Sep 18, 2017

{Anyone need a Homemade Porta-Potty?}

Picture a friend sent to me.

A friend of mine sent this picture to me after we regained power from "Irma". One has to laugh even in the midst of a storm, right?  

We are truly praising the Lord for His hedge of protection over our family and friends in my county and neighboring areas. So many are still without power. My oldest daughter's home had two trees fall on the roof of her home and one tree fell on their shed. No one was hurt thankfully. 97% of our county was without power. We do not realize what we have until we no longer have it do we? After the storm was over and power finally regained, I sat there thinking of how very spoiled I am. My heart hurts for those that have lost their homes in this storm. Many are still without power. The hit that our county took from Irma does not even begin to compare to the hit that Miami took. Our prayers are with so many.

We all need a little humor and these two girls brought it with this cute picture my daughter Melissa snapped. As they were preparing for the hurricane the girls decided to put their life jackets on just in case.

Once power was regained and all was well with my family, my husband and I headed out to do a little bow hunting. Nothing like getting away for a few days to help relieve a little stress. 

And what the bow hunting didn't relieve a little shopping did! LOL! Aren't these shoes just the cutest?
I was reminded that no matter what kind of storm we may be in the midst of that God's Glory will shine above all.

I was also reminded that my life is only a midst, a vapor....

  A special thanks to so many of you that has sent me messages to check on my family. You are loved! 

I'd like to invite you to join Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose for the Tea Cup and/or Mug Exchange. This will be my third time of participating and I love it! So much fun. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sep 5, 2017

{Whoopie, Whoopie, Whoopie}

I found a whoopie pie pan at AC Moore and since I had a coupon for 55% off one regular item I decided to buy it.  Now I didn't exactly make mine like the like the ones shown...I did doll them up a bit. 

I made too much butter cream icing so hey, why not use it, right? 

How about a little salted caramel? 

Chocolate chips always makes a good topping don't ya think?

Found me two cute fish plates. I just had to have them for 50 cents each. Perfect for two! 

Who needs a meal after this appetizer?  

I drug out my trusty electric roaster and roasted and a couple of chickens. It's great for cooking in large quanities. I guess the last time I used it was in the summer while at the beach. I made a pulled pork in it. 

I made a baked chicken fettuccine casserole with my roasted chicken and it was sooooo good! I also made a dear friend a pan for her birthday. Just can't go wrong with chicken!

Despite the heat I still have beautiful flowers blooming.

The grass may wither and the flowers fade but one thing is for sure my friends, the Word of God will stand forever! AMEN!

And I don't think I need to say much about this picture....Hee-hee!

 Have a good week! 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Aug 29, 2017

{Tuesday's Thoughts}

Just so you know this is what happened when Nana turned her back for just ONE second! Matter of fact she had that little sweet hand ready to flush! 
I sent my daughter, her mama, the picture I snapped and what does her mama say to me, "Mom, don't let her play in the toilet". I mean, like, I just opened the toilet lid and said, "Go ahead Adalynn, play in the toilet". LOL! 
Oh the joy and fun of grandbabies. 

My youngest daughter, mama of that sweet girl playing in the toilet, just had a birthday. We celebrated with a big birthday dinner. Then she and her husband went out of town for a weekend and then ziplining. She had a great birthday.

 Being the baby of three girls I can assure you she is spoiled and not just by her parents but her sister's too! God has truly blessed us with our girls.

I hope that my blogging Texas friends are safe. I want you to know that I have been praying for you all. I have a friend that moved from Florida to Texas and she has been keeping me updated. Our prayers are with you all.

 As I sit here and I think about all the things going on in this world that are not good, it is almost more than I can think about at times. Natural disasters is one thing. But, when I think about the ugliness, the rioting, the fighting in the streets, the hatefulness, the brutality shown to others, the famine, and the very fact that one is afraid to even go shopping alone in fear of what might could happen, it can cause you to feel totally helpless, defeated, depressed and hopeless. 

I have caught myself at times saying, "What future does my grandbabies have? Or even their children if the Lord tarries". 

I can remember as a little girl my granny saying, "This world is going to hell and a hand basket". I never knew the meaning of that phrase to be honest but I read somewhere that To be 'going to hell in a handbasket' is to be rapidly deteriorating - on course for disaster.

Her words of long ago are so very true. 
But, doesn't the Bible tell us that in the last days that these things will happen?

These are just a few of the signs that Jesus gave us through His Word.   

  • The watering down of the gospel, teaching the doctrines of man rather than those of God. (2 Tim 3:5, Matt 15:9)
  • False prophets and false Christs        (Matthew 24:24)
  • Good will be called evil and evil good. (Isaiah 5:20)
  • Restoration of all things (Acts 3:19-21)
  • Gospel to be preached to all the world (Matthew 24:14, Revelation 14:6-7)
  • Worldly knowledge to increase               (Daniel 12:4)
  • Earthquakes, floods, famines, plagues and diseases such as the world has never seen. (Matthew 24 and Luke 21)
  • Peace taken from the earth.  Wars increase throughout the earth until war is on every land (Matthew 24 and Luke 21)
The increase in the wickedness, murder, and crime among men.  The increase in belief in the occult. (Matthew 24, Luke 21, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 4:3-4)                               

People will not believe the signs (2 Peter 3:3-4, Matthew 16:1-4) There's so many more signs.  

Here is the thing, God made EVERYTHING GOOD
Go back and read Genesis. He didn't say, "Well I will make the land good but man bad. Or, I will make the food good to eat and the animals bad". NO, He said, " I have made everything good".

 Photo is compliments of my friend, Joni.

There is only ONE reason that things are happening today in the world in which we live and it's called SIN.  When sin was committed in the Garden of Eden that is when it all began.
It's not the World that is bad. It's the people!

I have to remember that my HOPE in Christ is what sustains me. I may live IN the WORLD but as a daughter of the King I am not OF this WORLD. Nothing is happening in this world that has taken our Lord by surprise!

Photo taken in Kentucky. 

When I find myself beginning to worry about tomorrow I am reminded that Jesus has already went ahead of me and taken care of my tomorrow's.

I read somewhere once and can't remember if it was Pasty Clairmont or Barbara Johnson, famous speakers and authors, said that she was going to start practicing jumping on a trampoline so she could learn to jump high because when the rapture happened she wanted to be the first one to get to Jesus! 

Girl's, maybe my next investment will be in a trampoline! 

Photo taken at Vilano Beach. 

One day y'all, that old trumpet is going to sound and God is going to lean over to His Son Jesus and say, "SON, go and get MY children! I've done and got the Holy Bumps

Sometimes, I just need to preach to myself girls and today was that day. 

May our Lord hold you so very dear in the palm of His mighty hands. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy