Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Toots-Yard Sale Loot

I just so happened to be driving down the road when I spotted this little yard sale! HEE-HEE!

Of course I had to stop! RIGHT????

Spotted this cute little tea cup and saucer for 50 cents! Just had to have it.

Isn't this just too cute? Haven't decided what I want to do with it yet. I bet I come up with something though. Only 50 cents!

Spotted this jewelry box.

My first thoughts; This thing needs a good cleaning.

The more I looked at it the cuter it became! It sort of had that vintage look to it and the ideas for use started flowing.

I really liked the latch. And...for $1.00....hey, if it winds up in the grandbabies play room then the grandgirls will be tickled.

This little "Family" stone was actually sitting inside the jewelry box. So when I went to pay the young woman for the jewelry box I handed her the stone and said, "This was inside the box". She said, "Well, looks like you've already got some jewelry in your box". That was all she said.

I didn't think any more about that comment until I got almost home that day. Funny how the Lord uses little things like this to speak to our hearts. "Family"---Jewelry---Jewel!

That is exactly what my family is...They are the jewels of my life! How blessed I am indeed.

I hope you are feeling blessed this week my friend. God is good and I love the way He uses the little things of  this life to show Himself mighty!

Have a good week!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Monday, July 21, 2014

Make Me Smile Monday

Well, I just like LOVE bragging on my grandbabies! Gotta brag on the oldest grandgirl a little bit today. 

 Let me start by sharing that my oldest daughter and her family spent the week in New Orleans with our church on a mission trip. We had the opportunity to hear amazing testimonies last night at church from our team that went. 

Nothing melted my heart any more than to hear that our 10 year old grandgirl Raygen participated with helping to lead Bible studies all through the week with the children, took a very active part in leading and led two little girls to come to know Christ as their Savior

The opportunity came when she was asked about her bracelet that she was wearing. The "Salvation" bracelet. 

 Web Image

 She explained in detail what each bead meant and represented and then led them in prayer.

WHEW....my heart is still melting!

Web Image

Hoping to share with you soon about another bracelet that the Lord used to help me be an encourager to another sister in Christ. Amazing how our Lord will use a piece of jewelry!!!!

Well friends, that is enough to keep me smiling all week! Hope it brought a sweet smile to you today.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tablescape Thursday

Well, as bad as I did not want to take down my July 4th stuff I did! Now onto a little blue, white and silver...

I usually begin with my focal point being the main centerpiece but quickly decided I wanted to incorporate my pretty porcelain ladies. Her name is Claire by the way.


I have these two pretties in my Girly room as my man calls it and decided they would be perfect with some blue, white and silver. Meet Bella.


Silver candelabra took center stage. A touch of blue satin ribbon completed the look.


Matching candlesticks on each end of the table.


The detail is stunning to me.


My good ole faithful goblets really added to this setting.


Blue place mat, silver charger and my sweet Goodwill plates...Remember these? Eight for $4.99.


 The clear little punch cups sit nicely on the plates. Actually big enough for a small cup of coffee or hot tea.

Using my Goodwill napkins I found for cheap.


Fieldcrest napkins with silver napkin rings and white handled flatware.


Remember these thrift store cuties?

Another touch of blue added to the centerpiece nestled on a piece of white lace.

I've had several ask me why did I never place a tablecloth on my table. Though I do use runners, or etc. on the table at times I do like for the table itself to show. First of all my grandfather made my table for me with benches in which I plan to recover soon. 2nd, the table is an odd size and you just can't walk into a store and buy  a tablecloth for it. I have in the past used linens to cover it with it but for the most part...I love my table!


$1.00 brought this lovely platter home with me from a yard sale so I have it in a corner.

White soup terrain hold my man's goodies! YES he is Nutty Buddy addict! 

White milk glass vase with daisies and baby's breath on my beautiful cake stand sitting in another corner. The little blue stones gave it just what I wanted.


How about Tea for Three? The coffee cups belonged to my grandmother. Placed them in a silver dish with my favorite tea of all times...Pure Camomile. 

Love these cups....

Wouldn't be complete without my little white Christmas tree being decorated. So what better to decorate with than blue ribbon, granny's coffee cups and my favorite tea!

Have I told you how much I love my little white tree? LOL!


My little tree sits on a lovely tea tray with legs so decided it needed a little something added to it. 


Awe...a little girly and I love it! A goblet with a candy dish turned upside down on top. White milk glass tea cup with saucer with my favorite tea. Adorned with some pretty blue stoned earrings and a silver high heel shoe! Added a napkin wrapped with blue satin ribbon and a pearl. Placed a few blue stones around and it completed the look I was going for.

How about a little vintage look to it.....


Had just enough room on the other side of my tea tray for my pretty crystal water pitcher.


Love how it all came together.


My man says to me, "Why don't you leave this up a while? I said, WHY? Do you really like it? He said, "I LOVE IT BUT I'M TIRED OF TOTING STUFF IN AND OUT OF YOUR SHED! LOL!

I am joing Jann today for Share Your Cup Thursday. She is such a lovely host.

Also joining Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage over at http://sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.com/2014/07/anne-of-green-gables-tea.html

Hope you have a great day. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy