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{I Am Retired Y'all!}

  It sure is a bittersweet time but I am surely looking forward to my adventure with the Lord. I wanted to share a few pictures with my friends. I have received so many phone calls, texts, cards and gifts this week that have just brought tears and joy.  Turning in my office keys of many years was hard! But, Jeremiah 29:11 is surely reminder that God has set the plans for my life and that I will trust.  I only had the blessing of serving alongside Pastor Scott for nearly a year and I pray God's blessings upon him and his family as his journey continues. However, he is a quick learner and learned that I was the BOSS! LOL! The former pastor and his wife that hired me 22 plus years ago even tuned in to the recognition with a video. It melted my heart. I will never forget interviewing with Bro. Edsel in his office and then I was interviewed by the personnel team.  Lastly, Bro. Edsel's wife Judy interviewed me at a luncheon. Bro. Edsel trusted her discernment of me totally. However,

{It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year}

 Happy Monday Everyone! Hope that you have had a great weekend and enjoying the freshness of December so far. I sure am. 

Kicked off my Friday with a loaded tea and sipped on it while headed out to do a little shopping. Y'all, I must admit that I have gotten so used to ordering things from Amazon Prime and that I find it hard to get out and actually shop. But, I wanted to get the "FEEL" of holiday time so out and about I went. I actually had a great time all by myself! Sometimes, we just need time for ourselves, ya know?

The Lord has blessed me with harvesting two  doe this season....though I am still waiting on the big one to walk out..however, the deer hams sure do make some good deer hash over mashed potatoes. My Instant pot was sure a life saver too. QUICK and EASY. 

Grandgirl Kyleigh needed an ugly shirt for a party so Nana tried to make it ugly...but a little cute too. I call it tacky shirt. Either way, she has a shirt for her party at school on ugly shirt or sweater day. Here is Florida it's more like a SHIRT...too warm for a sweater!
I snapped a few pictures of the youngest two grands (sisters) and cannot wait to have time to sit down and look through them. I thought this was the cutest ever though. 

This one just SPEAKS her personality! She's a whole lot of sweet with a touch of sassy and sneakiness....LOVE THIS KIND OF GAL! 

I have truly been enjoying my Christmas tree in my kitchen/dining area. I just love the plaids. 

I am a mere fool over Santa's and had to really step back a little this season with putting so many out. I Love Santa's and collected them for a while. But this year I decided to put out some of my Santa's and I did add this new cute ornament that I saw at Walmart. 

Of course JOY has been my WORD for 2021 as most of you know so I try to incorporate that one WORD into all my decor. The Lord clearly gave me that WORD with a reminder from Neh. 8:10. The Joy of the Lord is my strength. My TRUE JOY can only come from Christ. Let's face it....some days we have to make our own JOY! So, remembering whom my JOY comes from has been much needed this year I can assure you.

Simple, yes...but it's all that I need to make Merry and Bright. 

My tree in my living room has been such a delight to sit and look at at night. I love lights...I love ornaments, I love everything about Christmas.

The JOY of Christmas....

My red bird ornament is new this year. I love it. Found it at Belks. It is truly a sweet reminder of those we have lost that are near and dear to our hearts. Around the holidays I find myself missing the smells coming from my grandmother's kitchen. The times that she would make 5-10 lbs. of fudge and hide me some in a butter container in the frig so that no one else would get it. I miss my grandfather baking me a sweet potato and loading it down with butter, wrapping it in aluminum foil and bringing it to my office for my lunch for me to enjoy. I miss my motherinlove with her planning our Christmas Eve with her homemade chewy cake wrapped up for everyone to take home, Christmas caroling with her sitting in a rocking chair riding on the back of a trailer filled with hay. I miss so many people that have went on before me. But...I remember the gift of JOY that each brought to my life and I am reminded through them that the sweetest gift they ever gave me was of themselves...

I hope that you all enjoy your week and remember....

Dance like Frosty

Shine like Rudolph

Give like Santa


Hugs and blessings, Cindy 


  1. Such a sweet post starting with that cute "tacky" shirt and photos of your sweet grandbabies! Your decorations are so fun and festive! I haven't been out too much shopping either and when I do, I want to get back home from the crowds! I love the cardinal ornament and what it signifies. You have so many wonderful memories of your loved ones!

    1. Thank you Heather Lou. Hoping your week goes wonderful for you.

  2. Great job on the "tacky shirt", Cindy! My friend converted an old sweater into an ugly Advent Christmas sweater for her 9-year-old daughter.

    Your granddaughter's Christmas pics are adorable--they're perfect for Christmas cards.

    I'm also loving your beautiful Christmas decorations. The black/red plaid look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Margie. Grandgirl will be happy wth her tacky shirt for her party.

  3. What sweet memories you have!! There's nothing like Christmas to bring it all back.
    You did a great job of the 'ugly' shirt for Kyleigh . Love the pictures of those 2 adorable little girls!!
    The Cardinal ornament is so pretty. All your decor is beautiful.

    1. Thanks GM. Hope your week is going good thus far.

  4. Cindy, the tacky shirt is cute and a little tacky (haha)! Your trees are beautiful, and I also enjoy the lights and the ornaments! The photos of the grandgirls are absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your week! Hugs~

  5. One of my favorite things about blogging is connecting and learning from people from all over the place. This northeastern girl loves visiting you ... and truth be told, I never heard of deer ham or deer hash until this very minute!

    Thanks for enlarging my world and introducing me to sights and sounds and tastes I might have missed out on!

    I'm so grateful you're in my life, Cindy!

    1. Awe Linda. So true about connecting with others through blogging. I have learned so many different traditions, foods and well, so very much. Deer hash is a win around my house. LOL!

  6. A lovely post, perfect for the season.
    Love the photograph of your granddaughter's, aren't they adorable.

    Enjoy your December days.

    All the best Jan

  7. That Peppermint Tea looks yummy. I drink a tea every morning myself and a shake for lunch at least 4 days a week. Your decorations are so pretty. I have cut mine way back and it makes the taking down and putting up really quick. :o)) Christmas blessings!

    1. It was very yummy. Making a "Grinch" tea later in the week. LOL!

  8. This is a cheery, happy post, Cindy. (which is what you are to us, your readers!). Thank you for helping to make the season bright for all of us!

  9. You have brought me JOY this morning with your words, thank you Cindy! Love your kitchen Christmas tree!

  10. Love the cute Ugly Christmas shirt for Kyleigh. Too fun. Your dining room girl is gorgeous. That tree oh my so beautiful. Enjoy every minute of this fast moving season.
    xoxo Kris

  11. What a sweet and happy post, Cindy. Those granddaughters are sure precious ❤️ The shirt turned out really too cute to be called ugly! I loved seeing all your pretty decor. I’m so enjoying all of mine, too. Happy blessings to you, sweet friend.

  12. Beautiful post, Cindy! Your Christmas trees are gorgeous and even the “ugly shirt” is cute. I feel the same way about internet shopping. I was able to get most of it done early but thought I’d enjoy seeing displays in the stores. Even though there were a lot of people, it did help put me in the holiday spirit. Your pictures of those grand girls are so cute! You have such a talent for capturing the sweetest photos. Wishing you lots of JOY this week! Zenda

  13. Such a sweet post, my friend! Thank you for always bringing cheer to this dark world. I love and appreciate you.

  14. Cindy, Your two youngest grand girls have stolen my heart. So sweet and precious. Your home is over the top beautiful!

  15. So what does deer meat taste like? I like goat/lamb meat. Your peppermint tea looks good but I can't have peppermint because of acid reflux. Your grands are so cute! They sure grow up fast! Your table is so pretty! Enjoy your weekend!


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