Jul 26, 2016

{Living the Good Life} and WINNER of "Gideon book"

Ooh don't you just love pretty nail polish? I do for sure. I have several boxes full of different colors of nail polish so my grandgirl Mallory picked out a few colors and placed them in the basket. But it wasn't to do my nails....instead....


My grandgirl Mallory loves to do a pedi and this Nana was thrilled when she wanted to do a pedi for me!

She brought her little foot spa over to my house and she got everything ready for me to lounge my tired footsies in. 

And I must say....I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it too!

And let me just tell ya....she does an AWESOME foot massage. 

The cutest thing was that the lotion she used to massage my feet with is called GRACE. Well that is her middle name...Mallory Grace. So...she tells me that they have a lotion named after her so it must be really good!!!

I let her pick out the color she wanted to use. She picked a coral color and then she spotted a bottle of sparkles she needed to add. (LOL)

Well I must say...she done a great job! And she only charges $1....plus food...and drink...and snacks...and a place to sleep (which is right next to her Nana).

And...another aspect of the good life to me is JUNKING when I get the chance! I just happened to have a doctor's appointment and of course I had to pass right by the road that you get off of to go to GOODWILL...and it wasn't really out of my way or anything so....................

And look what I found!!!! 8 of these beauties! I sent a picture of these to my girls and told them I had added to their collection of things to sell when I die. LOL! My oldest daughter did respond pretty quickly and said, "I won't sell those...I like them".

Stopped at a yard sale on another day and found these two cuties.

I love the butter dish!

This little tea pot had a few chips but for 25 cents!!!! REALLY....

But oh I hit the jackpot when I found this cake pop bakery for my oldest grandgirl. 

She is twelve years old and loves to bake.

Last year was the first time I ever planted sunflowers and they done so well. So I threw a few seeds out again this year and here is my first one to bloom!

Isn't it beautiful? I have one sunflower that is 7 ft. 7 in. tall!!! I am so enjoying the sunflowers. My motherinlove loved sunflowers and actually she was the reason I planted them last year. I will never forget when the first one bloomed I felt her smiling at me from heaven.

Well a great ending to my day was a cup of Coffee, a Word from the Lord and....


Life is good my friends even on a bad day! And if it gets too bad I just EAT more cookies! 

 Before I forget I have a WINNER for the book "Gideon" by Priscilla Shirer! 

 Web image

I actually done a random name generator that you can find online free. You just add every name to the list and hit a button and it generates a name...EASY PEASY....

The WINNER is Melanie from...
Congratulations Melanie! Please send me your mailing address sweet lady and I will get the book right out to you. (creationsbycindy@nefcom.net) 

Joining Jemma this week as I just love her parties!


Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jul 20, 2016

{Simple Beach Tablescape} and Giveaway!

It's time for a beach tablescape! Well I am going to go ahead and confess that I am more of your mountain kind of gal and in the winter months but there is just something about the beach that calls my name.....

I started out with a centerpiece with some mason jars! You just gotta love a mason jar! I actually bought this at AC MOORE and you can use it for so many different things. It came with chalkboard tags to use if you wanted too. Just a few seashells and some flowers and I was good to go. 

I love these plates I bought from Walmart. They are so summery looking. Found the cute place mats at the Dollar Tree. 

I couldn't believe I found the color of blue I was looking for with the stainless steel flatware at Walgreen's.

And it was on SALE!!!! My kind of purchase!

It didn't take me long to come up with a simple tablescape with the pretty blues, greens and yellows.

And these goblets will always be my favorite to use.

I had to hunt for them but finally found my beach theme salt and pepper shakers.

A couple of cute little candle holders I wrapped in jute last year added to my beach theme nicely.

Decided to use my little boat to house my freshly picked tomatoes for the day.

And what beach trip is complete without some Debbie cakes right?

Rounded up my coffee can that I covered with paper and jute and decided to put some of my favorite utensils in. 

Cute little candle holders works great to hold my coffee condiments.

A little display of seashells adorn my counter top. 

A small vignette shows off a little beach theme. 

And if you can't truly smell the ocean then why not have a candle that smells like the Ocean? 

This sweet little grandgirl painted a picture with a fish which I was excited about since I had a beach theme going. 

Her finished product didn't get to stay at Nana's house though. She liked it so good she decided to carry it home. LOL! 

Yep, simple but I love it! 

This is my sweet friend and sister in Christ Alisa. This was her first round of chemo and I would like to ask you if you would take just a minute to say a prayer for my friend. She is one strong lady in the Lord and we are praying for great and mighty things to be accomplished through her that will make a difference for eternity. 

And on one of my yard sale expeditions I came across this Bible Study, Gideon, by Priscilla Shirer. I have taught this Bible Study and it's excellent. The book had not been used though the outside cover was worn somewhat. But I snatched it up in hopes to give it to someone that would enjoy it.

In honor of my friend Alisa I would like to give this book to one lucky and blessed gal. There is no hoops to jump through here. Just simply comment on the blog and your name will go into a drawing. Winner announced next week.

I am joining Jemma this week for Thoughts of Home.


Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jul 12, 2016

{Celebrating with Family}

Well as most of you know my family doesn't have to have a reason to have a party but I'm always glad when we do have a reason to celebrate....

Don't you just love my Family Birthday sign my youngest daughter gave to me? 

 And Melissa (my middle daughter) was having a birthday which

The birthday girl wanted to go out to eat at Maggiano's Little Italy

 Web Image

Web Image

Birthday girl is the last one on right. 

From the oldest to the youngest...

And since we couldn't decide on a dessert we decided on a sample dish....YUM! 

This middle child of mine makes sure there are no holes in the back of my hair at church and if so it gets fluffed out...IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. She takes me shopping to buy the latest clothes because she says, "She can't have people talking about her mama". She comes into my house and nonchalantly takes my things that she likes with intentions on keeping it for JUST a little while...however, they never seem to make it back to my house. She pouts if she thinks I'm not NOT cooking Sunday dinner. She reminds me when my HAIR needs coloring because my white crown is glowing. She lets me know when I'm overdue for a face waxing and while I'm there to go ahead and get a pedi because I NEED it. She tells me I'm a hoarder and when I die she plans to sell my STUFF. If I don't answer her text or her phone call in a timely manner she calls to see if I am dead and when she finds out that I'm STILL alive she says; "GOOD", I don't really have time to plan a funeral today. And...she has already found my room for me at the nursing home. I really don't know what I would do without her......... But....this child of mine that once was a strong willed little girl has turned into a wonderful, marvelous, strong woman that loves Jesus, her family and her friends. NO.....I could not do without her as my life would not be complete. (and not nearly as fun, LOL)

She got a new cruiser for her birthday.

My girls are going to FORCE me into purchasing a bike to ride with them before it's over! But I want one with training wheels, a basket to put my chips in (LOL), some tassel's, a horn and lots of BLING!

She is also enjoying a week at St. Augustine Beach this week. I'd say she is having a pretty good birthday wouldn't you?

Isn't this a beautiful picture? She sent this to me and her sisters the first night they were in St. Augustine. They went to eat at Saltwater Cowboys and she snapped this beautiful picture. I love it so much that I think I may have to frame it. I thought the scripture to be so fitting for this beautiful portrait. 

And thinking about her being at the beach has got me to thinking about my beach tablescape that I plan to do soon. I found these cute place-mats at the Dollar store and they will go great with my plates don't you think?

 So, do you have any beach plans this summer? Here is to hoping you all have a great week and remember................

Hugs and blessings, 

Joining Jemma for Thoughts of Home