Aug 30, 2016

{Fresh Pear Cobbler) Drop Cake Style

How about a little Pear cobbler today? We picked some pears off my pear tree and I decided to make a pear cobbler...drop cake style!

I thought that I would share the recipe with you today. And instead of going step by step I just attached the recipe for you. Pin away...or you can right click on the recipe and save for printing or viewing later.

Cake drop style is a little different than what I am used to making but I like to try new things sometimes. I would love to know...are you more of "stick to what you know" person? Or, are you like me and willing to try new things with recipes? I watch too much CHOPPED and I am always willing to try something new. But then I am like that when we go out to eat too. My man almost always gets the same old same old but then when he sees that I've ordered something different then he wants some of mine! LOL!

While that pear cobbler was baking I decided to have me a good old grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some tomato soup. I love soup and sandwiches or soup and salad all year round.

Smelling mighty good.

My whole kitchen smelled like pears and cinnamon.

I was hoping this would put me in the mood to start decorating a little for Fall....NOPE it didn't! The temps are still just a tad too warm for me to even think about Fall....

Slap a little vanilla ice cream on there and there you go!

I hope that you are having a great day...after all...This is the day that the Lord has made so let us be glad and rejoice in it.              Psalm 118:24

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Joining Jemma this week for Thoughts of Home

Aug 23, 2016

{The Family Chronicles}

I just want to say that if you are across the miles and don't have family then come on to Florida and you can be a part of our family! There is one thing that we do well...and that's FAMILY

Our family had a Peanut Boil and Watermelon party on Sunday afternoon at my fatherinlove's home.

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon visiting, talking, laughing, playing a little corn hole and sliding down the water slide! Especially when it's with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and etc. 

Of course the highlight of the day was when my nearly 82 year old fatherinlove had to show them all how it's done on the water slide!

 It was also my sisterinlove's birthday. Isn't this the cutest cake? I didn't have a slice but I heard that it was YUMMY! She is known to her grandchildren as "Granny Darlin". Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?

The definition of family is:  basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not.

Whether it be immediate family or extended family there is one thing I know for sure....

A family is truly a gift that lasts Forever!

Friends will come and go.....(with exception of those few that God will place in your life that lasts a lifetime) but nothing takes the place of FAMILY

My prayer for those of you reading this today that may not have a family unit...or a family that is close...or even, that just struggles to be family....

That you will feel the love of God as never before and that you will lay all the cares, worries and struggles of FAMILY at His feet!  

Life is too short...Time is Precious! 

And my favorite saying of all times is;
If we do what is right....our God will take care of what is wrong! 

I am not sure who needs this simple message today but I know that the God I serve does not make mistakes and His message was loud and clear for this post today. 
May you feel the presence of our Lord so tenderly today

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Aug 16, 2016

{The Beach Bum Has Returned}

I have missed my blogging buddies this past week but I sure have enjoyed some time away with my man at the beach. We had such a great time. We went to Rest and Relax and we certainly done both. Matter of fact we became quiet good at R & R!  I'm missing it now. But, I Praise the Lord that we had the opportunity to go and have some time away. 

We had the opportunity to stay in a SWEET Coastal Cottage on the beach and I snapped so many pictures with my handy dandy cell phone... I decided that in order not to do picture OVERLOAD that I needed to do some collages so for you to see. 

The first sign we see was this....

And WELCOMED we felt!

We loved everything about this cottage. The location, the privacy, the home and the hosts!
The cottage has it's own private entrance and gated courtyard. The east side of the cottage had a courtyard patio and west side had large covered deck with sundecks.Though the cottage was actually nestled in a small neighborhood it did not lack in privacy.

Upon arrival the hosts met us there to hand us the keys to the cottage along with a tour. I am STILL amazed at such detail that was put into our stay. We could have asked questions if we had any but honestly there was no need for that because there was little notes here and there that basically answered everything we might would want to know! I've never seen anyone put so much detail into a person's stay!

The beach theme is carried throughout the home as you can see in the pictures. The decor was lovely and oh so Coastal. The hosts are both renovation addicts so they are constantly adding to their home for others to enjoy. Our hosts gave us a little history on the home stead. It was a very old home built back in 1940 and the host's parents bought it in 1962. Her dad was a Captain of a fishing boat and very well known in the area. Most if not all of the nautical decor in the home is authentic. Her mom owned a beautiful little shop on St. George Street in St. Augustine Florida that specialized in decor items.  Over the years they have done renovation to the home but have tried to maintain much of the original home. There was so much history with this home that it made one feel that you knew this family. 

 And as soon as I saw this cute scale y'all know I wanted it! LOL!

The kitchen area opened up onto a back deck that wrapped around one half of the deck. Chairs, tables, comfy lounger's and lots of beautiful greenery and flowers adorned this area.

We did carry our own beach chairs, umbrella and beach towels with us but we didn't have too as all of that was provided for us. They even provided a beach wagon which made things nice for us.  

The outdoor area of the cottage was it's own little paradise for us. We loved it that when we would return from the beach that we could shower off outside in private before going back into the cottage.
The provided everything! Beach chairs, beach towels, umbrella, boogie boards, and a charcoal grill with everything we needed to grill with.

The hosts had fresh flowers cut and in vases throughout the home. Even inside the closets we would find cute tags to show you what was available for you to use and decorated as well! 

Awe yes....we enjoyed every moment of the beach life.
We grilled at the cottage one night. My man cooked breakfast several mornings and we went out to eat breakfast one morning. If you have a Village Inn in your area try their skillet breakfast. My man had the Ultimate and I had the California skillet. SO GOOD!  We also went out to eat dinner several nights. We had so much food one night that we had leftovers added to a salad for the next night. And of course you just can't beat having eggs, toast, bacon and sausage for breakfast right?

I actually had the time to sit and read a book in which I love to read. Fishing, reading, eating and lounging around...What a life right?

The beach was just a short walk from the cottage which made it extra nice.

There is nothing like watching the sun rise on the beach. Only God could make something so beautiful. A couple of days we saw dolphins. There would be three to six of them swimming together. It was a beautiful site.
Vilano Beach in St. Augustine is a beautiful beach. So pristine and clean. Shells galore. (Which of course I brought back some to add to my collection) Vilano is more of a private beach area compared to some even in the busy season. Of course our stay was when all the kids was getting back into school and most vacations was ending so we had almost total seclusion.  For those living across the miles, if you ever come to Florida looking for a quaint place on the beach to stay then send me a message and I'd be glad to give you more information. Or, if you are a local wanting a little getaway...I strongly suggest this is the place. This lovely cottage is for 4 people but for us it was simply a nice, quiet, romantic getaway for two!

There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME but I sure did enjoy being a BEACH BUM for just a little while!

Well, it's back to reality! But I can still hear the sounds of the ocean.

God is Good!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy