Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday in the Word-A Heart like His

I've been going through books on my book shelf and just trying to organize them all a little better. One thing I know for sure...Either I've got to get rid of some books or buy a larger book shelf!!!!
(and I don't do well with getting rid of my books)

I started with Bible studies that I've taken or taught or both over the years and began to put them in piles. As I would pick each one up and look at the title I could remember each and every study as if I had just completed them yesterday! As I looked at each one my thoughts on some in all honesty was, "Nay, not my favorite study at all...OR "Good study, glad I taught that one but don't care to teach it again OR AWE...yes...wonderful changing...or I loved that study!!!! I am sure all Bible Study girls has felt the same way about Bible studies you've done over the years.The thing I have learned is regardless of whether a particular study is my favorite or not GOD'S WORD will speak if I only listen!

I've taken and taught a lot of Bible Studies but as of far the best bible study I've ever taken and taught has been "A Heart Like His" by Beth Moore. (The study of David) And you know I must have loved it as I've taken the study once and taught it twice so far!
YES! Those little stickers you see on the book was of my own doings. I LOVE stickers.

This particular book was pitiful! Falling apart isn't the word. A lot of the pages had fallen out and I even had some of them stapled or paper clipped together.

And as you can see I tend to write a LOT in my books! I am crazy like that at times. Some studies, I only answer the question at hand in writing while others...I tend to GET CRAZY! Well this was one of those CRAZY studies for me.

As I was looking through this book at the notes I had made I was reminded of why I loved this study of David so much. David was chosen to be king and to serve and he was not a likely candidate. Scripture says he was young, ruddy looking and a sheep herder. A young smelly boy chosen to be King! WOW! (1st Samuel 16) How many times have we thought that we could not possibly do what God was asking us do for Him? We're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and the list goes on. The Lord taught me through this study that if God could use a stinky, ruddy looking, young boy to be King then He could surely use me.  

He also taught me through this study that with God's power upon me I could accomplish great things for the Lord and I need not be afraid. 1st Samuel 17 tells the story of how David went before Goliath with a slingshot and a stone! My favorite part of scripture is when David says to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty. What a reason to shout "thank you Jesus" for giving me just what I need when I need it! 
God also taught me through this study the importance of friendship.  In 1st Samuel 18 the Word tells us that Jonathan (David's friend) became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. It also goes on to say that Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself and Jonathan loved David so much that he took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt. Scripture says in John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends". God taught me so much about the true value of friendship.

There was so much about the study of David that displayed hardship, fear, anger, mistakes, shame, sin, love, forgiveness and RESTORATION! 

I am so like David...I desire to serve our Lord with passion and zeal and yet I fall so short and fail Him many times.  I can relate to David in so many ways and yet I truly do want my heart to be like Jesus!

 Awe my friends...the pages in my book may be worn, torn, stapled, paper clipped and falling apart at the seams and even unreadable on some pages but one thing remains....I so desire to have a Heart Like His. Even when I fail Him, when I fall, and feel so unworthy to be called His daughter....My ULTIMATE DESIRE is JESUS.

May we be like David...Long to have a heart like Jesus.

Praying for blessings to abound you today as you seek to have a heart like His.    

               Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Monday, March 30, 2015

Laundry Room Rag Tie Wreath and Tutorial

Have I told you that I DISLIKE PAINTING? Well in case I haven't let me tell you now...I DISLIKE PAINTING! And before you ask why I didn't hire someone to do the painting well do you know what PAINT cost these days? Dang, I couldn't buy the paint and hire it done! LOL!

This year we decided to do some revamping to our home.  So we started in the living room and I am proud to say I am THROUGH with it! When I get a chance I will show you some pictures. A total new look and I love it!

Next on list is my laundry room/mudroom. I call it the "Catch all" room. I've not done anything in that room for years and decided it was time!

In another post I will show you before and after pictures but for today I really wanted to share my wreath with you. I decided to totally change my laundry room with decor and color this time around. Going from beige/tan color scheme with birdhouses/seeds packets and tulip wall paper border to Grays, yellows, blues with some added burlap! Once I knew my color scheme I could get started.  So let the wreath begin.......

I like to give credit where credit is due so I originally saw this adorable wreath with clothespins that Debbie made over at Debbie Doos. She has the most amazing things on her blog. 

Bought my metal wreath at Walmart.

Picked out the material and color scheme. I wanted to use grey and white stripes, yellow, two shades of blue and burlap.

Purchased some cheap packs of clothes pins at the Dollar tree. (Used a little less than one pack for this project)

The Rag tie wreath began with me simply cutting strips of the material I wanted to tie on the metal wreath. I cut strips out of the gray/white stripes, yellow and burlap.

I didn't measure my strips but I wanted it pretty full so I think I probably cut the strips in 3/4 inch strips or so. I would tie a strip here and there. The metal wreath has 4 different places you could tie onto easily so I would alternate my strips. You can see how It came together. I also used pinking shears.

Then along and along I would pin a clothespin to the metal wreath where I wanted one. I decided I wanted more material and just enough clothes pins to give it the laundry room appeal. Even with pinking shears the burlap tends to ravel but that's okay. You can trim it later and/or leave it.

It begins to take form now.....

I just kept tying strips all the way around where I wanted them and would place clothes pins here and there until I got it full like I wanted it.

 But I needed something I took the coordinating colors I wanted to use (light and dark blue) and made some yo-yos. 
 You can go on line and google how to make  yo-yos. They are simple to make and so cute on a lot of things.

I took my material I wanted to use which was the lighter blue and a pot lid to cut out my yo-yo.I made three.


Then I made 3 more smaller ones out of the dark blue to place in the middle of the lighter blue yo-yos.

After I made the yo-yos I sewed them together. (you can also hot glue them) Then I  sewed the yo-yos onto the wreath.

At this point I liked it...I really did.

But.....I still needed something to complete the look I was going for.......

Awe...YES... a little BLING was needed!

 And I just so happened to have some!!! LOL!

I glued the bling in the center of the yo-yos and I LOVE IT!

The finished product! 

I think it's going to look great in my laundry room don't you?

And just so you will know...the painting is completed in my laundry room now and I absolutely love the color I picked out. Cliffside by Valspar

 This color will go well with lots of different colors.

And no I am not being paid by Valspar to say this but I love that paint! Great coverage, went on smooth and rich looking. I like the eggshell finish as well. For walls that hasn't been painted in years with border paper up, it covered nicely!

And the only reason I had somewhat of a smile on my face is because I am ALMOST through! And YES, that is a tad of paint above my lips! Have no clue how I done that!!!

  I see where I have used the word GREY and GRAY. It bugged me too death so here is what I found out for you ladies that like a little history.

Have you often wondered "Am I spelling g-r-e-y correctly...or is it g-r-a-y?". How do you spell the color grey or gray? Well, the answer is they are both correct. There are two acceptable spellings. Gray is used primarily in the United States and other areas that use US English. Grey is used in Great Britain and areas that use UK English.
GREY is GRAY...right?

 Well onto my next little big project..the flooring!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy



Thursday, March 26, 2015

Party Time!

We just recently celebrated mom's 75th birthday. Of course she celebrated for several days it seems. (I get it honest I guess....celebrating my birthday for weeks, LOL)  My sister and I celebrated birthday cake with her and two of her friends along with balloons and gifts.

Mom's roommate's birthday was the day after hers so we included sweet Sadie in the party!
I couldn't help but laugh because neither of these ladies wanted to take their bibs off for the pictures. They didn't want to mess up their clothes!

We call these three the THREE AMIGO'S! They sit together every day to have their meals, play games, do crafts, pop corn parties, ice cream socials, tea parties, fine dining and well, there isn't a lack for something to do that is for sure!

Miss Ruby is a woman after my own heart. You can rest assured that she will have her matching jewelry on every day and she DID WANT HER BIB OFF for her picture! LOL!

Love me some Ruby~

All the residents love Miss Nancy.

Sweet lady right here!

My niece was celebrating her 10th birthday as well that day and was going to have her on birthday party later.

Mom got tickled because her roommate Sadie who was celebrating her 88th birthday was asking for something to drink. So I leaned down and said, "Miss Sadie, would you like whiskey, water, coffee or tea?. With her eyes big as saucers and a very serious voice Sadie said, I would prefer Shasta cola!  LOL!

Sadie and Mom shared the birthday cake together. That isn't the only thing they share though. They share a room room together, their meals, their extra goodies that family members bring to them, laughter, probably a few arguments along the way and JESUS! 

Happy Birthday Mom!

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May we never forget about those that CAN'T REMEMBER!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy