May 22, 2012


I've been reading out of the book of Isaiah.

 Love that book in the Bible. I try real hard to read at least one Proverbs and one Psalm a day...not every day I am sorry to say but do try. But during my lunch time recently I felt so led to begin reading the book of Isaiah beginning with the first chapter. When I am doing a chapter by chapter read I always try to use what I call the Max Approach. I love me some Max Lucado! I have many of his books and a few of his studies and I in awe at how God uses him. His approach with most everything he writes is; Situation, Observation, Inspiration, and Application

Read: Isaiah 1: 1-31

Max Approach:

Situation: SIN ABOUNDING among the people. God vowed not to listen to their prayers because of their sin but assured them that He would restore them AFTER the purging if their sin.  

Observation: God is a loving and patient God. He offered FORGIVENESS if they repented.

Inspiration:  It seems that God's favorite Word is COME! Come to me.....

Application: To repent means to be remorseful for your sin. 

These versus in chapter one of Isaiah jumped out at me.
Isaiah 1: 16-17
Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil. Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor, Depend the Fatherless, Plead for the widows.  
 Something to ponder on the rest of this week that spoke to me personally: Do you seek God in prayer with your requests yet you have sin in your life that you've not went to the Father about and asked forgiveness?

May we be so mindful to seek God and ask Him for His forgiveness of our sins and then turn from that sin. May we seek Him for a clean heart......

Hugs and prayers, Cindy 

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  1. Love your Max approach Miss Cindy! Nita B

  2. I've never heard of the Max Approach...but have now!! What a great analogy.

  3. Enjoyed your insights into this chapter. Seeking God each morning is where our strength for the day begins. I know He waits for me each morning to COME to Him.

  4. Oh I like Max Lucado too! He really has a gift from the Lord on insight! Love your version of Max Approach!
    I too like the book of Isaiah! Matter of fact that book is a regular read. I usually read one OT and one NT a day. (But I do no more than 6-8 versus in each chapter) Takes me longer to "get it". Ha!
    Thanks for sharing lady. Connie Royals

  5. Good for you! I always have good intentions of reading my scriptures daily, but I just don't follow through. You have inspired me!

  6. I too like the book of Isaiah. After seeing this post I went and read the first chapter of Isaiah. It seemed that the jest of that chapter was God beckoning His people back to Him. Isn't that how He is with us? Wants us to come back to Him and be in right fellowship. Thanks for this post. Selena Guest

  7. I love Max Lucado too. That's a great approach to have when trying to understand the lesson being taught. I learned the other day that even though we may not feel God, He is as close to us as our breath. When I heard that, I closed my eyes; I could imagine Him before me and my heart felt so warm. When we feel neglected or distanced from Him, He says that He is really as close as our breath. That's so comforting.
    I enjoy your lessons so much!


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