Mar 1, 2012



Mardi Gras Tablescape...Love this!

DIY Mason Jars! Ooh, I like!

Oh it don't get any better than ham and white beans and a hunk of corn bread!

Such a cute idea for a table setting and looks easy peasy to whip up.

Burlap is becoming a new favorite of mine!

This is such a cute gift idea!
Cake in a jar!

Don't throw away your cans! 
Such a cute idea!

Can I say YUMMO!
Cheese and Bacon dip!

Is this the most adorable little hair-do ever?

Oh yes I do love these shoes!

And I love this just so happens to be my birthstone!

So pretty....

This is what I call...In my dreams...but this Outside fireplace would be so great!

One of the best books I've ever read! Gives you a whole new perspective on LIFE in general.

And I leave you with this...

I hope you have enjoyed my Friday Favorites. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Love the last "sign", too. I'll be visiting from time to time. And, yes, I'll still be checking e-mails!!! HOPE you have a great weekend!

  2. WOW! Some great stuff Miss Cindy. I have read that book, Just like Jesus, and it is one of the best books. I must say the dip looks yummy. And somehow I can see you prissing around in those cute shoes! Thanks for sharing your Friday Favorites. I always look forward to it. Nita B

    1. Thanks Nita! I so would wear those shoes you know! Ha!

  3. Hi,Cindy. I love Pinterest but have so little time for it, that your posts are all the more enjoyable. You always seem to pick things that I would pick. Thanks for the shortcut! :) ~Zuni

    1. Glad you enjoy my Friday Favorites. I love browsing on Pinterest. I have gotten some really great ideas from there. Now if I only had the time and money to do some of those ideas!!!

  4. Isn't Pinterest the most fun. I have spent way too much time there lately. You've captured some great pictures. A girl can sure dream, can't she?
    I love the last one. Infact I'm "pinning" it now.
    I will put that book on my must read list too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really enjoy your Friday favorites..I am still trying to get the hang of Pinterest (and the time) but with your blog I feel like I can still get some cool ideas...thanks

  6. The mason jars are a must try! Cute idea! Connie Royals


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