Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday in the Word-When your plan A for life doesn't work out!

I am just so excited that our church will be having Debbie Taylor Williams from the "Big Hair" state of Texas join us for an event in April. If you haven't read her book, "Plan A Woman in a Plan B World" then please go online and order it. You will be so glad that you did. I am almost through reading her book and several things popped out to me that made me truly realize her realness in which I must say...."I am all about keeping it real". I love it when someone really ask the questions that most of us as women are ONLY thinking and wishing someone would talk about it! How about you?

 What happens when your Knight in Shining Armor decided that when your children were 3 and 5 that he'd leave you for another women?

What happens when you are fired from the job that you help to build from the ground up?

What happens when you planned to stay home with your babies but financially you do not see a way? 

What happens when your spouse dies unexpectedly and you find yourself alone?

What happens when your daughter announces she is pregnant and is only 15?

What happens when your retirement turns out to be flooded by health issues with medical bills?

What happens when??????????? 

For most the Plan A Woman ALWAYS goes to Plan B and for most of us we don't like it! Let's just tell the truth! However, God has a plan for our life even with Plan B.

 I am a Planner! Always have been. I have learned that my planning is NOT always God's plan. I have also learned that sometimes I have to go Plan B, C, D and F and the more that I walk with the Lord and grow in Him I am always learning that God is in the Plan PERIOD! (I must admit that with age my "plans" sometimes never seem to make it past my thoughts) LOL!

I so hope that my local friends can join us for this event and would love to have my blogging friends come too! I have an extra bed girls and hey, we can make pallets on the floor and have a slumber party! Of course I am finding this old back isn't what it used to be so we might need air mattresses. LOL! 

The thing is ladies is that God offers to help us in whatever PLAN we find ourselves in!

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday in the Word-Tired? Weary? Burned Out?

Am I tired? At times I am. Am I weary? At times I am. Do I get burned out? At times I do. I think we all suffer at one time or another with different things that come into our daily lives. I had a sweet sister in the Lord just openly share her heart with me that she was burned out on religion. The thing is that if religion is what we are seeking we will become burned out quick like!

The thing I KNOW is that our walk with Christ is not without struggles nor suffering.
He never promised us that it would be. He did promise us that He would never leave nor forsake us no matter what. I find comfort in that promise. 

When we are dealing with being tired, worn out, sad, afraid, unsure, or whatever it is that is going on in our life if we are not very careful we will allow it to consume us. So much so that we give up on people in general, family and friends. We hide in our closets and invite no one into our life and we become bitter, complacent, and stale. We no longer feel or see the need to be faithful to our church and in the midst of fellowship. We find ourselves digging deeper and deeper into a pit.

I asked a 90 plus year old friend of mine once; How have you managed to live all these years, dealing with the hardships of your life that you've had and yet remain so faithful to Christ? Her answer; "I keep company with Jesus". WOW!!! 

The demands of this world can just flat out be exhausting! But with Jesus we can have peace, joy, freedom, grace and mercy. 

For me, when I place myself at the service of our Lord I find that everything else falls into place somehow, sometime and somewhere along life's way. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Day to Remember

I've honestly been meaning to share our youngest daughter's special day but somehow time just gets away from me these days. Anyone have that problem?

 I know I am a lot little partial but isn't she just beautiful?

She chose a venue in Savannah, Ga. called the Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful. Small, private wedding with immediate family and close friends was her choice. 

 Her dress was simple but yet elegant.

The cutest thing they do now at David's Bridal is when you find the PERFECT dress then you ring the bell and everyone claps for you! We had so much fun wedding shopping.

The garden area was beautiful. Roses was everywhere and in every color. For it to be a November wedding the garden looked like Spring time.

This quaint two story house called the Reinhard House is where she got dressed and we had a cake and punch reception.

Time to get ready!

Her sisters busy helping her to get ready and needless to say she is enjoying every moment.

 Sweet times....

My beautiful daughters.

Her bouquet was beautiful but what it made it so special was her brooch on her bouquet.

 Her Nanny also as many of you have heard me call her "My Motherinlove" went home to be Jesus 4 weeks before her wedding. This gave her comfort knowing her Nanny was sharing her special day.

She is ready to become Mrs. Starr

Our soninlove David sharing a moment with his sweet mom.

Daddy and Baby girl time


 Awe...the KISS

 We done it!

 A few family pictures...

 Cake and punch reception

Then downtown Savannah to  Garibaldi's to eat.

Thanks for letting me share a special time in the life of our family.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy