Feb 14, 2018

{Because He First Loved Us} Tablescape

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope that you all are having a "lovely" day on this day of showing expressions of love to others.

I chose to use some of my most favorite plates for a Valentine's celebration. Though the salad bowl is hiding it, on the bottom of each plate is a scripture.

My lovely napkins with a C which could stand for Cindy or Conner right, was made and gifted to me from my friend Vicky.
I just love them. 

My little Cherubs I have had for years. 

I chuckled looking at them. One is praying and one is resting. Maybe the one that is resting is all prayed out! LOL! 

Centerpiece of roses and rose petals.

Simple tablescape but I think it speaks "Love".

"We love because He first loved us".
1 John 4:19

I have a little devotional calendar that always gives a scripture and quote for the day. This morning here is what my calendar said; 
Love one another as I have loved you.
May seem impossible to do.
But if you will try to trust and believe,
Great are the joys that you will receive.
"The wise of heart will heed commandments". Proverbs 10:8

My husband and I eat our meals at our breakfast bar. Not just breakfast but most every meal with exception of Sunday dinners because it then takes my table and breakfast bar for my family. Though I always use my dishes I decided since it was Valentines to do a little breakfast bar tablescape.

I love these plates and I only have four of these but it worked out perfect as my fatherinlove and my youngest daughter was there to eat.

Our Valentine dinner was Turkey Tetrazzini, Green Beans, Green Salad, Rolls, and of course, a Red Velvet Cake. 

It is amazing at how the little things in life sure seem to bring the greatest pleasures. 

I enjoy all the holidays but Valentine's Day just seems to hold a special message. It's not just about the candy and flowers and gifts. Though don't misunderstand me, I love those things. I love giving little things to my grandbabies for all holidays. I love doing for my man. And yes, it nice to be on the receiving end as well. That's an added blessings.  But, the bottom line is that it's all about LOVE! Loving one another regardless of our faults, our short comings, and our failures. YES, with some people, it's very hard to love. But through Christ we can do all things because He gives us strength and it's only because of Him that we are loved! 

Happy Valentines Friends

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Joining Debbie for Friday Photo Friends


Feb 5, 2018

{Cheesy Creamy Hassleback Potatoes...and A Little Family}

These babies winded up being a hit with my family.  I had never heard of Hassleback Potatoes until Jenna posted the recipe on her blog in which I am adding the link for you to check the recipe out and her blog. It was kinda nice to tell my daughters, "We are having hassleback potatoes". It sounded important! LOL! 

But first, before the potato recipe, you know I must share my family with you a little. Just a little.....I spent the day with this cutie on Friday. We had so much fun. Can y'all believe that she will be two in April?

Remember all that dark hair that she had? And now it's so light. She still has plenty of hair as she never lost any. If it gets the least bit damp it curls. 

We went to our local City Park, AKA the Duck pond. She had such a great time trying to chase the ducks. NANA was wore out chasing her!

 Then we headed to pick up her cousin, my 6 year old grandgirl and off again we went. 

Yep, she kicks those shoes and socks off as soon as we get in the vehicle. 

Enjoyed another Saturday morning watching the grandson play basketball. There is never a dull moment with my grands. Football, basketball, Softball, Soccer, Cheerleading....Dang, I am already tired! 

So speaking of Hassleback potatoes this is what I learned just in case inquiring minds want to know. 
Website image

Hasselback potatoes are a type of potato dish, not a variety of potato, as is sometimes mistakenly believed. The name is derived from the restaurant where they were first introduced in the 1940s, Hasselbacken in Stockholm, Sweden which opened in that city in 1748 and where they are called hasselbackspotatis. Hasselback potatoes are a simple dish, and in their simplest form, are nothing more than whole potatoes cut in such a way as to resemble a fan or accordion when roasted. The outside of the potato becomes crisp and brown while the inside is soft and creamy. So ladies, in essence, it's just another way to cook a potato but I sure like it when I find new ways to cook old things!

The original recipe is over on Jenna's blog so be sure to pop over and look at it. I did change a few things when I baked them. 

Now here's a few things that I done a little different. First, I used a large casserole dish as I was preparing for a larger crowd. I also used the medium size red potatoes.  You will need to adjust your recipe accordingly the size crowd you are feeding.

I added spices such as dried parsley, paprika and Montana Chili salt (I love that stuff) 

When making my cheese sauce I realized that I did not buy the Manchego cheese. GRR! So, I used cream cheese. Worked out wonderful. 

I also decided after I baked my potatoes that I would add mild shredded cheese. My bunch loves cheese. I also topped with just a sprinkle of Kosher salt.  

This is a very good dish and nothing like having leftovers for lunch.

Be sure to pop over and visit Jenna at the Painted Apron.  She has tons of recipes.

 I would like to leave you with some food for thought.

