Oct 7, 2011



Princess Tea Party Pictures are ready to see! What a great time we had. It was lots of fun but I must say, this NANA was wore out! Someone asked me, "Why would you go to that trouble and expense? Well, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES and you will see why! I loved it!
 The little girls loved the makeup needless to say. I had three ladies help to put their makeup on. The pink gloves you see laying on the stand belonged to my oldest daughter who is now 32 years old.

The Candy Buffet was the hit! The dress on the dress form was one of the many proms dresses that belonged to my middle daughter. Of course my all-time favorite little tea set.

The pretty tablescape I used with the tea pots and snack dishes really gave it the TEA PARTY feel! The ladies had the cloth napkins but I used paper napkins for the little girls and instead of using ribbon I used a ring to go around each napkin. The little girls loved it! At each setting for the girls they had a wand, and a goody bag filled. They could hardly eat for wanting to get into the goody bag!
Another view of the tablescape along with the tissues balls I had hanging and prom dresses hung all over my porch! Of course with 3 daughters and all of them with dresses I couldn't possibly hang them up all.
The front door held the sign and the lounge seat held all the little gifts the girls received from the Queen! Which so happened to be me! It was my party after all!
Queen Cynthia of Conner's Pond (It was so much fun to dress up in my one my daughter's old prom dresses)
Another look at the Candy!!!! Big hit with the girls...Not so sure about the mama's though!
Beautiful Princesses

This was my youngest princess.....
And my oldest Princess....

Now the fun begins with the makeup session

I love this picture. These cute little girls  are being so patient as they wait their turn!

The girls had tea party guests; Miss Queenie and Princess Puppy!
Or...we could take the bows off and you'd have; King &Prince.


Each girl received a small gift to open. You would have thought it was Christmas time!
Yep, either she is REAL EXCITED or this is down right scarey!

This was the cutest thing to me! I had placed a glass slipper (plastic) on each gift and Kiley was trying her best to see if the glass slipper fit! Of course the girls had just had story time...None other than Cinderella!
Then the Fashion show begins. The girls had a variety of clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses and etc. to pick from. Then each girl came out and paraded around for us. So cute!
I hope you have enjoyed the Princess Tea Party with me. .....dreams STILL do come true!


  1. Miss Cindy, WOW! How sweet of you to do this for these little girls. They will never forget this. Everything looks so cute and fun! Thanks for sharing this. Selena

  2. Loved the princess tea party pics...such a sweet and cute idea!! You are SO creative and fun with all that you do...what a talent!!!Tami J

  3. What an amazing tea party!! I am all about teas!! I love your table and everyone looked like they had a great time! I'm originally from Florida too! Very pretty blog!
    Thanks for your sweet visit!

    MIss Bloomers

  4. Oh, my gosh....that has to be the most amazing party I've ever seen!! What a wonderful Nana you are!!! We have two GRANDsons...but our daughter and son-in-law are in the process of adoption two children from Uganda...one, if not both, will be a girl...I'm sooooo excited!!!

  5. Judy Stolarski Nettles love all the very pretty little PRINCESSES... LOVE THE SONG ON YOUR BLOG..

  6. Kathie Harris Bennett: Can't believe the blog...you really outdid yourself. GREAT JOB!!

  7. Oh Cindy, these are precious. It looks like ya'll had a great time! Queen Cynthia is as pretty as the little princesses.
    Thanks for sharing. I loved the music too!! Kim Jackson

  8. I think you grown ups had as much fun as the little girls. Looks like you did a great job and they will remember it forever. Becky Snow

  9. Looks like a great time was had by all - I wish I could be as creative
    when came the girls birthdays.

    Always open to ideas for Christmas gifts for girls (5 and 7) as well as
    young women (daughter and daughter-in-law)

    Thank-you for sharing!!!
    Marshal Cole

  10. Hi Cindy...

    Ohhh my goodness!!! Dear lady, you certainly did "out do" yourself with hosting this awesome Little Princess Tea party! Everything just looks sooo magical! The tea table is gorgeous, my friend! I bet you had some little girls with really big eyes when they seen all of the decorations! How very sweet! I just loved getting to see all the photos of the pretty little princesses! You can just tell by the big smiles and twinkling eyes that they had the time of their lives! What a blessing!!! My friend, you made some really special and long lasting memories for all of these little girls! Thank you for sharing them with us too!

    Well dear friend, I just wanted to come by to say hello and to tell you thank you for coming by for a visit! I sooo enjoyed your sweet note! Thank you!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  11. What a magical tea party! The princesses are all adorable!.....Christine

  12. It's so good to hear from you again Cindy!

    You really created a dream day for those adorable little girls!!! They will remember that day for as long as they live. You really thought of everything :D

  13. WOWZERS Miss Cindy! I know those little girls had fun and at the looks of the pictures I would say the adults did too. What special memories for your granddaughters and nieces. I love this idea! Thanks for showing the pictures and sharing. Watch out....people will want to hire you to do tea parties now! Just think, you could do the pictures, decorating, cooking, baking and etc!!!!LOL
    Miss seeing you...Libby

  14. Cindy, this just brings tears to my eyes. To think of the memories you are giving the little girls that will last a lifetime is just so special. Actually memories that will last a life time for both the Moms, the girls and you! You did a wonderful job. I see the picture of you all dressed up and think those girls will have a heart filled with love for you the rest of there lives. You are their fairy godmother. Do you know how special that is? Well of course you do, like you said seeing those faces made it all so worth wild. God bless you for not only being a role model for these girls but teaching us all what is important. I know the parents must be so grateful for the beautiful photos of their kids that you took.

    I love how you displayed all the beautiful prom dresses, had the makeovers, the candy bar, the beautiful decorations and sweet gifts for everyone to enjoy. I know the kids were in awe.

    You're such a blessing and I'm so proud to call you my friend.
    Love, Tracy

  15. Oh Tracy, if you only knew what your words have meant to me today!!!! Thank you friend.

  16. This is all absolutely wonderful!! How blessed you are to have all those granddaughters to have the special tea party for! I love tea parties, and have three grandsons!! LOL!

    Your little grands are so blessed that you took the time to do all this for them and create such memories to cherish always! Every detail was just perfect!


    P.S. - I'm really impressed you can wear your daughter's prom dress!!

  17. so adorable. My little Ruth is going to have a fairy tea party on her birthday...Looks like your party was a big hit!


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