Jan 23, 2013


Awe...it feels good to be back to blogging a little. Not sure how much blogging I will do but hopefully I can at least keep up with my Wednesday in the Word! I do love it. 
 I do want to send out a great big THANK YOU for those of you that have expressed to me in such a personal way that I was missed! You will never know what that has meant to me! THANK YOU

 I was working on my Bible study for this week and wouldn't you know it? It is basically on Trusting God. We are so quick to say to ourselves and to others that YES we do trust God but I am afraid that if we were to be truthful that most of us are by "Totally Trusting" God like we are a smorgasbord at a restaurant. We like to pick and choose what we really Trust Him with.  The real issue of the matter is that we want to control! 

Control is the secret adultress to good intent! Think about it! We really have good intentions but just like a robber hiding in a dark closet, control ambushes us. It gags us, and then surveys what it can take take from our lives without us noticing we've been robbed!  If we did not try and control God we would trust Him. 

Let me see if I can hit a few key notes with anyone beside ME!

Yes Lord I trust you with my finances...But I can't give up spending more than I make therefore I have more debt than I can pay.

Yes Lord I trust you with my grown children...But they need for me to make decisions for them because I know what is best!

Yes Lord I trust you with time management....But I do have  2 showers, 3 church meetings and usually at least one birthday party to attend every other week it seems.

Yes Lord I trust you with my health...But I continue to put things in my mouth in excess.

Yes Lord I trust you with my husband's salvation....But I must nag him 24-7 or he will never see you as I do!

Our YES LORD I TRUST YOU for list could be rather long couldn't it?

Are we trusting or controlling?  

Pray with me that we will trust our Lord with everything in our life and not try to control  but allow Christ to work in our life for His Glory and our Good.  

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 



  1. Welcome back, I have missed you. This really resonated with me today. I do trust God to provide the answers to my prayers, but I find myself letting go to let Him handle it. I am one of those "Dear God here is what I need and here are some ideas for you to get it done." Am I a control freak? Not so much as I think I am an idea person and I can't quite keep from sharing my ideas with God on how I'd like to see Him handle the things I bring to Him. But I am working on it.

  2. So very glad to see you back....I've missed you! Great post today. I look back over my life at all the times God has worked things out so much better than I could have even imagined. His ways are way better than mine....hey, isn't that in the Bible??!!??!! ;-) Thanks for great food for thought, my precious friend!!!

  3. Such convicting, vulnerable truths, Cindy. Thanks for this today! Hugs...

  4. Welcome back. Trusting God is something that we have to continue to learn isn't it. My biggest problem is I want to be in control, I want to help God out...how ridiculous is that! So I continue to learn to trust in Him...it truly is a daily process

  5. Yes... Welcome Back! I have missed your posts. We all need to trust God daily.

  6. I popped over to your blog from Maryann's and I am so glad I did. Such wonderful truths you have written here, and how they have blessed me this morning. Wanting to control things is one of my biggest struggles. Looking forward to more visits in the future. Blessings, Debbie

  7. Good to see you back!! Oh yes, that word 'but' ~ I sometimes think it is the poison on the end of Satan's arrow. Great message today!! {{hugs}}

  8. Thanks for the very timely reminder to trust GOD. I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist, detail-oriented control freak. When will I realize that I'm not in control?!?!

    Welcome back! I've been gone from the blogging world, too. I became a full-time college student in August 2012 while continuing to homeschool, work part-time, and run house/hubby/kids.


  9. Thanks for this very timely reminder of Who is truly in charge! I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist and a detail-oriented control freak. When will I realize that I'm not in control?!?!

    I've been away from blogging since August 2012 (except book reviews). I became a full-time college student along with continuing to homeschool, work part-time and run the house and hubby.

    Great to see you again!


  10. Ah! Dear Cindy - so I am not the only one AWOL in Blogland of late! Yes - coming into this new year has been rough and your message about TRUST is exactly the journey the Lord has had me on for the past two years!! I want to blog about it but the time I think it would take to put into words what the Lord has been showing me is keeping me away - in connection for the time I have to take to get my classes prepared each week! Blogging is a luxury these days and I really hate that! Praying about that time management thing! Suffice to say, the Lord has taken me into the depths of Psalm 23 as I have never known before. Will post about that venture ASAP! Thanks for keeping me alive in BLogland with your visit!

  11. Welcome back, Cindy. I stopped blogging for a while and thought it would be permanent but friends convinced me to come back. I am trying to manage everything better this time so I won't get overwhelmed. I think most creative people sometimes have trouble letting go and letting God be in control, at least I do. I am trying to do better.


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