond! I love the color of the floor! But those prints are precious. Where did you get those????

  2. Answer to your questions: Girl, I am too thrifty to pay $30 for a garbage can! I love this planter and found a larger one identical to the smaller one at Ross. Not sure what I paid but best I can remember I paid under $15 for both pieces! The prints: Found at Family Dollar in Jacksonville! $6 each! Spray paint: I already had. Krylon brand that Walmart sells. That color was the Satin Latte (I think) I love the Krylon from Walmart and the Valspar from Home Depot.

  3. A planter for a garbage can? Love the idea! I love those two worded prints and I am not believing you found those at a Family Dollar store! I would love to get the one about mothers for my mom! I am checking out the Family Dollar Store! Which one in Jax did you go too? Lizzy

  4. Whata sweet bathroom makeover! I love both those sayings too...they are sooo true!

  5. Whata sweet bathroom makeover! I love both those sayings too...they are sooo true!

  6. You did a great job! I love everything you did. But I really love that you saved money where you could too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the chargers you liked from a place near me called Debra's Cottage. However, others have asked about them too and so I checked and found you can find them on EBay too.


  7. Thank you so much for commenting. The Family Dollar I went too was on Chaffee road in Jax.

    Arya, so good to hear from you!
    Be blessed, Cindy

  8. Your bathroom looks beautiful! It looks so warm and cozy. Great job!


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