Apr 16, 2018

{Bench is Completed and Another Kitchen Project Started}

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Well first I have to share that I totally agree with that quote about coffee! I hope Jesus has me a pretty cup with some Folder's Black Silk coffee waiting on me when I get to heaven. LOL! 

Remember my little bench I bought 2nd handed? I had the perfect spot for it in my kitchen.

After I sanded it and cleaned it I gave it a good thick coat of "Pure White" by Sherwin Williams. When it dried I went back and touched up any spots I may have missed. Which I have been known to do. (Remember, I DISLIKE painting) unless it's a can of Spray Paint and then you best move cause I might paint you. Ha!


I wanted the bench to have a little distressed look along with a little chippy going on. I wanted to bring out the age of that bench along with a white-gray finish. So I grabbed a toilet brush and Light French Gray paint by Sherwin Williams. I dipped my toilet brush in the paint and shook of the excess paint. I then very lightly and in even strokes went with it on the bench. 

You can see from the picture that some places got a little more paint than others but that was okay too. For those hard to reach places and mostly places that no one else would really see, I used the wool pot and pan scrubber. I had to be careful as the design with the wool scrubber was different than toilet brush. Worked on hard to get to places though. Any excess paint I might have gotten on the beach I just cleaned off before it dried. 

After it dried I went back and sanded here and there until I had it looking like I wanted it to look. At this point I was in love with it but it needed a little something extra. 

YES, what a perfect word for my little kitchen bench. My kitchen is the gathering place for sure. So many memories are made in my kitchen which is the heart of my home so the word GATHER would be perfect.  

Now that my bench was completed I began to tie in cute little things to complete a wall decor.

Remember the cotton stalks I told you about? With no more stalks than I needed for this purpose I decided to make a few myself. So, I gathered some limbs from outside along with pine cones that needed picking up before mowing! Bought a bag of cotton balls for $1 and grabbed the hot glue gun. I looked at several pictures of DIY Cotton Stalks. The thing I do know about cotton stalks is that none of them are perfect in height, the way the cotton ball is shaped or anything. We deer hunt in Georgia where Cotton fields are plentiful and I've seen enough of it to know that none of them look perfect. Well, maybe in the store. 
Are they perfect? Absolutely NOT! Suit me? Oh yes...I am good to go. 

Added some more decor in which my daughter's bought me some things for my new kitchen and I love how it all came together. 

Several projects completed and one wall completed! I am a happy camper!  

Just so you know things are beginning to come together with reno. I am working on adding decor to the top of my cabinets. Added another curtain over my kitchen sink and found me a Vintage Hutch that I love that will be go in a corner in my kitchen. 

 I wanted solid wood and something that would last. I wanted that Vintage look. In my County we have several places that carry a lot of vintage and antiques. One such place is called "Finder's Keepers". As soon as I spotted this hutch it was exactly what I had  envisioned and ON SALE so that was music to my ears! 

The makeover has begun. Sanded, cleaned and one coat of paint and now she sits in the barn until I have time to play with her some more. Not sure if I told y'all or not but I have decided that my next job won't be doing makeovers on large pieces of furniture! LOL!

It's all coming together. My goal is to be through before our Family Beach Vacation the end of July. Wish me luck! 

 Don't you just love that sign! I saw this on Pinterest and it was painted on Shiplap. My oldest daughter is doing shiplap so I need to give her this idea.

Thanks for traveling the journey of the Kitchen Makeover project. And we are celebrating my oldest granddaughter's birthday. Raygen is now 14 years old. Mercy, I can still remember the morning she was born. I will never forget watching my first grandchild come into this world and thinking, "Dear Lord, I am so blessed that you have allowed me to be her Nana". I never thought I could love another like I loved her. Well, number 6 is due the end of May and guess what? Oh the love just keeps getting better better. 

 May we stay humble and kind.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


Apr 9, 2018

{A Wild Adventure}

I went with daughter #2 and grandgirl's to Wild Adventures for the day while the girls were on Spring Break. It was a beautiful day. Weather could not have been more perfect.

All I can tell you is Praise the Lord I had me on some good walking shoes!

We had a fun day and this Nana was rode out, walked out and wore out. HOWEVER, I hung with these girls. I wasn't about to act like a wimp in front of these babies! LOL!

Another project down for the kitchen makeover. This recipe is my granny's biscuit recipe. She taught us early on how to make biscuits. My sister Mary can make them just like my granny could. Me? Somehow mine just never look pretty but they sure taste good. I decided to type the recipe out just like she taught us to make them. Hey, I do like those Mary B biscuits you buy and just slap them in a pan too! I added a free farmhouse graphic I found online and a cute gray frame. Granny's biscuit recipe will be displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets. 

Found another piece I wanted for my kitchen that will go so well with my makeover. I just love it.

I found this cute tote box a while back. I carried it to the barn and gave it a good sanding. I dusted it off real well and it will be a future project I am working on. Any ideas ladies what I should do with this cute tote box? 

Just so you know I am not quite finished with my bench. Actually I am through with everything but some wording I want on the front of it so will show you when I am through. It really has turned out super cute. Dang I am getting pretty good at this furniture re-do stuff! NOPE, don't want to do it for a living though I can tell ya!

Working on cotton stalks too! NOPE, not paying $7 a stalk for them! I guess y'all know by now I am cheap frugal.  

Finished project next week. ( I HOPE)

Hope you have a great week. I will leave you with some good food for thought this week. Maybe this will minister to someone. It has to me.

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy



Apr 2, 2018

{Life In The Country}

Isn't this just a beautiful sight?

Our young children at church have the opportunity each Easter to flower the Cross and I just love the array of beautiful flowers. Speaking of Easter, I do hope that you and your family had a blessed Easter. We surely did. 

My grandbabies

 So, I am moving right along with kitchen makeover. Kitchen light and dining room installed. YAY! 

The top light is the one I replaced. Bottom light is my new one. Love the pewter color.
Oh, and I saved the old one. I see a project in the near future. 

New Dining room light up. Forgot to snap a picture of old one. I did not realize how dark  it really was in my kitchen area until we put up new lights! Dang, I can see! TOO MUCH too because I now I see little things I need to clean! I want my OLD LIGHTS BACK!

New pantry doors installed. 

Cafe curtains up.

My oldest two grands had their birthday parties together. Grandson celebrated March 15 and grandgirl's birthday is April 16.  We just done a double whammy. And yes, my grandson is proud of his buck he harvested during hunting season as you see from the picture.

They had so much fun.

I made up just a little Easter treat for the grands. NO, they didn't need it as their parents do for them but Nana just had to do a little something....

Found me a new kitchen candle.

 Smells like vanilla scones.

I only had a few flowers blooming that I could pick for a table centerpiece but I enjoyed them. I love fresh flowers with greenery from the yard. 

 Remember this solid wooden bench I bought off of a virtual yard sale site? Well, I've been working on it to use in my kitchen. 

Hope to share the finished project next week. YEP, that would be a toilet brush you see! LOL!  

Oh I have to share this with you. My husband wanted to wrap our grandson's birthday gift. Or grandson harvested a nice buck during hunting season and for his birthday we had it skull mounted. So on the left is my husband's wrapping............................
Bless him Lord. He did finally say, "I think Nana might need to wrap his gift". LOL! 

Oh and ladies, I promised I would not forget to share this time but if you would like to join us for the Teacup/mug exchange be sure to pop over and visit with the lovely Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose.

I hope that you all have a great week and of course let's not forget to count our blessings. Even on our worst day we ALWAYS have something to be grateful for. 

 My newest addition to my kitchen for $3! Yep, the price was right. 

Hugs and blessings,