Apr 24, 2017

{Room Makeover update and sharing the Birthday Girl}

I bet you all thought I had totally given up on the makeover of my little office/sewing/craft/whatchamacallit room huh? This has surely been a slower process than I had anticipated but it is a work in progress. 

As you know the walls has been painted, the baseboards down and the flooring down. I have FURNITURE now! YAY! 


I'm in love with my floors. It's called an "Aged Gray Oak". Goes perfect with my furniture pieces.

So, we went out on a Day Date....YES, us older folks like to be home before dark! LOL!
We went to watch our sweet grandgirl play a little ball.

 Then we enjoyed eating at Bone Fish Grill.

If you have never had the Bang Bang shrimp for an appetizer it is a must! I honestly could have made a meal off of this and the bread they serve.

 Then, it was to shop for furniture for my room. 

I knew in my mind what I wanted but couldn't spot it. My man keep saying, "Let's just go buy some office furniture and be done with it". IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE IS IT LADIES?  I came across this website and began to browse around. AND THERE I SPOTTED exactly what I had in my mind! The company is called Sauder. I had been looking quite a bit on the web and as soon as I spotted the desk and the color I knew that was my furniture. SALT OAK! Love the color and it goes so well with my floors.

I read review after review and was pleased. I also enjoyed reading the history of the company. 90% of their furniture is made in USA. In 1934, Erie Sauder started a woodworking business in a barn behind his home in Archbold, Ohio. Originally a builder of custom cabinetry and church pews, he began crafting small occasional tables from the fine, leftover wood. Very interesting piece to read actually. 

We went to Sauder Furniture with pictures of what I wanted on my phone and let me just say, this was probably the quickest sale ever made at that store!

Here is the L shape desk with hutch that I chose. Of course you can swap out ends and place the keyboard in the middle as well if you'd like.

  Web image

Don't you just love the bookcase? YEP...it's going to be perfect in my room. 

 Web image

I wanted a chest of drawer as well for extra storage. This will be perfect.  

 Web image 

Of course having a closet in my room helps with lots of storage but I thought a chest of drawer would look nice and also serve as a needed storage area as well.

Needless to say the truck was backed up to the back door and the furniture loaded in no time. BOXES----TO BE PUT TOGETHER

   That sure doesn't look like a whole lot does it?

I tried to talk my man into letting the store guys come and put it together for us but no....he could do this... Well, the biggest thing is they only wanted $225 to come do it for me and dang...I still need curtains and some pretties for my new room! So I reminded him that HE HAD TO READ THE DIRECTIONS!  

Well, I must say, he's doing a good job! I've not witnessed any tools flying in the air and no harsh words has been spoken! SO FAR!


Hope to show you finished pictures of furniture soon. I am thinking about putting a pretty mirror over the chest of drawer or something. Curtains next though....

Now, I must share a few pictures of our birthday girl. Our granddaughter Raygen turned 13 and yes I know she's mine...but trust me...this girl is as sweet on the inside as she is on the outside.

Her birthday shoot was so much fun. Of course it takes my whole family to do anything so she had plenty of people telling her how and what to do! LOL! 

She is musically talented to say the least. 

And she loves to sing....And this Nana loves to hear her!

This sweet girl loves the Lord and I'll take that any day of week!

She plays key board as well. She has written several songs and puts her own music with it which I've had the opportunity to hear. Melts a Nana's heart ya know! YEP...wish I could say she got her talent from me! LOL! But that would be a BIG FAT NO!

And she does like to goof off! 

And she likes to rest...

I think I have done picture overload but I had so much to share with you this week. I appreciate you being a part of my "Little Room" journey and humoring this Nana by looking at a few of my grandgirl's birthday pictures. 

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy