Tuesday, February 9, 2016

{Just 10 more weeks}

Can you believe my daughter only has about 10 more weeks left of pregnancy? Time has been flying by to me during her pregnancy. Of course the closer it gets to delivery time I am sure my girl will think it's taking forever! 

We had the opportunity to see pictures of our sweet little grandgirl that will be making her appearance in April and as with anything else that we do....WE MAKE IT A FAMILY FUN DAY!

My other grandgirls are READY to see the new cousin but for the time being they will settle with pictures!

And I can tell you that this little gal right here will probably always be the BABY no matter how many babies we have! She keeps us going. Showing off her new lipstick!

 A gal after her Nana's heart! Love that she loves lipstick!

I am amazed at how far technology has come with sonograms and all the 3D's and etc. they do now. It is CRAZY I tell ya...just crazy! 

All I can say is I have no idea how one can look at these pictures and not believe that there is a GOD.

Look at this sweet little girl....she was sleeping but when the technician gave my daughter a piece of chocolate she decided to rouse up a little. BOY, Chocolate has a way of doing that to us huh?

Just look at her little lips and nose....my mercy!

She knew that her two grandmothers was there so she decided to smile at us!!!!

It's amazing at what all you can see. One of my daughters asked the tech if she could tell at this point if sweet girl had any hair. She looked and said, "Oh yes, there is hair", and she made us a picture!

Can you believe that? The tech said she has long hair and looks at though it's trying to curl! I am telling y'all that is just CRAZY! I am curious to see if our sweet little girl comes out bald! Ha! But....this Nana don't care either way! 

I have wrote down everything the tech said as I cannot wait to see if she was right about any of it. She said: Baby is still a girl! (good thing because we've got lots of pink going on) She said: Baby girl has long fingers and long legs. She seems to be a calm baby. Has big thighs and a big butt! (LOL) Now what baby has a big butt? She also said she could see the little fat rolls forming around her wrist and she has a dimple. She said it looks as though she will have lots of hair. She has estimated sweet girl to weigh between 7 - 7 1/2 lbs. SO....one thing is for sure...TIME WILL TELL! 

But she is just beautiful don't ya think?

We had a fun day for sure. Of course the expecting mama was wanting something sweet.....YEPPERS, she had lots of choices!

One thing is for sure...we have a full life...and a happy one at that! God is Good! 

As I close today I ask that if you would to please say a prayer for our Mission Team. We will be leaving bright and early on February 11th headed to Nicaragua. Our team will consist of two men and nine women. We are going to teach the ladies in Nicaragua at two different churches. I ask that you pray for our safety and that God's Word would save souls, change lives and go beyond our beyond.          See you when I get back! 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{What's been happening this week ladies?}

Have you gals been doing anything fun or exciting this week? Well, I've been piddling (as my man would say) with a few little projects here and there. Started on a wreath to go in the new grandbaby's room that is on the way! If I don't get a little more pep in my step she will be here before I get the wreath made!

Watched this grandgirl play a little ball this past weekend. She actually does more than just stand there too! (Ha!) But...she's so darn pretty till if that's all she wants to do is stand there...that's okay with me!

And meet the New Annie! This little sport model here came out of the play room wearing Nana's (Queen of Heart Wig) the other day and singing "It's a hard knock life". Get rid of the crown and we have us an Annie!

She also left Papa and Nana a prize in the refrigerator! Every time she comes we find things like this in our frig! 

We've also been watching the grandson play a little basketball.

And watching our oldest grand grow up WAY TOO FAST to suit this Nana.

My man got a new toy for Christmas so he tried his hand at slicing our own deer steaks. He is in his happy place when piddling in his barn.

And I surely don't want to offend anyone with my meat picture here but "this is our life" and we love us some deer meat! Pretty nice steaks don't ya think?

And just so you will know...we grilled them and they were DELICIOUS!

 Awe...you could label this picture one of those "sweet moments". Nothing like feeling your grandbaby kick and move. Me and my two oldest daughters cannot keep our hands off this pregnant tummy!

Oh I've got to share this with you too! You all know I love "junking" but when I go I am normally on a mission looking for something in particular or just browsing around at the DISHES! Not often do I take the time to browse through clothes or shoes. And I realize some people are "funny" about this sort of thing and that's okay too (each to their own) but when I get a deal...I've gotta share it! I spotted these cute black shoes. Not a blemish on them anywhere and they actually looked brand new. Of course they just happen to be in my size so I decided to get them. As I am checking out the lady in front of me tells me how cute the shoes are and that she had looked at them and would have bought them but wrong size for her. We made conversation and she said, "Those are some nice shoes and you are getting them for a steel". Then she begins to tell me that they are name brand and yada, yada, yada. Well, let me just say that I am not a "Can't wear it if it's not a name brand gal". I'm a "if I like it, I buy it regardless of name. 
BUT....as soon I got to the car I googled the brand. Franco Sarto is the brand. See for yourself....

And for those that might be thinking, "YUK, 2nd hand shoes! Haven't you heard of 91% alcohol and Mr. Clean Fabreeze? Kills bacteria and germs and makes them smell oh so nice! 

 Well, my Mission trip to Nicaragua is coming up real soon now so it's time to start getting things in order.I will be posting more on that upcoming trip first of next week.

And last but not least...I do a daily devotional every day but I also have a box of scripture cards at my office and each day I pull a different one out to read. I couldn't help but chuckle just a little when I pulled this card out this morning.

This has been part of my prayers with preparing my heart for the upcoming mission trip. I think it was just a sweet reminder from the Lord that "OH YES, I AM going to show you GREAT and MIGHTY things that you did not know! Got a feeling there's going to be some "WOWZER moments" 

Have a great day and do something FUN!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Sweet Moments}

As most of you know by now my new word for 2016 is REFLECT and that covers a lot of territory for me but I am also trying to savor the sweet moments of life. I find myself being too busy, too preoccupied, to much of being in a hurry and well...JUST TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING at times to truly reflect on whats happening right now in my life that reflects those little sweet moments. 

Well one sweet moment for me was going to register for my daughter's baby shower. I don't think the store was used to a "group" of people waltzing in to register but then....they don't know my BUNCH!  We had so much fun registering for that sweet little grandgirl that's on the way.

My girl eagerily filled out the paper work to get started.

And...she got used to that little hand scanner quick like too! Glad It wasn't me scanning things I wanted because I would have been there all day!

Too much to look at and pick from! I mean DANG...how many sippy cups do they make?

YEP both of us grandmothers are excited!
For me, this will be my 5th grandchild and my 4th grandgirl. For the other grandmother this will be her 2nd grandchild and her 1st GRANDGIRL! You can only IMAGINE her excitement!

Another sweet moment came when a sweet gal named Dee came by my office and brought me two pretty bracelets from India!

She had a family wedding to attend in India and get this...the wedding festivities go on for a week or so! WHOA! I am surely glad that wedding festivities don't last that long in my neck of the woods. I'd be BROKE and TIRED!

Oh my mercy, I loved both of them! These bracelets are so ME and to come from India was the icing on the cake!

Another sweet moment came when my daughter Melissa sent me this picture. She and my two grandgirls had decorated for Valentines day and she always has something wrote on her chalk board for all occasions but this melted this Nana's heart! I can't think of a more appropriate message for Valentine's Day! Or....for any day actually.

I came home one afternoon to find this precious gift waiting for me. I was thrilled! I've seen this sign floating around on Pinterest and I just loved the wording. Of course being a coffee lover added to the thrill! My niece Katie made this for me and I will always treasure it.

One more sweet moment I want to share with you. Our church hosted a community Health fair and I had the opportunity to be a very small part of it. Our focus of course was on physical health but what about spiritual health? My part was simple: How can I pray with you today?

My goal was to pray with whomever would stop by to let me pray with them. I had several sweet ladies that wanted prayer and I had some ladies that simply wanted me to put someone on my prayer list to pray for during the week but this lady stole my heart. She was talkative, straight to the point and funny! When she sat down I immediately thought she was sitting down for me to pray with her about something....So I asked her "What can I pray about for you today?. She smiled and said NOTHING...I am tired of walking so I just want to sit down! Cracked me up! 

There is so many sweet moments in life that will pass us right on by if we don't take the time to enjoy them! What sweet moments have you had this week? 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy