Sep 27, 2016

{Celebrating 39 Years of Marriage}

We celebrated our 39th Wedding Anniversary on September 23 and spent a quiet, relaxing evening at home. 

We were both 18 years old. Actually my man was about to turn 19 but oh my...that seems so young to me now! Of course years ago couples married at a young age. My man's grandmother was 14 years old. His mom was 16 years old. So...I guess being 18 meant that we were REALLY GROWNUP'S! LOL! 
We dated two years before we married. I can remember to this day as my grandfather was driving me to the church and about 1 mile from the church he pulled over on the side of the road, took me by the hands and said, "Baby, you don't have to go through with this wedding if you don't won't too." I remember saying, "Papa, I love him! My grandfather simply said, "Then that's good enough for me". 

Basically, we have grown up together. We started our family at the age of 20 and God has truly blessed our family. Through the years of marriage we've had trials, tribulation, tears and MUCH laughter. We've had ups and downs and at times all we could see was down. BUT, we have shared JOY that has surpassed anything that I could have ever imagined for my life. God in His ultimate mercy and grace has kept His hand upon us.

So for our 39th wedding anniversary we had a quiet evening at home dining at our table that my grandfather built for me eating my man's favorite food with our favorite and black!

Since we are Georgia Bulldogs fans and in the midst of football season it just seemed right to use red and black. Though right now I could pinch their heads off for playing badly! However, as I told a lady once...Your favorite ball team can be like your children at times...They MESS up but you still love them! 

I enjoy playing around with tablescapes and honestly I was ready to get my fall table done. But...the red and black seemed to be PERFECT for our at home anniversary dinner. 

Of course you must have a couple of candles right?

I love my red and black dishes. I wanted to mix match them for this tablescape along with soup/salad bowls because I knew what appetizer he would enjoy with his main course meal. 

We started out with a bowl of hearty clam soup with bacon, green chives and his favorite pepper flakes.

Grilled Salmon with rosemary from my stash of fresh herbs, topped with feta cheese, chopped spinach, chopped fresh parsley and basil from my herb stash and green chives is his favorite. He really likes Salmon anyway you make it! Along with that came lobster cake, another seafood favorite of his along with crab fingers, broccoli, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers. (The pepper was the last of my peppers from my garden) NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL A SEAFOOD MEAL!

Of course we ended the night with my favorite dessert that we shared.

Cheesecake and coffee!

Well I must say that I don't think that we could have went anywhere else that we would have enjoyed our meal as much as we did our seafood extravaganza.  

I had secretly began my prep for our meal early that morning as this would be my gift to him. And my gift from him kept me away from home most of the day.........PEDI, NAILS, FACIAL, SHOPPING AND STARBUCKS! kind of gift!  

We had so much food left over! I ALWAYS overcook and guess that I will NEVER learn to cook for just two! But....I don't waste food either. I took all the seafood that was left and tossed it in the clam soup and it became Seafood soup! was very good!

 Yes, 39 years ago we said I do! Homemade wedding dress by my grandmother. Simple homemade cake by my grandmother with punch, mints and nuts. Simple, simple decorations. Nothing fancy. And we are all these years later still a part of a love story that God is STILL writing. 

 I am looking forward to every year that God gives to us together. 

  Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sep 21, 2016

{Just a little Antique Store shopping}

My middle daughter has turned into an antique shopper! She DISLIKES Thrift stores but has decided she has a new love for Antique stores. So we ventured out last Friday to scout out a few antique stores. 

Well the truth is that most of these places that say ANTIQUES always house a wide variety of things...not necessarily antiques. People get confused I think on the terms antique, vintage, retro and etc. But any old ways...whatever floats your boat right?
This gal right here has ALWAYS teased me about the fact that I am one of those people that has to look and touch everything in the store and a lot of times I wind up walking out without buying anything. Well...that is the truth. (I've also been known to place items in my little buggy only to change my mind and put them back!!!) 

 The funny thing is I have a 5 year old granddaughter that does the same thing! She thinks she needs to look and touch everything so I love it when she goes shopping with us because I feel right at home...And yes I know there is a huge difference in age with my 5 year old granddaughter and me....(Hee-hee). I guess we are just on the SAME PAGE! She's a gal after my own heart...Does her own thing and life if good! She's full of sass, class and spunk!

 We sure enjoyed our time browsing. Of course my daughter was there to help save me from buying too much! Well...dishes, dishes, dishes, dishes, dishes... My daughters tell me I have an addiction. And I have done the first step into admitting that! NOT READY FOR THE 2nd STEP YET!

We did have fun browsing and oh yes...we came back home with a few goodies. 

Sharing a few pictures of some cute things we looked at. AND I PROBABLY TOUCHED THEM ALL!!!

And I did come home with this.............

I just needed it...I really did!

I also picked up a beautiful tea cup with saucer and stand that I forgot to snap a picture of. But I might be using it in Stephanie's Tea Cup exchange so...I won't show it on my blog just yet! But take my word for it...THAT SWEET THANG IS A BEAUTY!

 We enjoyed each shop we went into but this shop was a little different....or maybe I should say..."different for me".

Within minutes of being in her lovely shop and conversing back and forth with her you immediately felt welcomed. She was warm, inviting and made you feel truly welcome whether you made a purchase or not. Jackie reflected a Christ like spirit and it was evident the moment she began to speak. 

I just love it when your spirit can attest to another sister in the Lord's spirit!

We had the best time chatting. To come to find out she was sisterinlaw to our Sheriff's wife in my county. Her soninlaw is a youth minister at Westside Baptist church in Jacksonville Fla. As we began to talk about our county and how our doors to our public schools are open where the community is allowed to gather to pray over our schools, teachers,and students it brought up the name of our Superintendent which so happens to be our cousin. Her daughter teaches in our public school system and the icing on the cake for me was when she shared that her soninlaw, a youth pastor of another church in another county has come to our county to participate in praying over our schools! WOW and WOW! It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord just opens doors for His Name to be praised!  While there we also met her sister and I even found out where her mom gets her hair done in my county! LOL! YEP...I thought for a few minutes I needed to drag out some ham and tater salad because we could have had us a reunion!

But, here is the thing that truly spoke to my heart...PEOPLE just want PEOPLE to be kind! It doesn't take a whole lot to smile. Matter of fact it's CHEAP! No money needed. It doesn't take a whole lot to be a light in a dark world by showing others just a glimpse of kindness whether it be by word or deed. May we show kindness today to someone. You may be the only source of  kindness that person sees today.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Jackie. Her smile and kindness is truly contagious.

 Web image

If you are ever browsing antique stores and such in Jacksonville Florida be sure to stop by and visit Jackie. 

  Web image

We did have a great day. Nothing like spending time with the ones you love and the icing on the cake is when you make new friends that feel like family. 

Here's a little piece I read that you might be interested in. Now understand when reading this that I am in no way saying anything against what Antique shops sell or doesn't sell. I am just simply giving you with a good little read that I read. For me personally....I don't care if it's 100 years, or 6 months old...if I like it...I like it! Right?

The difference between antique, vintage, and collectible item.

There has been a debate over what an antique is for years. Some say an Antique is: An object of considerable age valued for its aesthetic or historical significance. In the antiques trade, the term refers to objects more than 100 years old.
Some dealers are attempting to lower the standard of an antique. They believe that items over 50 years old should be considered an antique. Those who are reputable antique dealers say the 50 years definition lowers the standard to a point that dealers can sell collectibles under the name of antiques.
This leads us to the word Collectible. A collectible is a term that describes valuable objects less than a hundred years old, often distinguished from antiques, which as a rule are more than a hundred years old.
Then we have the word vintage which originally applied to the age of a bottle of wine. This term was hijacked and is now used to describe item that has cycled back into fashion or less then 25 years old. This term is generally applied to the time period 1960-1979. The time period 1950-1959 is generally referred to as retro both these terms can be applied to items less then 100 years in age.
However, it should be known that the label “antique”, “collectible” has no real effect on the value of an item. The value of an item is determined more by whether there is a demand for it. There are very rare antiques which are sold for much less than a newer collectible, but this is because there is no demand for the rare antique and a high demand for the newer collectible.
When it comes to purchasing items on the antique or collectible market, the buyer should do a lot of research before handing over any money. Flea markets with antique stands, antique shops, and antique malls are plentiful, so dealers have a lot of competition in stocking their shops. This can lead them to price their items much higher than their true value, which is a bad investment for you. Why buy an antique or a collectible for more than its value?

So, when you compare antiques to collectibles, antiques stand the test of time. Their value remains stable. Collectibles, however, are priced more on a whim and their long term value is highly speculative. Implement caution when investing in collectibles as opposed to antiques

  Hugs and blessings, Cindy 



Sep 14, 2016

{Thrifting and Hunting} LOVE IT!

And when I say Hunting I am talking about Whitetail deer hunting....LOL! 

Me and man just recently went for a few days to do a little bow hunting. Yes, we're just regular old country hunter's and enjoy deer hunting together but there is just something about being out in nature and looking around at all that God has created. It just WOWS me! 

 Yep, I look like a little boy with a pink camo backpack. Ha-ha! 
But...there is just something about the peace and quiet in the woods. A time to meditate and reflect! Sometimes we just simply need to regroup!

But I must  tell you that though I am a huntress...I don't go anywhere without my lipstick!!!

We truly do enjoy the outdoors...


However, I did take a little time to do some "Thrifting". And my man is so good to not complain and bless his heart...he will sit in the truck and wait till I return with my stash! YEP....I think he's a keeper!

I have several friends that will be recipient's of some of my thrifted items. I love it when you have friends that you can tell what you paid for something because you both are so proud that it was a DEAL! LOL! And, the funny thing is that when I looked at several of those items I knew exactly who would love them! 
I was very excited to find that wreath holder on the left at the top. 99 cents and it's adjustable. Oh yeah...this will be put to good use. Not quite sure what that thingy is on the left-bottom. I liked it because it looked rustic. My man said, "It looks rustic looks so rustic that it needs to be thrown away! LOL! I am always in need of an easel and the little flower pots I couldn't pass up. Three for 29 cents!  I will be starting some seedlings and will be using them.  Matter of fact when I returned home from hunting I found my collards that I planted from seeds sprouting like crazy...

And for those of you gals that are like me and love a good deal...I got all those little thrifted items for $7.50. YEPPERS!

The only thing better than sitting in a tree stand or ground blind while enjoying the outdoors is getting a text with a picture of this sweet grandgirl. She had her bath and was ready for bed but....she has found out that she can roll over and over and of sleeping that is what she done for a while! LOL!  

 Ooh...I can just kiss her lips off! 

During my quiet time as I would pray and just mediate it seemed this was the scripture that was embedded upon my heart. 
Web Image
So thankful that our Lord has mercy and compassion for us daily! He is so very faithful! 

Joining Jemma this week for Thoughts of Home. 

And Jann with Share your cup...things that make you happy. 
Hugs and blessings, Cindy