Apr 14, 2010

Miss Lossie's Tablescape

I'm very excited to be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
This is my first little bloggers tablescape.... My Tablescape is very simple, yet I find it what I call "Low Country Charm" . Instead of High Tea, we're having low tea. First of all let me say that my grandfather built my table and benches for me in 1994. It is so heavy it took about four men to get the table in the house. It isn't anything fancy but my papa built it just for me and I love it and will always treasure it. Anyway, was going to put a table cloth on it but to be honest I just wanted it to be simple and I wanted the wood to show. Besides it takes two tablecloths for this size table unless I want to make one!
First of all I must share a little history about these dishes. In 1984 we lost our home to a fire. At that time that was probably the closest thing I had ever come to that was in the sense of experiencing a death in the family. Those of you that have went through that will know what I mean....
Anyway, an elderly lady that lived about 5 miles from me came to see us one day bringing a box of dishes. She told us that she had had these dishes for a long time and didn't really need them and wanted us to have them. I have had these dishes all these years. I cannot even begin to tell you how she (through those dishes) ministered to me in our time of need. Over the years I have added to my collection through thrift stores. Recently I was in my friend Paige's store (Three Palms and Resale) and there sat three pieces that matched my set. A large platter, gravy boat and creamer! Needless to say I was in dish heaven! So I call this my "Miss Lossie" Tablescape. Old, simple, plain but yet truly speaks to me of the gift of giving!

I probably have enough of these dishes now to set up for at least 20. Added to my collection last week was.........

No table cloth...just the pretty table my papa made.
I just love love these little gold spoons I swooped up at a yard sale..both for 25 cents!
Love my little jewels sitting on the saucer. Just sorta gives the tea cup life!

Had some old material and drug it out and made some napkins. Decided to make what they call the "tea cup" napkins. Not too big and not too little! 
 Wanted to give it just a little tad of color and decided to use my newly yard sale purchase for $1....Cheese board with cloche with a few lemons and limes. 

Who can have a tablescape without candles??? Just love them. Instead of goblits decided to go with tea mugs! I love these glasses!!!!

I really loved how my centerpiece turned out. The wooden bowl I also found at a yard sale for 25 cents! I am telling ya'll, I am the Queen of Cheap! Filled it with roses I already had, added a few lemons and topped it with a votive cup and candle. Oh, youngest granddaughter, age 2, added the butterfly. 
 Everything on the tables is things I've had and collected over the years, bought at thrift stores, GW or yard sales or things I just had in general with exception of the napkins I made.
I have two old wooden chairs, one on each end of the table. Used a rose I had leftover with a piece of greenery and done a very simple chairscape.

I used some of my dessert dishes for coasters!
I've sure enjoyed sharing Miss Lossie's Tablescape with ya'll today. It's been fun!

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  1. Cindy the tablescape is gorgeous as are the dishes. The story behind them makes it all that much more beautiful.

  2. Cindy, What a lovely table! And the china, too! Love your story. It really speaks to my heart.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. Cindy~absolutely beautiful! I love the flowers on the chairbacks! Great testimony :) ~Deb

  4. Simply Elegant! Love the story as much as tablescape! My favorite piece from your thrifty finds was the wooden bowl. It was perfect for your center piece! I love it when things come together!

  5. Hi Cindy. I really love the story and the table setting. It's all so pretty. I really like the flowers on the backs of the chairs too.

    I'm so glad you shared it all with us.

    Hugs & smiles...Tracy :)

  6. Very pretty table! Love the dishes and the mugs, also that you were able to add to the set recently - fun!

  7. Oh Cindy,
    What a story behind those dishes!
    And your table made by hand, made by family.
    I like that you are cheap, I mean, frugal. I am known for it!
    I have enjoyed your beautiful table scape and the meaningful story behind it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, what a debut for Tablescape Thursday! I love the story of your table and your dishes -- I know you treasure them both. Your centerpiece is perfect with the colors in the china, and I love those ice tea mugs! Great photography, too. Thank you for your comment on my post!

  9. I love it when things have a special meaning- makes our lives that much more blessed. A gorgeous table!
    xoxo Pattie
    And tell that baby girl she added the PERFECT finishing touch- everything is better with a butterfly!

  10. Wow, I love your table and that it is special!! Beautiful china, and to have so much is wonderful! Beautiful table! Thanks so much for stopping by, and come again:-)

  11. The table is just beautiful. What time is dinner tonight? :-)


  12. What beautiful dishes and even more beautiful on how you acquired them. There are good poeple out there. So sorry about your home that burned. Your tablescape is so pretty and I really like the dishes...Christine

  13. Any tablescape would be lovely on such a special table! Your dishes are the frosting on the cake. :)

  14. What a beautiful table. I love the story of how you got the original dishes. Sorry about the fire, but so wonderful someone gave those dishes out of the goodness of their heart. Welcome to Tablescape Thursday, the one day we all play with the dishes.

