Feb 20, 2017

{Sharing my birthday with you}

WOW, it seems that I just celebrated a birthday and now here I am celebrating another birthday! It's just crazy I tell ya! Time waits on NO ONE!
 But praise the Lord for another day of life, right? God is good! 

My three daughters carried me to Biscottis for brunch. You have your choice of what kind of meal you would like but we all chose brunch and it was so good.

Of course as soon as we walked in the door these two little ones eyed the dessert case. They are well known for their luscious desserts.

Their number one seller is their bread pudding with ice cream. I would have thought it would have been one of their many cakes. My daughter Melissa ordered the bread pudding and said it was the best she ever ate! Now when she picked their bread pudding over MINE I knew that meant I would have to step up my game on my bread pudding! LOL! 

YUM...my brunch was delicious. Some of the best cheese grits ever! My granddaugther Kyleigh helped me to eat them all too!

Then the birthday cake came out! Oh my! What a slice of yummy carrot cake. Needless to say my man got to eat what was left that night with a cup of coffee. 

We sure enjoyed Biscottis. I will be going back.

Daughter Melissa....

Daughter Kristy and grandgirl, Kyleigh.

Daughters Melissa and Marti Leigh.

Daughter Kristy.

Next trip was to Peterbrook's chocolate! Good grief...I could swim in this stuff! 

Mallory and Kyleigh loved the samples! 

YES....I will gladly take some of those please!

Then on the morning of my actual birthday here I what I done for most of the morning!

While my man made me breakfast...or in my case, brunch!

He might not have done the most elegant tablescape or presentation but oh do I love him for doing this for me! 

Then on Sunday after church we done a little dining at Cecil's Hometown Cooking!

This sweet little grandgirl Adalynn, joined us and oh is she such a JOY!

Daughter Kristy and grandgirl Raygen.

 I had the baked Tilapia with crab meat stuffing.DELICIOUS!

I sure had a great birthday and just so thankful that the Lord has blessed me beyond my beyond. Family and friends truly made my special day a true JOY!

And just so y'all know, the carpet is out in the little room that I am remodeling. 

I only managed to stick a nail in my finger once!
Walls are wiped down and ready to paint.

Boy that's some pink! LOL! Suited me at the time but now onto change!

Border paper came down! Not as bad of a job as I thought it would be. Of course that is easy for me to say since I was sorta an onlooker! HEY, someone had to pick up the border paper off the floor right?

Ready to paint the first coat!

Ended my day with a cup of coffee in my new cup! And yes, I do BELIEVE!

Stay tuned for more remodeling of the little room and I will share my recipes for Chicken Alfredo with Squash Spaghetti

And as for my birthday I want to say, "Thank you Lord" for loving me so much that you gave your ONLY Son that I might have eternal life! Now that's a true gift! 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Feb 14, 2017

{Romantic Dinner for Two}

Nothing like avoiding the hustle and bustle of the outside world and just enjoying a dinner for two at home outside with God's beauty for a special Valentine's dinner. 

 Nothing fancy or elaborate but a table for TWO is always romantic! 

I started us out with a simple appetizer than my man loves...stuffed mushrooms. I went with a two-cheese and garlic stuffing and needless to say...I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT FIX ANYMORE THAN THIS! YUM!

 Next came a simple salad made up romaine, carrots, celery, black olives and dressing.

Awe, then the main course...Chicken Alfredo over spaghetti squash noodles. YES, I do want you to have my recipe...You will love me for it later!

 And this bread in which my man loved.

 Nothing like ending the meal with chocolate covered strawberries

 A nice ending to a romantic dinner was followed by a little outside fire...

 With candles burning....

Yep...it surely suited us for a romantic dinner for two.

I will do a post with the recipe for the Chicken Alfredo with the spaghetti squash noodles soon. My new favorite is squash noodles!

Happy Valentine's Day Dear Friends.

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

P.S. Thanks to so many that has wished me well wishes. I am doing MUCH better. I had a few setbacks from some side effects that I was having from medication but hopefully with the adjustment that has been made things will be looking up. God has been so merciful to me! 

