Oct 18, 2011


Haven't Thrift Store Shopped in a while but decided to stop at a few and ran across a few goodies. 
Found this cute little outfit for $1. Mint condition. Washed that cutie up and grandbaby has a play outfit!

When I come across cute little outfits for the granddaughters to play dress up in at my house I always try to grab them if the price is right...and the PRICE WAS RIGHT!
75 cents for this one!
 50 cents for this one!

This little precious dress is just that...precious! I am not a Name Brand person...if I like it I get it whether it is name brand or not. However I was delighted to find this adorable Bonnie Jean Of New York dress for my oldest granddaughter. It is too big for her now but she can play in it for the mere $2.99 I paid for it. 
Look at the detail on this dress.
 Found this cute little gold basket holder. Perfect to hold my Luncheon napkins in for the holidays. Especially when all I paid was 25 cents for it. 

I love me a Bunny! Saw this cute little piece I plan to use next Spring displayed on an easel. Yep, it's a Dollar Tree Item and had the price tag of 75 cents on it but ask me what I paid??????
10 cents! Yep, I said 10 cents! There was a whole bin of items marked "Special of the day" for 10 cents. This was the only thing I found in the bin I wanted but for 10 cents......
Hope you enjoyed looking at my little treasure today! You know the old saying, "Another persons trash is someone's treasure!


  1. You amaze me Miss Cindy at how you always get a deal! That Bonnie Jean dress is adorable. They aren't cheap either unless you get a sale. You need to teach a class on being Thrifty at church! LOL

  2. Wow...you found some great bargains...the long dress is lovely! Thanks for the sweet comment you left - enjoy the day

  3. Great finds!!! I apologize for being so slow in responding to comments left on my blog. Since Mom's heart attack, life has really gotten in the way! HOPE to get better at visiting in the near future!

  4. Wow Cindy, they are all great! Love the Bonnie Jean dress too!! Thanks for stopping by! Funny about the antlers...my husband hates them, but I have always loved them When my dad and I were in Montana, I made him stop on the side of the road so I could pick up and entire bleached out deer skull. I love them though!!

  5. Those might have been dirt cheap to buy, but they will be PRICELESS to your granddaughters - so lovely!

  6. Nice! I love thrift stores and get so excited when I find good buys


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