Apr 9, 2012


It's time to toot this week... I love all the things I see on Pinterest and I keep saying that I am going to "Make one" just like the one I see. However I never get around to it. My friend Sherry did though and she done an excellent job. Here is what she saw on Pinterest....

Here is Sherry's version.

Didn't she do an awesome job? I love it! Thanks Sherry for letting me share this. 

My oldest granddaughter Raygen will be 8 on the 16th but we celebrated her birthday a little early as she will be in Disney for her birthday. She picked out the birthday cake she wanted from this little book I have called "Cakes for Kids". Here is what she picked out...

Here is my version of it......

Not too shabby unh? She loved it! 

I was so excited when I found out I won this set of Erasable Ceramic Place Cards from Ginger's Blog, Savannah Granny. You can go here to see the post and to check out Ginger's blog http://savannahgranny.blogspot.com/2012/01/and-winner-is.html

Ooh I just love them...

My friend from church, Sarah, made this cute bunny cake! Her precious mama makes this cake every year and this year Sarah wanted to try her hand at it for her family and to keep up the family tradition. Isn't it adorable?

Just gotta show you my adorable apron my friend Vicky made for me! 

Look at the bottom of the apron? Love the bottom of the apron...

Yep, this is tile...like the kind you buy to make a backsplash...found this pretty shape and color for 25 cents each...Decided it would be cute to use as a Coaster....slap some felt on the back and wala!

I decided to have just a couple of ladies over for an Easter brunch and I decided this at the last minute...which is so not me! I don't normally do things on the spur of the moment so I felt quite sure this was a God thing! I fixed us a little Ham quiche...

A Potato and cheese casserole and a sauage and cheese casserole.

Some fruit...

Heavenly Hash Salad

Chocolate Chip Cookies

And I got to use my ceramic place cards. (Thanks again Ginger)

Meet my 3 guests....one on the left is a co/bible study teacher, friend for a long time and Georgia Bulldog buddy. In the middle is my sister. On the right is a long time friend that we go back many moons.

They weren't here long and God's plan was revealed. Though we all know these things already it was nice to be able to share.
Tanyia on the left is caregiver for her father. Elaine on the far right is a caregiver for her sister and my sister and I cared for our elderly grandparents for many years....We all could relate in some way or another the ups and downs, the good times and bad times, the crying and the laughing of caregiving. AMAZING at how our Lord knows what we need when we need it! We just needed to be able to share and be encouragers.

My guests carried home a simple little treat to remind them of Easter and that we can rejoice in friendship...

 And Elaine brought me these lovely flowers that now sit in my kitchen window.

I hope you have enjoyed my Tuesday Toots! 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Well I have never been in a blog before! Could you not have edited out the fat roll around my middle? Especially since I was sitting by your skinny sister! LOL So glad God loves us just the way we are and puts people in our paths to minister to us just when we need it.

    Thanks so much for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hosting us that day. I know I needed it! Love you, my friend!

  2. Girl, could you not have edited out the fat roll from around my middle? You can do magic with a camera! Thanks so much for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I needed that morning out in a bad way! Love you, my co-teaching, long time, Bulldog friend!

  3. How adorable is that planter and cake! You girls done an awesome job at doing a copycst! I know your friends and sister enjoyed the brunch and the food looks yummy! Wish I had some about 11 am tomorrow. How sweet and what a blessing to be able to share with one another. Nita B

  4. I know how it is to be a caregiver and to take time to be with others who do the same is a blessing. I only wish I could still be a caregiver to Amber :)
    Loved all the pics! I need to make me a planter. I have pots stacked like the pic but I need to paint mine.
    My girls and I made a bunny cake like the pic for Easter years ago. Your butterfly cake is adorable! You did a great job. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

  5. Love your apron...and all the things you served at your brunch!!! Glad you had such a great Easter weekend!!!

  6. I am SO honored to be part of your blog! I can't tell you how blessed I was while making my Mama's bunny cake and how proud she made me feel when she saw it Saturday!

    Love you Cindy!

  7. Your brunch looked wonderful, its' so nice to have friends that can encourage each other. We all need that don't we?
    You did a great job on the cake and I loved the planter

  8. I love the Home Sweet Home flowers!! Great idea and very homey. Your cake is FABULOUS!! Your granddaughter must have been thrilled with her cake and hope she has a great time at Disney! Happy Birthday to her! Wonderful place cards and beautiful bunny cake! Your friend Vickie made a wonderful apron. It has STYLE! Your blog is great today. I loved meeting your friends and sister and that you all are a great encouragement to each other. Praise be to God for KNOWING us and our needs.
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I hope to have something posted later this morning.
    God Bless you!

  9. Have enjoyed everything about your post today Miss Cindy! I know your grandbaby was thrilled with her cake especially since it looked just like the one she wanted. Everything on your blog today has been a blessing to read and look at. Connie Royals

  10. Congrats on winning those wonderful ceramic markers, Cindy. I see that you put them to use right away. I have some similar ones and use them a lot for identifying foods I serve on buffets.
    Happy birthday to your lovely granddaughter. The cake looks awesome and you look so pretty in your adorable apron...Christine

  11. Cindy. First of all, I am so glad you liked your winnings and I am glad you got to use them. They looked great on your table.
    God does work in mysterious ways. It was a blessing that you were able to be there for one another. That is why fellowship with our Christain friends is so important. We tend to support and encourage each other to see Christ and to accept His leadership.
    Love all your toots. The cake looks yummy and I love the coaster idea.
    Have a blessed week. Ginger

  12. Hi Cindy...

    I just read the sweet note that you left for me and came right over! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments and the invation to join your Friday Favorites party! I sooo enjoyed your visit, sweet lady! Thank you!

    I also enjoyed this sweet post of yours! Ohhh...I love the pretty ceramic placecard holders that you got from Ginger...very pretty! They looked lovely on your beautiful table! It sounds like you had a wonderful time fellowshipping with friends! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Warmest spring wishes,

    PS...I have added your Friday party link to my post. Now...if I don't forget to sign up! Hehe!

  13. Cindy, I love your new apron!! So pretty! Hey, I was in Bulldog Country and just got back. So nice! The cake for your granddaughter looks amazing! I also like your friend's take on the the tiered planter. I've made one like that too but w/ our address on it. I like the Home Sweet Home idea.

    Your brunch looked so yummy and it's nice you ladies had such a great day together!


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