Jun 5, 2012


Just a few toots today! This is Random tooting today! LOL! Made a couple of yard sale purchases. Didn't have long to yard sale so only stopped by a couple. Found these cute little ducks and knew I had to have them.

Aren't they cuties...I think they are real cute for only 50 cents for both! Went right on in the Whitetail Room! Will share pictures of that later....

A whole box of greenery for $1.00. I thought I heard her wrong and asked a 2nd time....YEP...take it all and the box for a $1.00 she said. 

This is a candle holder of course without the candle. But know I could use it somewhere for 25 cents I just needed it....LOL!

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you my beautiful Biscotti Jar? 

Well I just so happened to be featured over at The Thrifty Grove.....check it out....

My daughter Kristy found a Biscotti Jar too. This one didn't have the lid but she loved it and has it in her kitchen.

The thing about Biscotti Jars is there is not one that is alike and they all are hand painted. I think they are beautiful! They can be very pricey. We felt we got them for a steel at $7.99 each at a Thrift Store. 

And I must toot about my wins! I was thrilled to find out I was the winner of two different things from two different blogs last week! Girls, it pays to blog. 

Patti from http://ppandorasbox.blogspot.com
was offering a set of 250 stickers....I WON!!!!

And then low and behold I get a note from Tracy over at Cotton Pickin Cute http://cottonpickincute.blogspot.com/
and I have won this:

I've had some tooten to do didn't I? 

And if you think today that you have nothing to "toot" about just remember...
"This is the Day the Lord has made...let us be glad and rejoice in it".....that right there is worth tooten!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Wow you always find the best stuff! You do have a lot of tootin' to do!!

  2. Congrats on your great giveaway wins, Cindy!
    And on your new treasures! LOVE the biscotti jar!

  3. Great Thrifty buys there Miss Cindy. Especially the greenery. I went to purchase some greenery last week and just for a plain (not even full bush) was $10 and it really wasn't pretty! Lucky for you on the winning too! Nita B

  4. love those ducks. you did good on your treasure hunt

  5. Okay, you have me wanting a Biscotti jar for my kitchen. Those are gorgeous. I also love your ducks. Remind me of an old say my Grandma used to say "Lord love a duck."

  6. I haven't had a lot of time to yard sale this year with my Mom being sick. But...we're having one of our own this weekend and have some stuff I think you would like...wish you could stop by, but it's a few hundred miles away from you!!!

  7. congrats on the wins, and your great finds, cindy:)

  8. WOW! I would say you did get a deal on that greenery for sure! Love the little ducks though. When are seeing pictures of the "Whitetail Room"?!
    Congratulations on the wins too! I got a feeling you will use those labels for sure!!!! Selena Guest

  9. Lots of goodies to toot your tooter about!! Congrats on your
    wins..and BTW, I love those ducks!
    Blessings <))><

  10. Fabulous finds! Love those two little ducks ... they're holding their heads and looking at me from the blog like they've done something wrong. Kinda the same look my dog gives me ...



  11. I say just enjoying the beauty God has created for us is enough to make me toot! Congrats on your feature and wins. You certainly did deserve to toot!


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