Apr 17, 2012


It is Time to Toot again! Ooh got some tooting to do too! Just got to toot a little about my friend Vicky. She is so talented and gifted in many ways.  Her special gift is her friendship to me....

She just recently made some adorable wreaths. She saw one on Pinterest which just so happen to be one that Yvonne from Stone Gable made...which was so pretty...take a look.

Vicky really liked it so here is her version (Yvonne will be proud)

She made this wreath to place on the grave of her daughter Shelby for Easter. Soooo pretty!

Then another one for her Uncle....

I think it would be safe to say the WOMAN can make her a wreath!

Ooh and look at this darling dress she made for her niece. Love the colors.

Wished I was big small enough I'd borrow it!!!! 

Oh, I won a book! It pays to blog girls! Won this book from A Season For All Things...

Such a sweet Christian lady that I have enjoyed getting to meet. 

Isn't this wedding cake lovely? 

 My niece Stephanie made this.

My Easter tablescape is put away so now it is time to decide on another tablescape.  Decided I would do something simple, fun and festive. For now I'd just like to share my centerpiece I made.

Will share more my fun and festive tablescape later.

And it was my oldest grandchild's birthday on April 16th. She turned 8. I have been teaching her a few sewing skills like knotting the thread after threading the needle and how to sew on a button. She has taken an interest in sewing. She mentioned to me that she would like to have a sewing machine! NEED SHE SAY MORE? 

So for her birthday we got her a sewing box with all sorts of goodies inside and then.......

Needless to say she was thrilled!

 Of course her brother is looking on as if to say, "This isn't a very good toy!".  LOL

Has she been sewing? Oh yes!!!!! Was Nana the winner? OH YES! 

I hope that you have enjoyed my Tuesday Toots. Don't forget to pop over tomorrow for Wednesday in the Word....

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. I enjoy your Tuesday Toots Miss Cindy. The wreaths are beautiful and what a cute little dress! I love that cake. But I must say that the expression on your granddaughter's face is priceless! Looks like she was one happy little girl with her new sewing machine. Can't wait to see your fun table!!!! Nita B

  2. What a true talent...gorgeous wreaths and the dress is adorable!!

  3. Oh, the picture with your friend is so good....and she's so very talented!!! Yes, you did well with your gift for your GRANDdaughter!!! As for the book by Frank Peretti....I've bid on one several times on e-bay but didn't win. I think I've read every one of his novels. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and just go to Lifeway and purchase it up!!! HOPE you have a great day...looking forward to your wisdom tomorrow!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Cindy! The precious excitement that was caught on your granddaughter's face is priceless! A little creative blogger in the making. Thanks for sharing that... it made me smile from my soul to my lips and to my fingertips!
    And thanks for the lovely shout-out! You friend Vicky made some beautiful wreaths! Why isn't she blogging?
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Nice toots today! Love it all. I love the colorful centerpiece you've made. Awe...a sewing machine for the grand! Oh that will be fun for her. Enjoyed the Toots today. Connie Royals
    P.S. I want to read that book!

  6. Thanks friend! I started that young with an interest in sewing. Great age to begin. One day, I may be teaching my granddaughter how to sew.

  7. Your friend is so talented ...love the wreaths and the dress. The cake your niece made is gorgeous as well.
    Your granddaughter's face is adorable and I know you are going to have lots of sewing time with her!

  8. Amazing wreaths and how awesome you won a blog give-a-way. It sooo pays to blog!

    BTW what a way to start 'em young. I bet your grand daughter loves her sewing machine! I wish I had learned to sew at her age instead of struggling thru it at my age now.


  9. Loved meeting your friend and seeing her gorgeous wreath. Your granddaughter's thrill with your gift was such a treat to see! I am thinking of doing something similar for our granddaughter who just turned nine. We are beginning to learn to sew - a machine of her own would be a great gift. Congratulations on winning the book. I won a book recently and loved knowing it was from a blog friend.

  10. Miss Cindy, I love the toots but adore your fun colorful centerpiece. I am a sucker for lily's though. Selena Guest

  11. Loved all your toots today. Those wreaths are beautiful. What a talented and good friend you have. The cake is drop dead gorgeous. Your neice should be very proud of herself. And your cute grandkids pouring over the sewing gift just warmed my heart. How neat it is that your teaching your cute granddaughter to sew. She will thank you forever for that. Also I want to THANKYOU for the sweet shout out about my Chocolate Pecan Pie post. You are SO kind and thoughtful and I do appreciate you so much Cindy. Am just so glad we have become blogging friends.

    Big Hugs,


  12. Haven't visited site in a while since I get your posts via email as well. Love the new look. And the look on Raygen's face is so precious! Does that child look like her mother or what?????

  13. Many moons ago, Vicky taught me to sew. An old dress pattern and a floral print sheet! Yeppers. Made my 1st dress! Thanks, Vick!

    And I'll borrow that book if you don't mind!

  14. Hi Cindy! OH, my, your friend is very talented in making those lovely wreaths! :) The cake is just amazing! Wow! Too pretty to cut up! :) Now the sewing is just about to begin. How fun.
    Glad you liked my fashion plates. Yes, you could wash the fronts but just not get the backs wet!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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