Jul 5, 2012



I can't resist showing a pretty tablescape!

Look at this adorable home made lemonade stand! Love it!!!!

I have just feel in love lately with homemade boxes, crates and etc. with lights or candles.

Chair ends into a bench! 

Great idea for the sewing room! Table Tray for ironing board!

Love this idea for the yard!

Check out this rice krispy cake!

Need a gift? This is a cute idea! Apron inside a mason jar
 with a recipe!

Indiv. 7 layer dip servings! One of the ladies in our Bible Study made these at one of our socials once and it was a big hit!

Well, it has been fun browsing for features to show off this week! So many talented folks out there!

And I leave you with this...

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Our son-in-law loves rice krispy cakes...that has his name written all over it. The lemonade stand is so cute...but I'll take that little girl!!! ;-) And, I love the sign....my soul has been singing a lot this week!!! HOPE you have a great weekend, my sweet friend!!!

  2. Miss Cindy, I so want that rice krispy cake! YUM! Love the idea with the arm chairs and making a bench. Love your Friday favorites. Nita B

  3. Cute ideas as always! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. All great ideas. My favorite by far is the lemonade stand or maybe the little girl with it. (Can you believe I'm missing my little ones so much) Love everything Between Naps on the Porch. Great idea for the dip...individuals.
    Got a lump in my throat reading the last one as that song went through my head.
    Thanks for a little mini Pinterest post. I haven't been there much recently.

  5. I really like the homemade boxes with lights too :) I wanted to try the 7 layer dip for Hayden's graduation party (I think I pinned it) but I forgot! Maybe I'll try it this weekend :) Much love !

  6. Cindy - I LOVE these posts of yours with so many terrific ideas. I just want to run out and do them all!! It's like having a professional Pinterest shopper for the best that's out there each week!!

    LOVE the quote at the end - Glory!

  7. Miss Cindy, what would we do without your wonderful Friday Favorites? Love! I am going to make that little 7 layer dip on Sat. with the cups! TOO cute of an idea! Connie Royals

  8. Great ideas, but what a great one for the 7-layer-dip!! Honestly, I can eat that with a spoon anyway. Thanks for stopping by as always:-) I hope you are doing well!

  9. That tablescape is wonderful.
    You must be having a lot of patience to sit and do these :-)
    All are so lovely and presentable.

  10. What fun ideas Cindy. Always enjoy seeing every ones talent.

  11. Hi Cindy, I love the flower box with the plates - so pretty! I used to bury some plates into the garden - later found out one of them was a Limoges - crazy me; those are to be cherished inside and used for decorating or tea time - not in the soil! lol
    I like the tablescape too - Susan always has amazing tablescapes! The little girl at the lemonade stand is adorable. Love the pink too.
    Hugs, Beth


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