Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Child Like Faith-Wednesday in the Word

To me there is something that is so magical about a child. Their innocence for one but their simplicity of life and their unwavering faith speaks volumes to me. 

They Trust...   
Children know how to trust without hesitancy.

Children are TRANSPARENT 
They are not good at hiding their flaws but they QUICK to confess their wrongs.

Children are CAREFREE...
They can focus and marvel in the moment because they are not entangled by the complications and distractions of this life.
Children are INSISTENT.
They never tire of asking questions and learning.

Children are SPONTANEOUS...
Children are always game for a new adventure. They do not want to put off until tomorrow what they believe can be done today.

 Children are IMAGINATIVE...
Children see possibilities where many may see problems.

Children are JOYFUL...
A child’s joy is not so much based on the circumstances about them as it is in the people they love being with them.

Children Love genuinely....
Without conditions.

Children are not afraid to embrace the unknown....
They are quick to reach out.
 Yes, there is something magical about a child....
The faith of a little one...should move us, inspire us and lead us.
 So many lessons we can learn from the children for LIFE....

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6
Jesus delights in child-like faith.

Our youngest grandbaby Kyleigh just celebrated her 4th birthday so a great big shout out to KY...

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How about a Cup of Tea?

I love Tea parties don't you?  
This past Sunday afternoon some of the girls in the family got together and had a tea party to honor the memory of my motherinlove that walks the streets of gold with the Lord but she sure did love her a tea party. 

It was so much fun. A time of laughter, sharing sweet and funny memories and of course....Food, dessert and  TEA!

 We had the table set so pretty. Every tea pot and tea cup was different and it made it all the more beautiful!

We had beautiful floral arrangements everywhere!

You had the choice of what flavor tea you would like.

I am a fan of hot tea so I enjoyed several different flavors!

We displayed my sweet motherinlove's prom dress. She would have been 77 on May 10th. Just beautiful!

We had a display of tea cups with tea favors for everyone to take home including a picture of my motherinlove. The picture was taken 7 years ago when we celebrated her 70th birthday with a tea party.

I loved the tea favors as the saying on the tea favor is so very true.

Two of my nieces made these scrumptious cakes and adorable cookies!

Don't you just love the chalk board sign?

Of course I've got to showcase my three beautiful daughters!

We sure enjoyed the tea party together and making lots of memories.

My oldest granddaughter loved every minute of the tea party.

The middle daughter enjoying her "spot of tea".

Lots of fun making wonderful memories.

Just a random shot that I loved...

Anyone for a cup of tea?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday in the Word---How are you doing?

 Recently I ran into a lady that I haven't seen in a while  and I asked her how was she doing and her answer was, "Well, I'd like to say the same thing that everyone else says "fine" but the truth is....I'M NOT FINE and I need prayer. It sort of caught me off guard to be honest as I was expecting the same answer we get and we give a lot..."I'M FINE". Now don't misunderstand me because as I know there are certain people that we come in contact with that WE DARE NOT ASK THEM HOW THEY ARE DOING because THEY ARE NEVER DOING FINE. I hear some of you saying "Amen". 
 But what I am wondering is this....

Do we sometimes tell others we're fine because we think that others expect us to be fine? Are we afraid that if we are honest that it might make others feel uncomfortable? Do we think that by being truthful that it would cause that person to doubt us? Question our security in Christ? Reject us?
Or could it simply be that we don't want to admit that WE AREN'T FINE because WE WANT OTHERS TO THINK WE HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER?

Sometimes it's just not easy to hide the emotion of NOT being fine is it? I know for me on any given day that HORMONES is flying you will know once you get within 3 feet of me that I AIN'T fine! I get hot, ill, act like a crybaby, withdraw or may even have somewhat of a short fuse. It's called "welcome to the world of womanhood". Can I just be HONEST with you? I have to constantly work on that and give it to the Lord, and plead for His help and it is hard some days.

I might not be the brightest crayon in the box but I have learned in 18 years of being in Women's Ministries that sometimes ladies the pretending we do will lead us to isolation, hiding from people, running from the truth, and depression if we are not very careful. We order to be loved and viewed as an acceptable person I must be perfect! Sometimes we think if others knows our weakness and insecurities that they will not love us or accept us. 

The truth is that GOD is perfect so we don't have to be! He never asked us to be perfect. He only asked us to accept His Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior and He would do the rest. 

I am not saying run to Walmart and stand in line and tell everyone that walks by that "you're not fine". What I am saying is that as Christian women we are to help bear the burdens of others. 

 Web image
 Life can be hard! God allows us to go through things at times that break us in order to define who we are in Him. To mature us and strengthen us along our walk. But...He never intended for us to carry the load alone. He gives us sisters in Christ to help us along the way. 

 Gloria Mills image

Maybe today you simply need to grab a sister and say, "I'm not fine" and I need your prayers. 

May the Lord of comfort be just that for you today...bring you comfort and healing. May we have the mindset of reaching out to those that struggle to ask for prayer.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy