Jun 23, 2014

Make Me Smile Monday

Well these grandbabies right here sure know how to make a Nana smile!

Fresh out the garden always makes me smile! (Yeppers, that would be some of my parsley on top) IT IS ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION LADIES!

I must say I am a kid at heart. Love me some Minnie Mouse? What about you? Who is your favorite Disney Character?

This picture makes me smile...actually tickles me! My motherinlove and fatherinlove had just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and was joking around about going to the beach to stay for another honeymoon! They were going home actually and with their GROWN CHILDREN! LOL!

And if you really want to smile try you some of these! YUM!

Watching my grandbabies singing for the Lord surely makes me smile!

This big ole catfish caught out of my pond really made me smile---especially after he came out of the frying pan!

My daughter sent this picture to me and I love it. My oldest grandgirl and her dad having a milkshake together....SMILE!

Awe...I just came across this recently while sorting pictures on my computer and had to share.

Our church was being renovated and so before the carpet was going to be put down all the members had the opportunity to write something on the cement floor. This was for my little family....

This picture truly makes me smile....This is my youngest granddaughter with her great-grandparents. The one on the left of course was when she was so small. The one on the right was recently. Her great-grandmother recently went to be with our Lord. I just thought these two pictures side by side would be a great keepsake for our little granddaughter for years to come.

I found this on the web and just love it. This was how my granny made me and so many others  feel and this is how I want to my grands and others to feel about me. Brings a smile to me today!

 I hope you are full of smiles today!

Hugs and blessings,  Cindy


  1. You're a blessed woman, my friend! Your grandbabies are precious !

  2. Love your Make me smile Monday. Very sweet and touching smile today!
    Connie Royals

  3. look at all your blessings--big and small:) lovely post, cindy!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Wow you husband is in heaven I bet being able to fish in his own pond. My hubby would love that as he is a big fisherman.
    Hugs, Lynnie


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