Oct 19, 2016

{Be The Change You Want To See In The World}

One of my all time favorite quotes is from the Gandhi who once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” .

A team of us from my church went to Nicaragua this past February on a mission trip and our theme was "Change The World; Be The Change". God had given this key phrase to one of our ladies who I call my "Soul Sister" to be our main theme for the mission trip and challenged us all to be that CHANGE. A Change that would be so evident for Christ that others would want that change in their life and in doing so YES, we could change the world...one soul at a time, one woman at a time, one wife at a time, one mother at a time.  Well, that phrase has not left my mind nor my heart and when I saw these words on a decal I knew that I had to come up with something that would be a cute gift for my friend. 

As you can see I winded up buying several different sheets of quotes to use in the future. I bought a plain black frame.

I took the cardboard part out of the frame and went to work with my gold spray paint. Anybody else love spray paint as much as I do????

I spray painted the cardboard gold and let it dry.

Then I simply took my decal and peeled off the back and adhered it to the gold cardboard.

The black lettering looked so pretty up against the gold don't you think?

Popped it back in the black frame and spray painted a brown easel gold for display. 

 Nope, not an expensive gift by any means. Nope, didn't take a whole lot of time to do. Nope, wasn't anything spectacular. The whole concept is that we must be the change that we want to see

We can change things without changing our moral and Christian values. We can change the way we do things without changing who we are. 

If we want our marriages to be better then sometimes that requires a change. If we want our relationship to be better with our children then sometimes that requires a change. If we want things to be different then yes, sometimes, oftentimes, it requires change.
Please do not misunderstand me as I am well aware of how sometimes it doesn't matter how much we are willing to change to make things better it just flat out doesn't happen! But I think you are getting the message I'm trying to convey. 

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So funny at the timing of this message. This past Monday I was talking with a lady that I have known for several years now and our conversation went from "sharing a recipe, grandkids, what's the best spot remover for ink" to "Thanksgiving and Christmas" is almost upon us. You know we women can cover lots of ground in a short amount of time. Of course when she said she dreaded the holiday season I had to ask why? Though the holiday season may get hectic I still love it so my inquiring mind wanted to know her reasoning. She told me that there always seems to be chaos among her two daughters and her son because they could never agree on family holiday schedules. The more we talked the more I learned quickly the problem wasn't with the children. The problem was with her. She was dead set against making any changes to her holiday season or trying to work with her family to make it work for the family. I share that to say this; if we want change...then sometimes we have to be willing to change. I didn't say we had to like it or love it....

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 It's the same thing with church. Whew are we quick to say, "I wish that they (key word here being THEY...anyone else but US) would do this or that and change things up a bit in this area or that area. Maybe the Lord is calling us to be that change that is needed. If we want the people at church to be more loving then we may need to be the change and start loving others. If we want our church to be more exciting then we might need to do a little changing and get out there and start doing things for God. Go on a mission trip, get a team of people together and go visit those in the hospital or nursing home. Get involved with an activity that involves your community. Start a new ministry in your church. Do something that brings about change for the better. Be willing to step up to the plate and serve in some area. We may wish that folks seemed more accepting of others in the church. We may need to be the change and look around us at our  next church service and see who we might feel is being overlooked or even neglected. The ideas to make things better or endless...the problem is that it means we might have to change a little to make it happen. Change our lifestyle, our daily routines, our way of doing things the same old way....

Most oftentimes....CHANGE BEGINS WITH US

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The definition of Change is: to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: the action of changing something. 

The bottom line: In order to make a difference we must be willing to make a change.

  And my sweet soul sister loved  her little gift. It brought back a wonderful memory of how the Lord used a group of eleven women that totally depended on Him to make a difference in the lives of many women and that for us...required our willingness to change!

What is it this week that you might need to change for the better?        

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Oct 11, 2016

{What happens when you clean out the frig and pantry?}

Have you ever had just a little of this and a little of that when cleaning out your frig and pantry and you just can't stand the thoughts of throwing it away? I was raised by a grandmother that always "thanked" the Lord for the food we had because she would say, "There are people all over the world that would love to have just a little bit of what we are eating".  Then she would throw in..."It's a sin to waste food". Boy, that has stuck with me through the years.  If my granny had of had the means I can assure you she would have taken in every child that she thought might would be hungry and she would have cared for them. The biggest thing on my granny was her heart!

So I had a handful of mushrooms left over that I had sliced up after fixing several batches of stuffed mushrooms and enough spinach for maybe one small salad so decided to saute the mushrooms in butter and then added the spinach. I sat it aside. 

I had two small chicken breasts left over that my intentions was actually to make chicken salad but decided I wanted some chicken soup. Diced the chicken up and remembered that I had about two carrots left. So chopped them up and added it to my chicken with some chicken broth and seasoning and cooked til chicken was done and carrots tender.

I had two different shaped noodles and only a small amount of both so cooked them together until almost tender and added the noodles, mushrooms and spinach to my carrot and chicken stock. 

I happened to look at the milk I had left in frig which was about a cup and tossed it in for just a little extra sweet and creamy flavor. I let it simmer for a little while and by lunch time I was ready for a bowl of hearty "throw together what you have" chicken soup. 

I sprinkled a tad of Romano cheese on top and enjoyed my throw together soup! 
Granny would have been proud! No waste and good to the last bite. 
And....a cleaned out frig for sure. NOTHING left to eat so off to the grocery store I go!

What is something that you can remember your grandparents saying that has stood out in your mind over the years? Oh I have a list of things for sure tucked back in that old memory bank of mine. I actually need to sit down and write down some of the things that my grandparents have said. BUT....then I find myself saying the same things at time.

I hope that you have fond memories of your grandparents as I do. 

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy