Jan 10, 2017

{Looking for INSPIRATION}

I'm looking for inspiration to start on a project at home! Maybe you can help me. Sometimes it just helps to talk it out....you know what I mean? 

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My motherinlove used to say that everyone needed a project to do and for the last several years I have been revamping, replacing and remodeling a few things here and there. I've heard it said that if you truly want your project to be exactly how you dreamed it would be then you must be PATIENT! OUCH!
But here I am in a brand new year and ready to tackle another home project. 

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I have four bedrooms in my home. One in which of course I sleep in. One is the grandbabies "Play Room" which so desperately needs to be organized and some things tossed. One room my man calls the "The Buck Room" because we have deer mounted on the wall and the decor is totally a hunting theme in which we both love. But then I have "My Room" which has turned into a disaster and all by my own doings! 
Now, I admitted it...it's totally my fault that it looks like a hurricane has went through there. 

Oh it started out nice years ago. You know...my own little room which was called my "Prissy room" but has become my junk room! I began to use it for WHATEVER, tossing things in there only to take me forever to find them when I needed them and well...I am quite sure you know how the rest of the story goes. Hey, I am just being real here!

So here I am now...in desperate need of some inspiration. Truthfully I need the energy! But maybe If I get inspired I might get some energy huh? I want to take my small 12x12 room and make good use of it. I have my computer, sewing machine, crafting stuff, and well...I have LOTS of stuff in there!  In all honesty, I don't sew that much but in the event I choose too I want to be able to have my sewing machine at my fingertips. I do use my desk computer a lot so that has to stay. I take crafting by spells and those spells are far and few between and sometimes it's not so much "crafting" as it is I just WANT MY STUFF where I can get to it in case I want it. You know what I mean?

So here is where I need some ideas because sometimes one person's idea may be all that we need to inspire us. What to do with this closet? As you can see from the picture the closet isn't that big. It's not tiny but it's not big and it has a single door. I have seen some ideas on pinterest that has sparked my interest but not so sure I wouldn't want to leave it a closet and store things in. Or maybe take the door off completely and revamp the inside. 

Here is what size door and closet I have...YES...mess and all!

 Dang, I actually spotted something in picture I forgot I had!!!

So, not sure if I would need more lighting if I turned this closet into......
Craft Closet Makeover:
Pinterest idea

And I wouldn't be able to use the closet for storage too much either. 

With this style I could get more storage for sure but wondering if I should do away with door altogether. I could do the little french doors but they would have to small for sure.

Organized Craft Closet -- turn any under utilized closet in your home into a fabulous craft closet with these tips and tricks.:

And this is a great idea should I keep the door.

 Remodeling a 12 X 12 Bedroom Into Office/craft Room/sewing Room - Yahoo Image Search Results:

I love the idea of having one large unit on one wall in which this could be done in a smaller version on one of my walls.

Basement Craft Room Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 2                                                                                                                                                                                 More:


I also like the L shape look.

Do you (or someone you know) do a lot of craft projects? This craft table with pigeon holes will let you keep everything tidy, organised and close at hand.  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/bm4h  It’s easy to build and modify to fit your own room as it is basically three shelves connected by the table top frames.                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

And I just think this is so stinking cute.

may rethink where my current craft room/office is...do the kids really need a playroom? Psh:


I like the simplicity of this look and yet you have some storage and some counter space. 

Remodeling a 12 X 12 Bedroom Into Office/craft Room/sewing Room - Yahoo Image Search Results:

There is no questioning on flooring. I know I want wood. Actually this is the only room in my house that we have not redone the flooring and it's about time. It still has the makeup stained carpet from my daughters being home many years ago. 

The color? Well remember when everyone was doing the sponge paint look? Oh I loved it and I loved my border paper. I was so brave going from white to this pink marble color to begin with but I think it might be time for a change. And I hear that border wall paper if OUT! But...I promise you it will be back IN next week! LOL! 

And I have two small windows in the room with the lace curtains. The color scheme is this room is pinks, hunter green, and roses. I called it my Prissy room once upon a time.

