Jan 21, 2015

Wednesday in the Word-When your plan A for life doesn't work out!

I am just so excited that our church will be having Debbie Taylor Williams from the "Big Hair" state of Texas join us for an event in April. If you haven't read her book, "Plan A Woman in a Plan B World" then please go online and order it. You will be so glad that you did. I am almost through reading her book and several things popped out to me that made me truly realize her realness in which I must say...."I am all about keeping it real". I love it when someone really ask the questions that most of us as women are ONLY thinking and wishing someone would talk about it! How about you?

 What happens when your Knight in Shining Armor decided that when your children were 3 and 5 that he'd leave you for another women?

What happens when you are fired from the job that you help to build from the ground up?

What happens when you planned to stay home with your babies but financially you do not see a way? 

What happens when your spouse dies unexpectedly and you find yourself alone?

What happens when your daughter announces she is pregnant and is only 15?

What happens when your retirement turns out to be flooded by health issues with medical bills?

What happens when??????????? 

For most the Plan A Woman ALWAYS goes to Plan B and for most of us we don't like it! Let's just tell the truth! However, God has a plan for our life even with Plan B.

 I am a Planner! Always have been. I have learned that my planning is NOT always God's plan. I have also learned that sometimes I have to go Plan B, C, D and F and the more that I walk with the Lord and grow in Him I am always learning that God is in the Plan PERIOD! (I must admit that with age my "plans" sometimes never seem to make it past my thoughts) LOL!

I so hope that my local friends can join us for this event and would love to have my blogging friends come too! I have an extra bed girls and hey, we can make pallets on the floor and have a slumber party! Of course I am finding this old back isn't what it used to be so we might need air mattresses. LOL! 

The thing is ladies is that God offers to help us in whatever PLAN we find ourselves in!

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Oh, how I wish I could be there! What fun we would have! That word plan reminds me of "my" verse....Jeremiah 29:11. :)

  2. You and me both, Sister...always have been a planner!

    This last time He changed my plans I learned that HIS plan is always the best. Right at the beginning of the trial He spoke to my spirit and heart, "I have this all under control". And doesn't He always?

    Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

  3. I am the "fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl" with most things. However, I did plan to do certain things in my life that did not turn out as planned. Looks like it will be a great event Cindy.
    Connie Royals

  4. That sounds exciting for you! I'm a planner but try to be spontaneous sometimes too!

  5. A very good post, Cindy! I am a planner for sure but I am open to the Lord's leading. He is in control! God bless you, Cindy. Enjoy the workshop.

  6. Wow ka-ZOW! Do I know this story! My life has always been something of the Plan B, C, D thingy. But, isn't that how the Lord keeps things interesting and our hearts dependent on Him?

  7. I'm a planner but have come to realize that it's God who does the planning. He knows what we need when we need it. Hope this presentation will be a blessing to all who get to come!

  8. Oh I have had to go to plan B so many times in my life, I am just grateful to my Savior for ALWAYS being there for me with a helping hand.

    I love this post when you said Debbie from the big hair state of Texas. I am Debbie, I have big hair and we want to move to Texas! Funny!
    Love & blessings my friend,

    Debbie Kay

  9. What an interesting topic. I hope you have a big turnout. Hubby is retiring this week and we don't know how it will go so would be nice to be there but we are so far. I hope you have a successful event....Christine


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