  15. It's a wonderful story about the dish set that put you back on the path of housekeeping. What a lovely neighbor. Makes you wonder sometimes why people put stuff in garage sales. No vision, perhaps of what clever things can be done with a simple wooden bowl? Thanks for sharing.

  16. I have those same dishes. They were my grandmothers. I have always thought they were pretty. You did a great job on the table.

  17. Cindy, your table is beautiful...very pretty china pattern...service for 20, wow!

  18. Very lovely tablescape and dishes...what a wonderful way to dine!

  19. Hi Cindy!

    Your table is so pretty! And the hisory behind the table and the china make it even more beautiful!!

  20. Very nice tablescape. I like the golden sunny touch.
    Greetings, Johanna

  21. What a sweet woman to give you what she had. I love those dishes. And the centerpiece is beautiful. I wouldn't put a tablecloth on that gorgeous table, either.

  22. Bless your heart, Cindy, what a touching story...

    that must have been so traumatic to you as a girl, i can only imagine...

    i love your collection, and can see why it means so very much to you!

    enjoyed your post today!

    take care
    creative carmelina was here

  23. It's just lovely to see all of your china together. It's a wonderful pattern. -- Jane F.

  24. very pretty with lots of details. I really like the big beads/jewels placed on the saucers. So pretty!

  25. Very nice Cindy! Such pretty china!

  26. Oh what a beautiful table you've set before us today! I love your story about the dish ministry -- what a lovely lady she was, and a sweet way to help your heart heal from what must have been a dreadful loss! Thank you for your sweet visit to my table this week -- you're always a welcome guest and I hope you'll be back soon!

  27. I love your table setting. It is just wonderful. Such a touching story. I am a new follower to your blog. I hope you have a chance to come say hi. Cheers, Lia

  28. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. Had to pop over to say hello. Love the table, and how pretty to use a rose on the back of the chair :)

  29. Wow, your tablescape is just gorgeous! I adore all the muted colors, it looks so inviting. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. What a wonderful story of the goodness in human nature! Your dishes are beautiful & so is that table...such a treasured heirloom!

    We knew folks who owned a lumber yard & their dining room table was from their own woods. It was AWESOME & I was so envious of such beautiful wood.
    You are very lucky to still have such a wonderful gift.

  31. Hi Cindy...

    How wonderful to have you join in with Tablescape Thursday, my friend...welcome! Wow...and what a debut your gorgeous tablescape makes!!! I love, love, LOVE that beautiful china and your story of how it was gifted to you, really touched my heart! I certainly can see why it means so much to you!!! What a dear lady to have give you this beautiful set!!! It's awesome that you found a few pieces to add to your collection!!! Now...I have to tell you that I was also sooo touched while reading about your papa making that beautiful wooden table for you!!! I'm so glad that you showcased it...and didn't cover it up with a tablecloth!!! It's all sooo pretty, Cindy...the place settings...right down to that gorgeous centerpiece! Oh...and I can't forget your pretty chairscapes either! Awesome, my friend!!! Thank you so much for sharing your blessings and beautiful table with us!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my "Springtime" tablescape! I really enjoyed your visit and sweet note! Thank you!!!

    Have a fabulous Friday!
    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  32. Hi Cindy...

    It's just lil' ol' me again. I wanted to leave you another note to let you know that I've just spent the last half hour or so going through your blog...it's absolutely delightful, my friend! I have added you to my list of blog follows and I really look forward to your upcoming posts and getting to know you! Ohhh my, you are such a gifted and talented photographer!!! I really enjoyed all the photos of your grandchildren! It's so very nice to meet you, Cindy!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...I am really enjoying all of your beautiful music!!!

  33. Cindy,
    TY lots for dropping by in Stockholm. You know what? I am speachless with your gorgeous centerpiece. Do know why, but I am a cheerer of centerpieces rather that the cutleries, chinawares & all those expensive crystal goblets.

    LOVE; LOVE...

    hugs & have a great w/end.

  34. Those dishes are not only meaningful to you they are gorgeous. I think it is amazing that you keep finding pieces to match the set -- how devine.

    Thanks for sharing your posts, I had a great time reading about taking your little princes for a spa treatment. Can't wait until my 1 year old granddaughter is ready for her first!

  35. Love your chairscape!! Made me smile -- and it's beautiful to boot! How wonderful to have such a gorgeous table that your papa made -- a treasure.

  36. How pretty! I love simple and I love stuff that is keepsake items such as the table your papa built! WOW! I was touched with the lady that gave you the dishes after your home burnt! There are some loving and giving people that honestly give from their hearts. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cassie

  37. Cindy-

    Love the Tablescape! The dishes are certainly special! Thanks for visiting me- I see you are a "Nana" from Florida too! Blessings! ~Nana~

  38. Cindy- Love the Table and the history of your beloved dishes! Thanks for stopping by- I see that you are also a "Nana" from Florida!! Blessings- ~Nana~
    (forgive me if this is a repeat, but my computer was acting up and I wanted to make sure to say hi!)


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