Jul 18, 2017

{The Count Down Is On}

I am counting down days until our family beach trip.

Until then I will share some happenings around the family this past week.

My beautiful daughter Melissa and her husband Brad just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. They are also parents to two of my granddaughter's Mallory and Kyleigh.

I ordered myself a new ladder stand for bow hunting and it came in. It's in one of my trees right now so I can practice a little before bow season. That thing went high in the sky and I decided It needed to be lower to the ground so off came some of the ladder part.

Been baking cookies for a few church events and a few special folks as gifts.
Strawberry cookies and so ever easy. They are my go to when I am pushed for time.

And of course I couldn't leave my man out. 

 Watched these two grands participate in a Track and Field event that they have been training for all summer. It was so much fun oh my was it oh so HOT! 

 They both have medals to prove their wins! 

Coach AJ was awesome with these kids and put a lot of time into their summer practice.

I am so proud of this beautiful flowering plant. NOPE, can't remember what it's called. I found it sitting in the markdown section at Walmart and it was about 3 inches tall and almost dead. I paid maybe $1 or so for it and decided I would bring it back to life. It has flourished. Can't wait to see it in full bloom and surrounding that wagon wheel which belonged to my husband's grandfather. 

And I have to share this picture and I had permission from the sweet mama of these two precious kids.  

After witnessing a man collapse in Walmart, she turned around to find these two kids praying! They knew who to turn to for help. Now if this doesn't melt your heart then LAWD have mercy! 

I ordered two books in a series to take to the beach and they came in. I told my man to put them in his truck so maybe if they are out of sight they will be out of mind. OR I WILL READ BOTH BEFORE WE LEAVE! LOL!

Of course I am not real sure how much reading I will do with five grandbabies. But it will be so much fun. 

Yes, I am counting down till beach time. As of this coming Thursday at 4:30 pm I will be off for ten days in which seven of those days I will be on the beach. YES, I am surely looking forward to spending some time looking at God's beautiful creation and enjoying family.

I will see you all in a few weeks but until then I leave you with this.

  Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jul 10, 2017

{It's a Family Life}

Hey friends, I feel like I have been gone forever from Blog land since I missed last week blogging with you all. But, I have been busy with the family and loving every minute of it.

My mercy! Now don't you just want to kiss those sweet cheeks? 

We spent a fun day at a Aquatic Center which is only a little over an hour drive for us. The kids had a ball.  

One side of the park was geared towards the younger children. The other side had swimming pool, a larger slide with tunnel for the older kids and the Lazy River that you can float down.

It's a small water park but honestly, plenty to do and keeps the kids entertained. I love it that it is a day trip and it doesn't break the bank to go! They had things for younger and older children to do. My favorite was the Lazy River. Nothing like just floating down the river. I did let the older grandchildren talk me into sliding through a tunnel to the pool. YEP, done it ONE TIME! Felt like I was having an MRI! Not good for claustrophobic people like me!

So, I decided after that I needed ice cream!

We also celebrated the birthday of my middle daughter, Melissa. 

My daughters and I enjoyed a girls night out.  So much laughter and of course the food was awesome.

The dessert was... well...I will let you guess if you think it was good or not! 

This birthday girl celebrated all weekend. My daughters and their spouses had a triple day date and went paddle boarding and out to eat. They enjoyed it so much and I love it that my daughters and spouses do things together. 

Which meant that several of us grandmothers got to keep the grandchildren! I had three of the five.  Yep, that baby looks like she has a wig on but that hair is tamed to what it normally looks like when she wakes up. My Grandson helped Papa cook breakfast for everyone and my oldest granddaughter who is 13 is such a great help.

Last time this sweet girl stayed with Nana we had a makeup session! 

This time we had a hair fixing session.

She loves to brush her teeth. I just can't believe she is already 15 months old.

But, I have taken the time to smell the roses...I mean Rosemary!

I have several heirlooms of Rosemary and I have cut and cut and used and used. I love the smell! I actually baked a fresh loaf of Rosemary and Lemon bread for a sweet young friend of mine and her family.

