Mar 22, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday & Giveaway

I am so excited to join Linda at Coastal Charm
again for another Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.  Go on over and check her out! For my first stop was naturally GW. Found this cute clock for $2.99. I am seeing a paint job and maybe a monogram on the front.... 

And wait till you see this:

Found this at Bealls Outlet on the clearance rack for $5.00. Matches my kitchen and up it went. I love it!

Then at Cato's..I have been watching this to see if it would go on sale.

It was $10 regular price and they had marked it down for $6. Since there was only two left I figured I better snatch one! It's on my kitchen wall. And I must say that COFFEE is one of my simple pleasures! 

Found my next item at a yard sale for $1.00.

The column came from GW. YEP, paid a little more for that than I really wanted too ($10) but it just matched my bedroom soooo good!

And the two really look nice together for a total of $11. 

I fell in love with this plate when I spotted it at GW. My first thought was, Oh, I can use that for a charger.....The problem was they only had 4 but I had to get them. They were marked $1.99 each but when I went to check out the girl said, "I am not charging $1.99 for these plates". She rang me up at 59 cents each! YEP!!!!! That's a deal! I love them! Wish I had more! 

Also found these cute little salad/dessert plates at GW for 29 cent each. Got a plan for these little ones....a crafty sorta plan....

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  1. Great deals you have here...luv the idea about the monogram on that clock! So happy to see you at NTT:)


  2. You got some great deals the shape of your white plates!

  3. Amazing deals! I am a Goodwill hunter myself. And I LOVE plates. Found an entire dinner set at GW for $7, white and perfect! I will have to drop by my Cato's bc I love the coffee sign too.

  4. I love those plates with the scalloped edges. I think I would have paid $1.99 each - they are that lovely.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the visit. Go Dawgs!!!

  5. Love the coffee sign! You found it at CATO'S? And I think the clock would look cute painted white with a floral decal on front. Looks like you got some good deals. Trinty

  6. I really like the shape of that plate. And I need that column! It matches my LR. Lizzy

  7. Gotta love Goodwill, huh? I love that the girl only charged you 59 cents for the plates. That never happens to me. ;) I like the large pedestal. Something like that would look nice by my fireplace.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)

  8. The clock would look adorable painted black with a white monogram in the middle of your last name initial. Also since you are doing a lemonade party I hear....would look cute painted white then use modgepodge and put a lemon in the middle. Love clocks...all shapes, sizes an colors. You rock Miss Cindy with your thrifty nifty buys! Angela

  9. OOOH Great finds!! and prices too!

  10. I LOVE the clock. I can see a monogram on it, too! Hope you are gonna show us!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  11. I would love to snatch those plates too. You're lucky that the girl only charged you for 59 cents each! The GW here is very stiff with their prices and comes with an attitude!

  12. I must say that I love the plate you found at Bealls Outlet! The colors are so pretty...the green, golds and browns. Love the price too! Nancy


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