May 22, 2017

{Who says waiting on hair color to process has to be boring?}

HAPPY MONDAY Y'ALL! Yeah, I know, some of us are like..."Where did Friday go?. But, I always try to remember that if we don't have a Monday then there won't be a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or a Sunday! RIGHT? So, let us say, "Praise God for Mondays". So glad I can't hear what some of you might be whispering under your breath right about now. LOL!

I bet one of my homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies would make you feel better on a Monday morning. It will ME!  

No matter what kind of Monday I may have this picture brings a smile to my face.

 My one-year-old grandgirl eating a piece of corn on the cob and let me tell you, she can tear it up! 

So, recently I was having my hair colored a little. OKAY...a LOT.  When you have to ask your beautician what is the natural color of your hair then you know you've been coloring for a long time.....While I was waiting on the processing part I began to flip through magazines.  Out came the cell phone camera. I love looking at pictures that inspire me in some way so wanted to share a few.
 **Note: All the following pictures came from a magazine**

 I bet these are delicious but whether or not they are, this sure is a pretty dish isn't it?

I love everything about this. The plate, charger, napkin and the pretty ribbon.

I can't remember word for word that I read about this tablescape but it was called a "Elvis Presley" tablescape. My first thought was that this would be a great New Year tablescape.

Oh my! Be still my heart! YES, I love this!

Retro has certainly made its way back. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at this table and chairs. I love the colors. I read an article about a year ago that said, "The Farmhouse style kitchen was the most popular but Retro kitchens had indeed made its way back to the scene with even more bolder colors".

This last picture makes me want to "Host a tea party". 

I did manage to get my curtains up just so you know....I decided to keep them simple. A little tie back with some gray ribbon and a single rose. I have several different little areas in my room with red roses and I love how the color goes so well with the gray. 

I am happy.

 I found this cute mirror at Walmart marked down to $7. I snatched it up for my little room. 

  I wanted it a Colonial Red. So, after a couple of coats of spray paint it turned out just like I wanted. 

 Haven't decided yet what I am going to use my red planter box for. I spray painted it the same color of red and though you can't see it, on the front it says, ROSE. Thinking of maybe some white roses. Not sure though...

Remember my little planter box I found on clearance at Big Lots? Kitty, did you find you one?

 It turned out really pretty and now sits on my dining room table. 

We enjoyed watching the oldest grandchild play volleyball and I must add that she got the winning serve of the game....

 We grilled a few cabbage steaks. My friend Deb from Breathing in Grace sent me a recipe but I changed it up a tad and grilled instead of baked and it was delicious. 

Matter of fact we grilled cabbage steaks, asparagus, potatoes, corn, and chicken. 

I added a few fresh peppers out of the garden and it worked for me.  

And then guess what happened??????????????

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.      
Psalm 118:24 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

May 15, 2017

{Pressing, Progress and Pooped}

It seems the weekend's go by so quickly to me but at least another (somewhat productive weekend) happened in my little room!

I told you last week that I had bought curtains and forgot to show you. They are a light gray with off white decor. Kinda sheer but not to sheer. I also have blinds up.

One of my windows is partially behind my new desk so I knew they would not be seen hanging to the floor from that particular view so I decided to cut them off to another length so to the sewing machine they went.

Of course I now have enough of the curtain's left to do several different things. But, I decided I needed to dress up a little basket that I had spray painted red for my office so a piece of the curtain would work great.

 Nothing like those cute little yo-yos. I needed just a little something for the middle of the yo-yo.

I brought out a little of my stash and....

I love how the sweet old basket turned out. 

I have quite a bit of left over curtains to do some cute things with maybe. I am not quite through with my curtains but will show you the finished product soon.

I have started to work on items to store in my chest of drawers for the room and I'm very excited about having the extra storage. I decided to store my napkins that I use with tablescapes in one of the drawers. I can't store them all but the ones I use the most will go in one drawer and the rest will go in the linen closet. I've got them packed in there like a can of sardines.

NOPE, I didn't iron them! I do that when I set a tablescape. 

I think I will also use the drawers for napkin rings, place card holders and etc.              (That's next on my list) 

I done a little organizing in my closet. I love to use baskets, containers, and even old canisters that I may find at yard sales to store things in. Do you see the LIPSTICK sign to the right?

 TRUST ME! After I threw away four HUGE black yard/trash bags of things, I needed some lipstick! I am a pack-rat and I don't like throwing away things because I might NEED them! And, my man's motto is that if it hasn't been used in a year or ate in a week TOSS IT! YEP, now you know why I hide dishes under the bed. Hee-hee.....

And of course I caught two of my daughter's already snooping for ribbon! 

Hope to finish up that closet soon. The good thing is that the closet has a door so I can shut it and no one will see my mess. BUT my mess is now being organized so I might just open the closet door! LOL!

YEP, all that work made me hungry! I prefer to have something around 10ish in the mornings and I decided to make myself a little omelet, add another cup of coffee to my day and have a coffee break with God time.

It just so happen that the devotional I was reading started out with this scripture. "The joy of the Lord is your strength". Nehemiah 8:10. BOY, did I ever need His strength to tackle that room! 

But I am Pressing on with my room and making Progress despite the fact that I am Pooped

Finished up the weekend with these sweet kiddos.

Everyone stops to talk to the baby and that sweet gal on the right stops to talk to everybody! 

My grandgirl that plays ball has quite a fan club needless to say. Always a joy to watch her.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was perfect. My girls gave me a beach chair,  or as my man said when my daughter's brought it out of hiding, "Dang, we won't never get you out of that cot chair! Beach bag, beach cup and my favorite...Bath and Body. I loved it all.

How can you not love a chair with a head rest, lumbar pillow with deluxe padding? And...the girls pointed out that I have a place to put my cell phone along with my LIPSTICK! My kind of chair! will be put to good use for sure...and not just at the beach! (Now I've got to hide it to keep my daughter's from wanting it borrow it)
I think it's big enough that I can hold all five of my grands too in the chair, don't you? 

Last but certainly not least my granddaughter Kyleigh celebrated her 6th birthday. She had to have her own photo shoot too you know. 

She is my "sweet and sassy" gal. 

 She never meets a stranger...which of course she knows all about stranger-danger but needless to say she will talk to anyone that will stand still for one minute!

She is so little for her age that most often you will see someone younger than her toting her on a Wednesday night at church. Mercy, what a life!

She says the funniest things and I don't think she even means for it to be funny!

And is as honest as the day is long...YIKES! Sometimes that good and sometimes it's not. LOL!

Of course after the photo shoot, we had to get nails and toe's done and she wanted to dress like a princess.

Nothing like the grands...Just melts a Nana's heart.

 FAMILY...The best thing to hold onto is each other. They will be the best life jacket you will ever own!

Have a great day my friends.........

Hugs and blessings, Cindy