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{May Blessings Photo Dump}

June has crept upon us it seems. Y'all, it's six months until Christmas! LOL!  Wanted to share a few of my May blessings.  We have been blessed with fresh potatoes. We've been able to share some with others and still have plenty. My cucumbers, okra and orange tree was destroyed in the tornado that we took a hit from but what a blessing that we pulled the potatoes before the tornado.  Speaking of tornado it's been a job cleaning up the aftermath. God spared our home and us as we were home. Marty and I heard the sound of the tornado and retrieved to our bathtub for safety. The affects surely done a number on our barn, my shed, a pull trailer and oh our property was in a mess. Huge OLD trees gone! Such a mess but we are beginning to see the light at the end of tunnel with the cleanup. We have been so blessed with our children and friends that have come to help us. God surely had a hedge of protection around us.  Our oldest granddaughter Raygen graduation from College as Su

Happy May!

Happy May! I wanted to pop in and share a few pictures from my month of April which seemed to fly by quickly. As I am trying to catch up with my blogging friends today I realized it had been a month since I last posted. My mercy! But, I am so busy doing this thing we call life here on earth and enjoying every moment that I can. With my immediate family of 14 there is never a dull moment y'all!

 We had three family birthdays in April. My SIL David, granddaughter Adalynn and oldest granddaughter Raygen. 

Our favorite grandson Conner (only grandson) carried his girl to the prom. We had to snap at least one picture with Mom and Nana!

Two of my elementary school friends and I get together at least once every 4-5 weeks so we went to breakfast and then to Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. We always have so much fun. 

The gardens are so beautiful that I couldn't even attempt to snap all the pictures I wanted.

There are so many beautiful paintings to look at this but this was one of my favs. 

I loved looking at the many different era's of clothing. Since I was a Cheerleader in Middle and High school, a Huntress and I work out these particular dress styles caught my eye. I am just really glad that I do not have to wear a dress for hunting or working out! LOL! 

I did manage to take some time to do a little beach theme decor in my dining room. 

Our granddaughter Mallory will be in the playoff's this week for High school softball but she also plays travel ball. These are pictures for travel ball. She loves all things sports. 

Kyleigh is our dancer in the family and she is getting ready for her recital that is coming up soon. 

My youngest daughter sent this picture to me. YES, MOMS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

This granddaughter is surely a woman after my own heart. GIVE ME lipstick and lip gloss and I can rule the world!

Thank you for letting me share bits and pieces of my April with you. I hope that May brings you all good health, happiness and much joy.

I will close by sharing my May focus. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy



  1. Hi Cindy! Beautiful family photos as always and I love your beachy stuff in your dining room. A day with friends touring the art museum sounds wonderful, I can't imagine painting a canvas with all those details like the woman with the mirror!

    1. Thank you Jenna. That painting was truly beautiful!

  2. Looks like you enjoyed a lovely month of April, I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    Wishing you a happy new month of May :)

    All the best Jan

  3. Hi Cindy, I always enjoy your pictures of your beautiful family! What a fun day with your friends. I like to go to museums. Just looking at those outfits was making me have a hot flash!

  4. Cindy, you are a busy woman choosing the best…faith, family, and friends! I always enjoy your happenings and family photos. Meeting up with long-time friends to visit the art museum is a perfect way to spend a day! Blessings and hugs, my friend!

  5. Happy new month of May 💗💗. I love all your family pics. And I love that you still get together with friends from elementary school. I have one friend from high school. We've been friends over 60 years! Hard to believe it's been that long. She lives in another province but we talk at least twice a week.
    Good luck to Mallory in her playoffs.

  6. I always love catching up with you Cindy! The prom couple looked so beautiful and I loved the shot with Grandma too of course! That breakfast looked delish. It's fun catching up with old friends. That museum looked cool. I love seeing all of your photos and family!

  7. Beautiful grands and great pics! ☺♥

  8. How wonderful to catch up with all your April happenings, Cindy. Your family is so incredibly beautiful and I know you enjoy spending time with them every chance you get. How fun and special to get together with your childhood friends.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful May focus. Love and blessings to you, my friend.
    P. S. Thank you for visiting my blog. For some reason your comments aren’t being emailed to me anymore. I don’t know why?

    1. Thanks Kitty. These computers have a mind of their own don't they?

  9. Oh, I love seeing your beautiful family photos! Everyone is so many happy memories share here...birthdays, prom, dance recital, ball games, and just happy life! Love your beach theme table settings! What fun! And your final sign about God being the "Way Maker, etc." I love that song. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. This was very joyful and uplifting!

  10. Your April has been enchanting! Love the beach theme decor!

  11. Such a beautiful and talented family! I always enjoy seeing them and how some of them have grown. I really love that painting. Soft colors and so pretty! I hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Love the lyrics to Haymaker and I sing them to myself when I really need the boost. Your photos are beautiful -- the grands are growing and maturing SO FAST!

    You have the gift of cheer -- bringing delight and smiles to those who know you and read your blog!!

  13. Hope you’re doing well.

  14. Lovely post, you have been busy living life, which is awesome. I just happened to come across and old post from 2010 I think it was and I saw you left a comment, so I like to click on them to see if the person is still blogging, most of the time they aren't, so was glad to see you were.
    Have a lovely Summer!

    1. Awe, thanks Nellie. I don't blog as often but try to now at least monthly.


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