Feb 4, 2017

{Girly Tablescape and a Huge PRAISE}

Love me a sweet girly tablescape don't you? Well, that is what I am calling my tablescape. Kinda like a love-girly-valentine kinda tablescape.

One of my favorite coffee mugs actually became the inspiration for my little table.

I added a few prissy little high heel shoes, red roses and a teapot to display on this ............

Beautiful cake stand that was gifted to me at Christmas and it turned out darling!

Love the centerpiece for my girly love table as my man calls it!

Don't you just love my teapot and coffee mug?

This little gold slipper holds a sentimental value for me. Years ago a dear friend from church had a party for some ladies at her home and we all dressed up in our finest evening attire...girly, girly, girly! The hostess gave each lady that came to her party a golden slipper to remind each of us that Jesus loved us so much that He chose us to be His beloved Kingdom princesses.

I decided to use my "Scripture" plates that I used at Christmas. What better way to define "LOVE" than with the Word of God? I swapped out my red chargers for my gold chargers and paired up with gold flatware on a black runner sure did look lovely.

For those of you that KNOW that I am in the process of remodeling a small 12x12 room (which has slowed down for the moment) will be glad to know that in the midst of me CLEANING out that room that I found several packs of red heart doilies!

The Valentine name tag holders looked adorable centered on the red heart shaped doilies. I actually found the Valentine name holders last year after Valentine's day on clearance at Walgreen's. 

I decided to put scripture cards in the holders.

Black goblets with red and white napkins with some LOVE on the table worked nicely. 

Gold candles make anything look good!

Heart tea cup salt and pepper shakers from Cracker Barrel added with some LOVE made a nice touch. 

I am kinda fond of my girly table!

I added a sweet touch to my breakfast bar. 

Candles make everything beautiful to me! 

I decided to add a few sweet touches to my dishes on my Baker's Rack.

A little more red and white with some LOVE gleamed in my little 3 tier basket.

Won't you join me for Coffee or Tea for Two?

Let's spell Valentine........

Valentine, Valentine, Would you be mine...I would be Thine... Then you'd be Forever my Valentine.

As I was cleaning out my little room I also ran across this little homemade shaped heart ceramic piece.

Then I flipped it over to see that my middle daughter who is now 32 years old with two little girls of her own had made this in elementary school for me. Well of course the tears started! Dang, I've got to where in my older age that I cry about anything these days....

This is one of my favorite versus and what a perfect piece to go with my Valentine decor.

Now I do have a HUGE PRAISE and I must share it with you. Sometimes we are so quick to ask others for prayers but so slow to PRAISE HIM so I want to PRAISE HIM

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Last Monday morning while driving to work I had a mini stroke. It came upon me so quickly and I had no clue what was happening to me except that it was something beyond my control. I will not go into a lot of details but I do want to tell you this....When I realized that I was helpless and I could not control the situation or understand the situation that I was in, I cried out to God and said, "Lord Help Me". I don't know what to do! I believe that with all that is within me that Almighty God covered me with His wings and protected me and others of what could have been fatal. 

 web image

After an hour or so my speech returned to normal and my balance returned to normal. The outside of my office building took a little damage but my car did not nor did anyone else on the road. Sweet friends I drove approximately 5 miles or so while in the midst of a mini stroke. GOD TOOK THE WHEEL! 

With a hospital stay resulting in test after test after test the verdict  was a mini-stroke.

What does this mean for me? Well, lots of lifestyle changes for sure. Some in which needed to be changed a long time ago and some that I have struggled to change. With God's help I will take one day at a time in the changes that needs to be made in my life but for now all I can do is PRAISE HIM

Know your body language my friends and listen to it! That's my tip for the day. 

And I must say thank you! So many of you know that I only post one day a week with my blog and when my post didn't pop up you became concerned and some of you have contacted me. WOW! All I know is that had to be the spirit of God laying me on your heart. 

Speaking of heart..........

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 Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

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