Mar 22, 2012


Ooh, I enjoy our Friday Favorites! I love this simple and yet so elegant to me...

And isn't this the cutest idea...turning a mailbox into a bird feeder!

Love this Spring wreath!

Ooh, gotta try these breakfast pockets out!

Looking for a cute shower idea? My friend Janice made this out of boxes and paper. The mom to be was so excited to see her child's name as part of the decoration!

Looking for an easy appetizer? How about some cheese balls?

Looking for a teacher gift idea?

Love this inside garden basket idea. Would love to try this with some herbs! 

Like to sew? This is the cutest and easiest little dress to make. I have made quite a few dresses by this pattern. 

Need a shower idea for maybe an extra dessert?
This looks yummy!
Pink Lemonade Tea Cakes

Looking for a simple and yet very good Bible Study to do? I taught this last summer and it is excellent...

Okay, most of you know I love to hunt and I just think I need these!!!

Love this!

And I leave you with this.....

Hugs and Blessings, Cindy


  1. I love the saying! Love all your favs too. You sooo need those shoes! My husband would probably love it if I hunted!

  2. Oh, I really like the idea for the birdhouse. We still have our very first mailbox from when we moved here 33 years ago...she's a bit rusty, but still usable!!! Great idea! HOPE you have a great weekend!!!

  3. I love your Friday Favorites. Especially...well...especially....well, I guess EVERYTHING!

  4. Still laughing at the hunting boots! I can so see you wearing those...Love it! I really do like the idea of using the mailbox for a bird feeder! Gives me a reason to get myself a new one so I can use my old one! LOL...The cheese balls really got my attention and I the Quote on Family is so very true! Nita B

  5. Oh such awesome features! Love the teacher gift idea and I am biting at the bits to try the cheese balls! If I had a green thumb I would try the hanging planter with some herbs! Connie Royals


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