Jun 12, 2012



Recently my two youngest granddaughters was flower girls in a family wedding, Of course the baby had to ride in style you know...So we borrowed a little red wagon and dolled it up.

Now I know that there is a much more simple way to doll up a wagon but you know a Nana has to go the extra mile...RIGHT? 

So, first things first...I had to get the wagon out on a ledge so I could work and SEE!

Then I had to make sure our little princess had something soft to sit on in that hard wagon! So out comes a little pink rug.

Now what to cover it with? Ooh...had some old white material I had used to make an angel costume out of once for my oldest granddaughter....It would work perfectly!

Praise the Lord for rubber bands....tied off the ends of the material with rubber bands so it would hold tight.

Then a 1000 yards of tulle was used! Well, not a 1000 yards but I felt like it when I was sewing with it!

I decided to make a hem as though I was making a curtain so I could thread my elastic through. Worked perfectly! Fit on that wagon like it was made for it!!!! (LOL)

Here are the results after dolling this cutie up! 

Adding ribbon, roses and pink tulle really gave the white tulle a pop don't you think?

Awe and look how sweet.....

My two youngest granddaughters.....

Hope you've enjoyed my toots today!Needless to say, outside of the bride herself these two little gals took the show! (LOL)

Hugs and blessings, Cindy



  1. Cindy, it turned out beautiful, just like our granddaughters. You are one talented lady! Thank you for all your help in making Brittany and Joe's wedding day perfect.

  2. Gorgeous! Oh, and the wagon was beautiful, too! Your granddaughers are precious - what fun to share together in a wedding. And such a nice 'carriage' to ride in!

  3. Lady you are so talented. Beautiful.
    Jackie C

  4. Miss Cindy, that is the cutest wagon EVER! But those little girls are beautiful! Love how the wagon turned out. I bet you hated taking off what you had done. I would have just set it up and looked at it for a while. (LOL) Selena Guest

  5. u done good! sooooooo cute!Richelle Starling

  6. The girls are adorable!

    I'm amazed at your creativity... WOW!

  7. WOW! That turned out so darling! But, the little cuties there just made it! Pictures are beautiful Cindy. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Connie Royals

  8. That is the cutest thing ever! The girls are precious.

  9. That is possibly the most cutest thing I have ever seen. Second only to the little ones riding in it. Makes me wish we had a wedding coming up. I'm pinning it so it will be there when I need it.

  10. Oh Cindy! This is precious!!!! You are so creative...and your granddaughters are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Oh how adorable, Cindy! Your grandkids are so precious and beautiful! And you are so creative, that tulled cart looks so pretty...Christine

  12. i just love your darling wagon, but, those faces steal the show, cindy!

  13. I wasn't sure where you were going with it at first ... but how darling for two darling little girls!

    I'm thinking tulle can hide a multitude of sins ...



  14. Now that's what I call talented creativity. I can't sew a stick but oh how I wish I could make such darling things for my grandchildren and family:)

    Those darlings of yours are simply adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the day with us Cindy. Congrats to the bride and groom!!!

  15. Oh my goodness... now I want one of those.... and I don't even need it for a wedding! lol Darling!!!


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