Apr 24, 2012


Well I must toot today about the grands! What better to toot about.  

Meet my oldest granddaughter Raygen. 

She turned 8 recently. Just growing up way too fast. She is the sweetest kid ever! Her personality is somewhat shy but I've seen her be aggressive on the soccer field! She LOVES to create and design. I've seen her take paper and make 3-D projects with it. We gave her her first sewing machine for her birthday. She is sewing everything in sight! She takes piano lessons and her first recital is coming up! This little girl has so much to look forward to in her life. I'm blessed to be her nana.

Meet my grandson Conner.

He turned 6 in March. He is brother to Raygen and my only grandson. Needless to say he is ALL BOY! Being a mother to 3 girls and then a granddaughter when our boy entered our life it was totally different than what we had known. Now instead of hairbows it was caps, instead of dolls it was toy cars and instead of sweet lady like manners it was...well, this list could be long so I'll end it right there! LOL! He is so full of life. Never meets a stranger. Will talk to anyone that will listen. He has such an outgoing personality. Can be so witty and so aggervating at the same time. He has our hearts that is for sure. Loves to play sports. Soccer and basketball seem to be his favorites. I'm blessed to be his nana.

Meet my granddaughter Mallory. 

She will 5 in November. She keeps us laughing. She tends to have a shy personality around large crowds but when she is with immediate family and her friends there is nothing SHY about her! She is the life of the party! You talk about having a southern draw now she has it! We laugh at the way she says things all the time. She is so full of energy. Constantly wanting to do something. Wants to get in the kitchen and help me cook or bake. Wants to sit in my lap at the sewing machine and watch me sew. Wants to find places in the house and the yard that would be good photo backdrops. Mercy, she will wear you out! LOL! I'm blessed to be her nana. 

Meet my granddaughter Kyleigh. 

 She will turn 1 in May. I could just kiss her little face off of her!!!! She is so sweet. She is sister to Mallory. Of course being the youngest of grands and a baby she gets lots of attention not just from nana and papa but from everyone in the family. She has this little smile that will melt your heart. Of course she is in that stage where she does all her little tricks. The wrinkling of the nose, mimics every sound she hears, and can crawl faster than I can walk! And we sit and watch her...and watch her...and watch her! She is our entertainment no doubt. She is tiny and dainty but got a feeling she will give the other 3 a run for their money before long. I'm blessed to be her nana. 

Raygen and Conner

 Mallory and Kyleigh

Raygen, Conner, Mallory and Kyleigh

 Grandchildren, the extra blessings of life and....

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my precious grandbabies today! God is good!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 


  1. Beautiful grandchildren and I know you are a wonderful grandmother! I noticed the pics in your sidebar yesterday. I hope to be a grandmother one day soon!

  2. Hi Cindy! Oh, what gorgeous grands you have! They are just darling and I'm sure they are as sweet as they look.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Your GRANDbabies are adorable!!! I was Nana until Sam was about two when he started calling me Nannnie...and that's what I've been ever since!!! ;-) The pictures are so good and all 4 of your babies are precious...blessings!!!

  4. Sweet, Sweet! Faye Combs

  5. They are all just adorable Cindy!

  6. Oh my goodness! How precious are those grands....Love the pictures. You are indeed a blessed nana! Nita B

  7. Wonderful pictures of those precious babies! Awe....Selena Guest

  8. YOU are blessed Nana indeed! What beautiful children they are!!! I raised boys and so it was different for me when my granddaughters came along. I just love being a grandmother and I can tell you do to! Thank the Lord they have you and you have them.
    I loved your post today.

  9. They are all so beautiful and precious!!! Toot away on those gorgeous babies!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. You have some very beautiful grandchildren. Love the way their little personalities shine through in the pictures. You just gotta love grandchildren.

  11. You have some very beautiful grandchildren. Love the way their little personalities shine through in the pictures. You just gotta love grandchildren.

  12. Your grandkids are beautiful! Such a blessing. We have a Connor, too. I know you enjoy every minute with these precious ones.

  13. adorable g-kids, cindy! you must have so much fun with them! i'm still waiting for one of my own:)

  14. They are absolutely adorable! And just love the beautiful pictures you took of them ...

    ... I'm sure they'll be treasured by your children!




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