Now here is what I truly want to accomplish: I want more counter top availability so I can have room for my sewing machine, computer, and whatever else I might want it for. Maybe a cricket.....or embroidery machine...I am thinking big right now and for the future days of when I retire of having something else to do! Well maybe not...my daughters will keep me busier than I would want to be! LOL! TRUST ME...I don't get bored easily and I ALWAYS have plenty to do!  I want a counter space to stand or to sit to wrap gifts or work on projects. I want a closet that is functional in every sense of the way. Either to HIDE my ORGANIZED chaos or to display it proudly! PLUS I have so many books that I will not part with in which a lot of them are Bible Studies I have taught over the years. So....gotta have a place for them. AND I am talking all that in a small 12x12 room! WHEW! I am wore out thinking about all this. Now I not only need inspiration but I need ENERGY, TIME and MONEY

The perfect solution would be to combine two rooms and make one big room which would mean the play room would be gone! Not so sure I want to do that though. And my man wasn't sold on that idea either and since he will be my MAIN MAN in this project I don't want to push my luck!

And this would be a dream room but I am afraid I might want to LIVE in there! 

And then there is color schemes. Good grief! Too much to pick from. 

Then I might need a theme you know! Vintage, retro, French...Oh I just don't know! 

So, in the meantime while I let all these 1000 thoughts drive me crazy and I try to be INSPIRED I think I will just start by cleaning the room up! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have some projects you want to do this New Year but you are like me and just need inspiration and maybe energy? Maybe we can inspire one another.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 
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Jan 3, 2017

{Happy New Year and my 2017 Focus Word}

I hope that your New Year has started out wonderful and that you are counting your blessings no matter great or small from 2016. We spent New Years in Georgia hunting, eating and shopping! The hunting wasn't all that great but the eating and shopping was! Of course eating and shopping is always great huh? 

Needless to say that none of us stayed up to see the New Year come in. But, we surely praised the Lord for another New Year.

 With a New Year brings the unknown for us all. We never know what tomorrow may bring and honestly, that's a good thing. But with the New Year it does bring a new Focus Word for me. There is nothing magical about having a focus word. It just simply gives me something to think about or to focus on. I will find myself looking for my focus word in the Word of God, on signs, billboards, sermons, Bible studies and more. It is amazing at what the Lord will show me through a simple word.  The stories that I could tell you at how the Lord has used each word each year in my life has been life changing for me.  In 2013 my Focus Word was Peace. In 2014: Rejoice. In 2015: Praise and in 2016 it was Reflect-Reflection

It seems the Lord had a two-part word for me for 2016.

Reflecting on 2016 has surely given me reason after reason to praise Him and to be thankful for even the little things in life that others might find silly, not important, and even a little crazy at times. It seems that as we age and begin to watch our grandbabies grow up that it's the little things in life that surely matter.   Now the {Being Still} part of this equation has been the hardest for me. And I mean being still in the Lord....

Reflection; when I am prayer daily, when I put on the armor of God daily and when I am in His Word daily I can see a reflection of Christ in the mirror. But, there's many days that when I look into the mirror all I see is Cindy! I see the ugly, the bad, the woman that could so easily get so caught up in sin and I am so disappointed in myself. How I praise Him that He loves me despite my sinful nature and that one day when I look in the mirror I will see Him in all His glory! 

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Which brings me to 2017...........

I prayed and asked the Lord to give me a new word and three different times this word came to me. YEP...another one of those silly stories (to some anyway) but the Lord doesn't always have to speak to us through a burning bush you know....But, I will spare you the story for now. 

My FOCUS WORD for 2017 is...........

I challenge you to ask the Lord for a Focus Word for you this brand new year. Your word doesn't have to be a Biblical word. One of my blogging friends said one year that her word was Me. When I first read that I really wasn't sure what she meant. But as I began to read more and listen to her...truly listen, I realized that she had every reason for her word to be ME! She needed to start doing things for herself...taking care of her health, getting her finances in a stable order, thinking about her future with retirement, and to quit being a workaholic. Not that she had the mindset that life was about her....but simply that she needed to start taking care of things for herself.  She needed for her word to be ME! 

It's my prayer that your New Year will bring the desires of your heart and that you will be blessed beyond your beyond.

Linking up with Deb with a WORD for 2017.

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy