May 18, 2014

Make Me Smile Monday

A lot of people will say...YUK....MONDAYS are here again! I actually love Mondays....means I made it past Sunday....another day to live life!
But...even on a bad day as we all have them I truly do try to count my blessings and I can find something to smile about....How about you?

 Me, my girls and my motherinlove.

Having all girls can be an expensive, nail biting, roller coaster hormonal experience....BUT THEN THEY GROW UP....and become your best friend! I cannot imagine my life without my daughters.

And I could write a book of reasons to smile about my motherinlove....and one day I might just do that! She is more than just a motherinlove...she is a mother and friend to me....She makes me smile.....

 My tomato plants are really making me smile right now! Love me a tomato sandwich.

Don't you just want a piece of this chicken?

Hey what can I say...this girl likes to eat! And fried chicken is one of my favorites, especially when cooked outside in a big old pot! Makes me smile.....

Yeah...these yard sale goodies made me smile too! A beautiful white tablecloth with 8 matching napkins and a pretty blue and while platter for a mere $4. Made my purse smile BIG!

Ooh...this puts a BIG smile on my face...

And this not only puts a smile on my face but melts this Nana's heart....My youngest grangirl holding her daddy's hand....She just celebrated her 3rd birthday.

And when sometimes I know...just wonder... why, when, where, and how....

But then I remember.....GOD HAS A PLAN FOR MY LIFE.....

 (Permission given should you want to use Jeremiah print as your desk top wall paper or for printing. It has been formatted to print 8x10.)

I hope that something or someone has caused you to smile today.....

Hugs and blessings, 


  1. Well this post made me smile and more so at counting my blessings. I must say that your grandchild's hand holding her dad's made me smile the biggest this morning.
    Connie Royals

  2. What a sweet spirit you have, my friend!!! And you know I love the scripture!!! HOPE you have an awesome day!!!

  3. Cindy, I love Mondays too! Kind of a renewal thing...ready to tackle a new week. lol! You are a girl after my own heart! I love Diet Coke and don't even want to try giving it up. Although I rarely make my fried chicken it is one of my families favs. Your girls are so sweet. Love the picture of you, them, and your mil. I have three girls and two boys. They are such blessings in my life. Happy Monday my friend!

  4. You just did! What a great post! That photograph with your girls and your mother is just beyond beautiful and your son holding his baby by the hand, melted my heart. Awesome scripture too!
    Have a sweet day, Cindy!

  5. What a nice post. Your girls look wonderful. Thank you for sharing the great photographs. Have an amazing rest of the week.


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