Feb 5, 2012

Nana Day with the grandbabies

I had all four of my grands Friday and we had a Valentine craft day, made heart shaped brownies and had ice cream and well, done a little bit of everything! The great thing was that we were not on a time schedule, if we felt like brushing our hair we did and if we didn't...oh well! If we got dirty playing and chocolate on us from the brownies we didn't care! All that will wash out but the memories will be there forever! Grands are 7, 5, 4, & 8 months old. Needless to say...this NANA fell asleep on the couch after everyone went home!!!!
Let the crafts begin!

These two cousins are 20 months apart. One minute they loved each other and the next minute...well, lets just say they would have disagreements! 

 The oldest grandchild is 7 and such a little mama to the others. 

 Yeah, we had glue everywhere! But nothing that GoGone want take off! Love that stuff!

I think I have swept up enough of beads and etc. to have another day of crafts!

While some of the crafts are drying it is time for a break! A pillar fight breaks out with two of grands....YEP, my pillars off my couch!

The baby is so excited just watching them play!

This little craft was dry so we had to get a picture! Even the baby had her own craft!

It is time to make the brownies!!!!

Everybody had to have a part in the brownie making. One cracked the eggs, one added oil and water and one had to do the mixing!
And then the fun part began!!!!! LICKING THE BEATER...AND THE SPOON! 

All I know is THANK the Lord for Spray and Wash!

Time for a little outside play!
 And the 4 year old granddaughter has managed to have a stray dog come to her house so she too found her way to Nana's! 
Her name is Rapunzel by the way! 
Of course Mom and Dad are hoping Rapunzel's owners will claim her soon!
This little one doesn't care what any of them of them are doing. She is just before going to sleep! And she does and sleeps for one hour "just a swinging".  
 Time for more crafts!

Time for a picnic on the porch!

Time to show off some crafts and have brownies and ice cream.

I hope you have enjoyed our Valentine Craft day with us. We sure had lots of fun! 
It is the little things in life that bring the greatest pleasure!
Hugs and blessings,


  1. Cindy, how much fun you all must have had!!! They look like they are all having a blast! Love the heart shaped brownies. My kids would love those. What wonderful memories they are all making too!!!

  2. You have beautiful grandchildren. It looks like everybody had a great time.

  3. Awe...such fun! You are such a good Nana! Love the one of the baby with the beater!!!! Kasey B

  4. Oh, Ms. Cindy, you are one special Nana. One of these days, when our little girlie gets here, we're gonna have a day like this. I do make cookies with the boys....and they LOVE that!! I'm so happy that we're blogging friends....wish we could meet face t0 face...but, one of these days we will!!! ;-) Love you....Deb

  5. That was so cute.. Looked like LOTS of fun:):):) Babies are growing!
    Christy Nowlen

  6. Hi Cindy! You're so blessed to have these darling little grands! I'm sure many sweet memories were made! I can just taste the goody from those beaters! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Your just the best, most fun grandmother ever!! What a fun day. Love all the crafts and the brownies look sinfully good!! The children are all adorable..what fun memories you are making for them!!

  8. Thanks for sharing!
    Tooooo cute!
    We had 3 of our 4 yesterday afternoon.felt like a tornado.but O how much fun and memories!!!
    Yes, and to bed early we did go!
    Terri Hair

  9. What a fun day you created for your adorable little ones! I think Rapunzel is happy...
    I like your brownie pan, Cindy!
    Hugs, Beth

  10. Looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing. Love you bunches! Stephanie Crawford

  11. Your grands are adorable! Looks like so much fun. Hopefully one day I will have grands!

  12. That really looked like so much fun. I'll be glad when my Macey is a little older and we can cook and garden together. Rapunzel looks a little thin. Her owners may not ever come get her. Animal Control will come get her and if she is adoptable (and she certainly seems to be) they will get her healthy and find her a home. Unless you are just going to adopt her. I would. I have four and three were strays that adopted me!!!!

  13. What beautiful grandchildren! Loved seeing your fun day with them. And I understood your nap after they went home! Been there - done that myself!


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