Apr 12, 2010


I just love Tuesdays with Linda over at Coastal Charm. Be sure to check her out and all the other wonderful "Thrifty" stuff.  http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com I don't even know where to start with my GREAT FINDS! The weather here has been PERFECT for yard sales! *Click on the pictures and they will be larger*

Found these adorable little Avon Bunnies for 50 cents each! As you can see on the bottom of one cutie it says 1981 and the other was made in 1982. They will be adorable next Easter. 
This wooden bowl was a steel for 25 cents! I love it. Going to get me some wood cleaner and bring back the natural finish of this piece and on my dining room table it will go!
Isn't this adorable? $1.00....

And you all know cause I've told you probably 100 times already...I am hosting a Lemonade party for some young moms from church in May. This next little set will go perfectly with my theme and colors....Love it! The lady wanted $3.50 for it but gave it to me for $3. Hey, 50 cents saved is 50 cents..right?

And  I was a little SHOCKED at how cheap this REAL SILVER Tea pot with matching creamer and sugar dish was...she only wanted $8.00 for all 3. I offered her $4 and she took it....Just needs a "dipping" and it'll be good to go! 
I really did think was was awesome. On the bottom of the pieces it says, "Silver overlaid on Copper". 

And I guess you could say I was in DISH Heaven when I spotted these babies! 

She has a place setting for 12.....FOR $10.00.........Plus a large serving bowl!

My friend Paige who owns Three Palms Resale said these dishes came out about 15 years ago and was sold by "place settings" in Winn Dixie. So....I done a little investigating. Best I could find out, 15 years ago you could get a place setting-service for one for $4.99. Well, I found the plates on EBAY...
for $7.99 per plate!!!!!
 Don't know about ya'll but I came home with all sorts of goodies and some pieces fairly valuable for less than $20! 
I would venture to say my YARD SALE SHOPPING was successful! Oh is this ever so addictive!
Oh I do have to show you this nice, thick Grill cover. Still in the box for $5. Needless to say my sweet little husband was proud of me! He doesn't mind me shopping at yard sales, thrift stores, or etc. as long I bring him something HE REAllY NEEDS     I means wants! +
Guess I did go over my $20 budget with the grill cover....But hey, worked out good. I got a nice thick juicy grilled hamburger out of the deal that afternoon!

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  1. Oh such great finds...I found the matching Avon bunny mugs (4) and cream and sugar at Goodwill..got all for $ 3.oo I wonder if they made a teapot?? LOL..to ebay I go!

    Thanks for visiting...

    Miss Bloomers

  2. What great finds...especially the tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer - they are beautiful!

  3. Wow, you made out like a bandit. Love the dishes!

  4. What fantastic deals you got. That silver tea set for $4.00. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. $8.00 was already too low. A set like that is sooooo much more in the flea markets I have been going to.

  5. How cute are your finds. I think I found the avon bunny holding the candle in a thrift. Love those dishes!!!!

  6. Cindy,
    You found some great items...my fav is the silver set for $4.00...awesome price!


  7. Who could resist such cute bunnies!!

  8. Wow...Awesome finds! My favorites are the wooden bowl and the grill cover! Still a little early up here for yard sales, but love them thrift stores!

  9. Wow...you hit the jackpot at the garage sales. It is addictive isn't it? My husband is nervous now that it is garage sale weather....he says I have too much stuff already :-)
    I love the silver tea set and the dishes!

  10. Great finds! I love finding great deals! You saved a ton of money! That bbq cover was a steal too!

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. I think you aced it Miss Cindy with the grill cover for your husband! Matter of fact, that really is a steel! Do you know what they cost?
    I love the bunnies! So adorable. And they are so old! Ha! Angela

  12. Oh my gosh. I had this whole set of Avon bunnies as part of my tablescape for Easter. Included which you don't have are a planter, candle holders, vase and bell. Lovely.

  13. My favorite of all your finds is the silver tea set. It is so beautiful and will be really nice once you shine it up!

  14. I just love the little bunnies! So cute. Cassie


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