May 22, 2012


Tootin time! My oldest granddaughter Raygen had her very first piano recital. PROUD NANA!

She was excited and nervous.........

She played "Stand up, stand up for Jesus".

We are so proud of her! Just think...she may be playing in our church one day!

Remember last week when I shared some pre-birthday pictures of our youngest granddaughter Kyleigh? Party time was Saturday and look at this face!

 She loved the cake needless to say...

She had fun with her cousin Ty

Isn't he a cutie? Look at those eyes!

We've had some busy days at the Conner home.
Next off to celebrate my nephew's graduation party!

Hope you enjoyed my TOOTIN this week. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy...

    Ohhh certainly looks like you have been busy, my friend! A big congrats to your sweet granddaughter for her first piano recital! That is AWESOME! What a pretty and sweet little girl! Loved the photo of your granddaughter and birthday cake...too cute!

    I just read your sweet note and wanted to come over to say hello and see how you are doing. You asked about where I have been. I've just been "out of pocket" due to major dental work. painful! I'm doing better now and hopefully can get back to my blogging! So glad that you stopped by, sweet lady! I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes!

    Love ya,

  2. What a collection of photographs.
    Obviously when its the first time she is bound to be nervous, but will get over it in no time to play confidently.

  3. There is absolutely nothing in the world like GRANDbabies!! The girls are that little dirty face!!! Congrats to your nephew, too!!!

  4. Awe Miss Cindy...the pictures of your granddaughters are adorable! LOVE the cake on the face!!! I know you must be proud of your little piano player! Such a special time for your family. Love all the family photos and congratulations to your nephew on his big day. Nita B

  5. Hi, Cindy. Thanks for commenting on our screened porch--I hope you have one some day. But a Cracker Barrel porch is a wonderful compliment! :) That baby sure enjoyed that cake! And the recital girl is so sweet. Great family pictures.

  6. HI Cindy! You're so blessed with all of these lovely ones! I know you're very proud.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  7. they are all so cute!raygen looks so sweet in her pretty dress, and the babies-darling faces!

  8. Lots of wonderful blessings and events!! It is nerve wracking doing those recitals, my daughter still gets nervous every time!
    Babies are adorable and congrats to the grad on the new car!


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