Jul 31, 2010

Better late than never!

Am I the only one struggling these days to keep up with posting? Finally decided I needed to post some July 4th pics from my dining room table! Decided this year to do something very simple, light and yet fun. I made things simple on myself with my red, white & blue! Decided to begin with a simple cheap place-setting. Bottom plate is the camper's blue ironstone...Bought a bunch at GW back in Feb. Then just your simple paper red plates from Dollar tree. Patriotic square paper plates from Dollar Tree and my white glass saucers from GW. Of course the napkins came from Dollar Tree as well.

Napkins were cloth (4 to pack for $2) Walmart and my silverware was mixed-matched pieces. 
 Found this red pretty candle holder at GW for $1.99 and had the white candle already. 
Wanted something a little different for centerpiece so took a plastic bowl and plastic plate I bought at Dollar Tree (Red),  A glass candlestick I had so painted it white and glued the pieces together. One week I had nothing but apples in it, one week was filled with the patriotic Debbie Cakes, one week peppermints and well you get the idea! Needless to say my grandbabies loved it cause they never knew what the cute centerpiece would have in it for them! The placemat it is setting on came from Dollar Tree as well.

Had to have a Patriotic Star...Hung on my back door knob. 

Since I have only 2 chairs at my table--and two benches, decided to put the cute little bows on the back of the chairs. 

Used red and white plastic cups. Coaster also came from Dollar Tree. Added a few more candles and it was very simple and the grandbabies loved it. 
Hope you've enjoyed my belated 4th of July tablescape.

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  1. What a fun table-scape. Very creative and patriotic. Who says you have to have fine china to set a beautiful table?

  2. It all looks so great....and I don't think you're late at all!! I keep little flags in my flower boxes all summer long!
    In His Love...Deb

  3. What a great table! You did a great job! I am behind on everything, so don't feel bad, lol!

  4. Loving that red candle base with the white candle. What a deal from GW. Thanks for sharing. Angie

  5. Hi Cindy...

    My friend, it was so nice hearing from you! Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at my Tea Rose bedroom...I sure enjoyed your visit and sweet note! Thank you!!!

    Girlfriend, you certainly did set a beautiful and festive 4th of July table...I love it!!! I bet your family and grandkids did as well! Hmmm...I shop Dollar Tree all the time but I never seen any of those pretty patriotic plates! Of course, I know that each Dollar Tree stocks differently. Love your pretty table, Cindy! You know, you mentioned having a tough time to get posts up...I think the summer's are always difficult! I have been having the same difficulties...it's just been crazy-busy at our place and about to get busier. My youngest daughter and five grandchildren are coming from Texas next week. We have a camping trip to the mountains planned...I'm so excited to see them all! Well sweet lady, I do hope that my note finds you and your sweet family all well! It was so nice hearing from you!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. Very festive....and as for posting, I,too, am having a hard time and I am not sure if "I am out of ideas" or "out of time"...so until i can figure it out, I write a little bit and visit other blogs I enjoy!!

  7. I love this look and glad to see I'm not the only one that uses paper plates to get a festive look ;-)


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