Apr 8, 2010

Thrifty Make It Yourself Baby Shower

Where I live there seems to be a baby shower or bridal shower or something REAL often in our church or within our circle of friends that we help with a lot. When I say we...I mean me and my friend Janice. We've been friends for 100 years....well for about 43 years or so...close to 100! Most of the time we are teaming up together to help with a shower or at least loaning stuff out to others and the story could go on an on. For this baby shower we tried to look for thrifty ways to keep the budget very reasonable and yet have a cute shower. I think we pulled it off! 

My friend took boxes, wrapped them in wrapping paper, tied a ribbon on them and hung them with fishing line from the ceiling. She used the letters of baby's name to put on each box. She printed the letters out and then cut them out and glued them on. Didn't it turn out adorable?
She done the same thing with these boxes as well to sit on the table. We decided to use wrapping paper that she had found us a deal on at Target in the clearance bin. 
We then took a column that my hubby had made for me some years back and wrapped the column with the wrapping paper, took a plastic table cloth and made the bow...wrapped up another box with the left over plastic table cloth and placed the plastic bow on it so it looked like a gift and then pinned the dollar tree bears to the top!
 From a distance you could not tell the bow was a plastic table cloth. 
Then we took left over wrapping paper and cut it into squares and placed in the tables as a diamond shaped runner. 

Everything we used basically for the baby shower was made out of boxes, cut out letters, wrapping paper, ribbon and tableclothes. 

We even made the cake and floral pieces and used stuff for the floral pieces and corsage that we already had. 
And our little mom to be was pleased! 
Something doesn't have to cost an ARM & A LEG to be cute as a button!
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  1. Everything turned out so cute! The cakes look fabulous!!!

  2. Who would have THUNK using a plastic table cloth for a bow!!!! The decorations turned out simply cute and I love the floral pieces used on the cake. Too cute Miss Cindy.

  3. Such creative and thrifty ideas that turned out beautifully. And that is some fancy cake that you made!

  4. What a cute idea with the boxes with name! I love a thrifty shower.....keeps the cost down for the hostesses. Good idea here! May have to steel it I mean borrow it!

  5. awww, everything looks so cute! Ya'll did a great job.
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on the headboard bench. Some are easier than others. This one was somewhat of a challenge.
    This is the second time I've gotten "freebies" at HD. It never hurts to ask!

  6. Love this idea!!
    It looked beautiful Cindy!!

  7. So cute and creative!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Love the blog.Great projects. Found your blog from House of Hepworths blog roll.

  9. Beautiful shower inspiration! But your kids are just gorgeous! Linda

  10. Thank you so much for visiting Goldilocks Creations. Very happy that you did since I now have the chance to explore your lovely blog!
    I absolutely LOVE the boxes with the name on it! Such a beautiful shower. I will have to "borrow" some of your ideas for my friends shower I am hosting this summer. Cassie

  11. Oh, how cute and adorable. You two gals are amazing. And look at the happy mama-to-be. How sweet!

  12. What a great job!! And the frugality of it makes it even cuter!! You guys should be very proud of yourselves, you really thought outside the box and made it personal, cute, and thrifty!

  13. Wow Cindy! You know how I love the thought of upcycling and you took it to a whole 'nother level. Hee-hee. What great idea's you guys had. Who knew you do so much with a plastic tablecloth. And that cake is huge and looks so pretty and yummy. That was one lucky Mommy to be.

    Thanks for coming by and checking out the aprons and of course for your sweet comments, gotta love them. It means so much to know that your praying for me.

    Hugs and love, Tracy :)

  14. I love how you decorated everything, especially the pillars! Our Lord blessed you with a wonderful talent Cindy! ~Deb

  15. So very creative!! I will have to keep some of these ideas in mind and translate them into bridal shower ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    You are an encouragement to me!


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