"Sometimes you just have to say "NO" which means you have to be willing to disappoint others in order to set boundaries in your life". There is only ONE you". 

"Great opportunities to help others may be seldom in your realm of life, but small opportunities surround you every day". 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


Jan 30, 2018

{Girl Talk}

 Nothing like discussing your favorite color of nail polish, right?

Let's have some girl talk today.  While we do some girl talk I will share a few pictures.

Girl Talk: What is one of those little pet peeves that irritates you about your spouse? And what is it about you that irritates him? NOW LETS ALL BE NICE. LOL!

Grandgirl dressed up for the 100th day of school. She is carrying her great-great grandmother's purse or as my granny would have said, "pocketbook".

My girl talk answer: When my man opens a pack of crackers and leaves them on the counter and does not seal them back! Yes, it's just a little thing but irritating nonetheless. One thing that irritates him is when I bring home another dish. He says I have a major issue with dishes. Truth is, he is right! My name is Cindy and I am dishaholic! There, I've admitted it.

Girl Talk: In today's culture, youth equals beauty. That's a statement that I read in a magazine. The article went on to basically say that in order for older women to maintain their youthful beauty they need a long list of beauty treatments. That list included tons of beauty treatments which included major and minor surgical procedures. What's your thoughts on this?  
Love watching this grandson play basketballl.

 Girl Talk Answer:   Y'all, we can try to stall and fake the effects of aging with creams and tucks and lifts and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that so do not misunderstand me. See here...I'd love to have some things a little perky, a lot lifted and a bunch covered. I am not saying that I would or I wouldn't do any of those things either. I've bought enough dang face cream to sink a battle ship and somehow or another when I look in the mirror I still look like I am about to have another birthday in February. I need all the help I can get! And yes you can bet I am going to do what I can do to look presentable. That's my personality and my nature. I was raised by a grandmother that fully believed that women should always care about the way they looked. Right or wrong to some, but that's how she felt and that's how I feel. But, here is the thing. If I am looking for my outer beauty to make me beautiful I am afraid I am in deep trouble. If the fact that I am no longer considered a woman of youth (which I am not)  defines my beauty then I really do have some issues and I am afraid the issues run deep.  ‘Our outer self is wasting away’ (2 Cor. 4:16). That's the truth and the whole truth.  Here's the thing friends, aging has a way of prying loose the fingers that have so tightly held onto the physical beauty of youth.  Us aging woman can no longer rely on our looks for happiness in friendships. We can’t count on our figure to get or to keep us a man. I heard a lady say once to a group of young women..."If you would quit striving so much to gain beauty then you wouldn't have to worry so much about keeping it". 
God’s Word doesn’t deny or make light of the effects of aging though so many of our beauty treatments do. Instead, the Word says that growing old in God is a gift, a blessing….
  Girl Talk:  How do you tend to handle your  bad emotions? Are you more of a "Get it off of my chest and just express it kinda girl? Or, do you tend to bottle it up? Or do you sit it on a while and think it through it before reacting?

Disney World might have Mickey and Minnie but Papa and Nana has lots of leaves to play in. (AND IT'S FREE) 

Girl Talk Answer: Well I am going to be totally honest.  I once was that woman that quickly got the issue off of my chest. Then with more years under my belt I found myself at times bottling things up but only to explode later. Which is a very dangerous place to be to be honest. As I have aged and grown in the Lord I have really tried to think through it before reacting. Not always do I pass that test ladies. When it comes to my family I can totally mess that theory up.   To be honest, my very first reaction to dealing with bad emotions is to REACT! I have learned to pray through things because if I don't I will allow some bad emotions to wreak total havoc in my life. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Just keeping it real.

Girls, I have finally BROKE down and started cleaning out my She-Shed. Look what I found that I forgot I had? YES 4 plates and a lovely bowl I had bought from a yard sale! I am BROKE in the back too from this SHE-SHED mess and not through!HEE-HEE....more dishes. Shhhhhh.....I didn't tell my man I found more dishes.

Girl Talk:   With Valentines coming up soon and the expression is LOVE what is one thing that you love about your spouse if you have a spouse that you'd like to share with others.

Girl Talk Answer:  Since I can only name one thing then my answer would be that I love that my man is a family man in every sense of the word family. Family comes first to him. Always has and always will.

 This beautiful bowl belonged to my grandmother. She called it her white fruit bowl but she always added, "you know, the bowl that has that pretty little gold rim on it". I just love it!

Girl Talk: Finish the sentence.
If I were a bird I would..........

I don't know about y'all, but I am about ready to see some flip flops on the beach and put some toes in the sand. 
How about y'all? 

Girl Talk Answer: 
If I were a bird I would sit at someone's window today that was lonley, depressed and confused and I would sing a beautiful song in hopes to lift thier spirits.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

P.S. Me and blogger are not getting along lately with the use of fonts. GRR!