 Yep, I'd say "It's A Family Life".
 Web image

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jun 26, 2017

{Winner of Giveaway, Fun Times and Eye Shadow Review}

All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.
That song by the Beatles came to my mind as I was writing this post to share this week. 

This is my newest addition to my little room. I love my little sign.

Speaking of LOVE, I sure do love these babies. We had a Nana sleepover and a fun day which means that you can go to bed when you want too, get up when you want too, get dressed if you want too or stay in pj's all day! The best part is that you can eat what you want too! LOL! I have been known to let the kids have lemon heads for breakfast if they wanted them and I told them it was a fruit so it was okay.

They had fun in the little garden picking peppers, squash, tomatoes and smelling all my herbs.

Then it was time to make brownies. NO, we didn't have them for breakfast. LOL! We actually had bacon, eggs and toast...then a brownie!!!

Then to the grands play room we went where  we had craft time. Sewing, painting and doing a little modge podge. 

These two found two of my wigs that I have worn for Halloween or a party that required dress up and they loved it. My three daughters think I live a secret life because I have wigs and possibly work uncover. Well, ONE NEVER KNOWS, RIGHT?

Grandgirl modeling my newest beach hat. Dang, it looks pretty good on that little head. Other grandgirl didn't want to mess up her hair. She likes that string of hair that dangles down the side of her little head. Hey, I know all about NOT wanting your hair messed up!

This sweet girl keeps you going. She is such a joy baby and has fun no matter what she does. 

YEP, she's getting started early learning about makeup. My only grandson had something already planned to do so wasn't with us. Bless his heart...being the only boy with 4 girls can be a little overwhelming.

 I recently shared in a post about some lipsticks I have really have come to like so today I wanted to share this eye shadow that I really like. It is called Color Stay by Revlon. I have been on a search for a cream base shadow. My skin is sensitive and especially my eye lids. Also, to be truthful, as we age things change a bit with the elasticity of our skin and most often the color, or the amount that we used to apply no longer works for us. I am not a pro by any means and can only speak for what works for me. My skin is so dry even with using moisturizers and powder eye shadow, no matter what brand I used tended to look cakey and flaky. Well, I guess cakey isn't a word but they rhyme. I have put my dry eye shadow on for years with a wet brush to help with these problems. Until, I found this magical little Revlon cream shadow!

The neat thing is that the applicator brush is on the bottom as you can see in this picture. Yep, the colors I have are being well used so the bottoms of the containers and brushes aren't very pretty! 

The applicator slides out so easy and you can't loose it because all you do after application is pop it right back in.

Right now I have four different colors that I love using. Here are the pros for me: 1: Package states the color last 24 hours. Well, I've not tried out the 24 hours and I hope that I don't have too! But, I can put this eye shadow on in the mornings around 7 am and at night when getting ready to shower it is still on and looks fresh. 2: It goes on so easy and the applicator being on the bottom of each product makes it nice. 3: No cake and flake look (a major plus for me) Looks fresh all day. 4: Color is true to what you see. 5: Price. I purchased at Walgreen's. Normally they run around $8 each which is a great deal. But, sometimes they will have buy one and get one half off. I was lucky and got in on a sale and I paid $4 for each. Wish now I had bought more while at that price. Cons: Honestly, I do not have any. I have another product I hope to share soon with you as well.

Now for the winner of the cute salt and pepper shakers......

And this cute dish towel. 


Congratulations Mary. Be sure to pop over and visit this sweet gem of a lady and servant of Christ. Mary's blog is called Piles of Smiles and it fits her sweet personality so well. 

 Here's a little bio on Mary.

I like the simple things in life--enjoying my home, especially my kitchen and garden. I like to read and write short stories mostly about faith and it thrills me to see lives turned around, people healed, and the broken restored—like I was. Friendships mean a lot to me.

 I do hope you all are having a great week.
I will leave you with this today.............       Food for thought.

"Love is an Action NOT just an Emotion. What you Do speaks so much louder than just what you Say!" - Andy Hickton

Hugs and blessings, Cindy