Mar 21, 2012

Thrifty Thurday

Join me today as I join Leigh for Thrifty Thursday over at

Ooh, I love it when I get a deal! Isn't this just pretty? Found this at Ross for $4.99!

I couldn't pass this up! Thrift store for $2.99

Love my little fat bird! Isn't she adorable? Got her at TJ Max for $3.99

A basket with flowers for $1.00??? Another Thrift store find and it matches the colors in my kitchen!

This had to be one my favorite finds. It is as you can tell a wall lantern. However, I cleaned it up and this cutie now sits on top of my frig for now. Really like this piece. Another Thrift store find for a mere $2.99.

This picture doesn't do this gold box justice. It is really pretty. Thrift store for $1.99

Love it when I find goodies like this for .75 cents. It was designed to hold a candle on a hanger...

but here is what I done with it...LOVE IT!

It is hard for me to pass up material. Especially when I got enough to do a pair of PJ shorts for one of grands and cover a chair bottom for .99 cents.

Two mirror frames for .75 cents.

and was perfect for my Easter Tablescape...

My little friend here was $1.99. Love him!

 Yeah, I am beginning to really like birds! Found this cutie at the Apple Barn in Tn. for $2.98

Love baskets...any shape or size. Found this one at Marshalls for $3.99. It now sits on top of my kitchen cabinets.

I have been looking for a long skinny rug to go in front of my fireplace but could never find one the color I wanted. Spotted this at Ross and it just so happen to be the colors I wanted and for $11.99 I couldn't pass it up!

Spotted this other pretty rug and the price on it was originally $19.99 with a markdown to $12.99 and then another markdown to $9.99. It had one little tore place on the back of the rug so being part of the Gypsy I think I am I asked if they could take more off the rug....All they can say is NO...right? Well, they said, YES we will. Walked out of Ross with this rug for $2.99. If I am lying I am dieing!!!!! Needless to say my middle daughter Melissa spotted it and since she has bought a new house she just seems to think it will work perfectly in there!!!! (Some things never change)

 Spotted these glass eggs at a place in Tn. At first I thought they had to be paper weights because they were so heavy. I used them as part of my Easter tablescape. They were 50 cents each!

Adorable gravy boat with ladle for $2.99. It now sits on my Bakers Rack and looks oh so cute. 

While shopping in a Christian Bible Book store in Tn I saw this adorable this soldier. I just had to have him for $1.99. I am currently teaching a ladies class on Wednesday nights called, "Your Strong Suit" which is teaching us the Armor of God. I wanted this little soldier so I could see him to remind daily that in order to defeat Satan and his enemies I must put on my ARMOR! 

I hope you have enjoyed my deals with me today! Be sure to check Leigh out at and pop in on some of her guests to see their Thrifty finds!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Great thrifty finds!! I love that fat bird! too cute!!

  2. are a great little thrifty shopper Miss Cindy. I really love your fat little bird too! I am crazy about baskets as well and I love the pretty glass eggs! I need that rug..that long skinny one! Might have to visit Ross! Connie Royals

  3. Love all your finds. I can't decide which is my favorite.I am so excited that spring is here and yard sales will be starting. Going to try to hit a few every Friday to see what I can find. Love thrifting!

  4. Love all your finds. DOn't know which one I like best! So excited that it is yard sale time. Can't wait to go thrifting at them on Friday's.

  5. I like little birdies, too. I think I got that from my Mamaw who passed away last May! :'( The next time your in this neck of the woods....I'll show you some great thrift stores around here!!! How's that for an offer?!?!?

  6. Love the great finds you have gotten. Really like that old lantern. You could really decorate that up nice if you wanted to. I too like the birds especially your little fat one! She is cute! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. Nita B

  7. Cindy,
    Love all your finds! You really got some great deals. I don't know which I like the best.

  8. how i love it all! Girl, we were twins before the Lord gave us life!!! I love all your finds....and the thrift stores, (as long as i have some extra cash) are my weekly fun! i know all the good ones from here to the beach! too funny... i love what you did with the frames! so so cute! and the colors of your kitchen, are the colors in my bedroom (yellow/goldish and maroon) . if i had your number, i'd send you a picture of the kitchen barstools i got at the goodwill at the beach! you won't
    believe it! well, a fellow thrift store and yard saler would believe it! not one thing wrong with em! ttys...Richelle Startling

  9. Oh my goodness Cindy. You are quite the Thrift shopper. I need to go shopping with you.
    I love birds, but my favorite of your finds was the little glass that you covered a bird with. Well, the little soldier was pretty great too.


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