Jul 23, 2012

TUESDAY TOOTS and Bunny Hop Party

I am joining Bunny Jean at http://bunnyjeansdecorandmore.blogspot.com/ so we can hop around and see all the goodies posted. It has been Yard Sale Time for me. I love the yard sale season. Though I must admit I take it by spells. Some times I may stop at every yard sale listed in my county and other times I only visit a couple. Lately I have made off like a bandit with only stopping at a few! Now to see my loot.....

Isn't this beautiful? 

There wasn't any dinner plates but there was 4 salad plates, 4 dessert plate, 4 saucers and 4 cups.(All for $5) Not to shabby huh?

Adorable Little Rooster! 50 cents

Salt and pepper shakes for 50 cents

Ice bucket for $2. I just love this!(with the scoop)

Two cute little white bowls for 50 cents

Of course since I decided to do a beach tablescape I just had to have this. Especially for 25 cents.

4 clear cups with saucers for $2

I thought this to be an unusual platter.

Look at the design! SEA SHELLS!!!!! And it goes so well with my beach decor for $1.00

8 Christmas Glasses for 25 cents each....YEP, $2 for the set of 8.

What do you think about my cute little basket for $1?

I almost passes this by until I saw a little humming bird on it and decided I just had to have it. $1.00

And who can pass up a nice, heavy glass platter? Especially when it is $1.00? Of course my Husband asked me what I needed with another glass platter? I have a whole shelf of beautiful glass platters....but I really needed this one too! LOL!

And last but not least an old colander for 25 cents! Now hubby can quit borrowing my stainless steel nice colander when he cooks outside! He has his own!

Sure have enjoyed tootin on the loot! Think I done pretty good don't you?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Love the colander and the salt & pepper shakers are very pretty!

  2. Great idea on the colander!! You found wonderful things as usual!! I have that same china that my MIL gave me--it was my husband's grandmother's china. Love it!

  3. I must say Miss Cindy that I really love the seashell platter! My 2nd fav has got to be the china. Lovely!
    Nita B

  4. If I didn't know better, I would think somebody bought stuff at our yard sale and took it to Florida to re-sell!!! ;-) You did good!!!

  5. Oh my, what a haul you scored!! That would keep me getting up early Saturday mornings to yard sale.
    Mary Alice

  6. I love it all. Don't you just love a good find. You really scored.

  7. Makes me want to go yard saleing. Don't know where I would put anything, but always love the thrill of the hunt. You found some great buys. I used to collect Moss Rose china. That is a fantastic buy. The Christmas Goblets would go with my dishes. I love the old colander. Who can't use another glass platter? Looking forward to seeing your beach tablescape.

  8. Wow! You scored big time! I love your loot, what great prices too. My favorite are the dishes and you can use a basic white dinner plate with them. Thanks for your greetings to my mom....Christine

  9. Such great finds!

    Visiting from the Bunny Hop.

  10. Great finds--I love the teacup--I have that one!

  11. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog & commenting, so nice to meet you!

    You found so many great treasures! What bargains!


  12. I think you did amazing! Lots of awesome treasures. and what great prices!

  13. What great bargains, Cindy! I have that same glass platter and it has divided dishes and a bowl in the center for dip, etc. It is on a lazy susan.

  14. Hi Cindy!

    You found a lot of great stuff this time! I would love to have found that shell platter and beachy candle. The platter looks kind of sandy... it will be nice for your beach tablescape.

    Thanks for sharing at my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop!

  15. Wow, you certainly have cheap garage sales where you live, I can't beleive those fabulous prices! We hardly have any sales around here and they are so expensive-well I really mean it is just junk priced too high-LOL. Have you made any of the cake or cookie stands with the clear glass plates and platters and candle sticks? I made a ton on my blog, they are fabulous for giving cakes and cookies as a gift, who wouldn't like to get a nice cake plate filled with goodies? I am your newest follower.

  16. Wow! Such a wonderful haul with bargain prices!I love the china set, the pattern is so pretty and for $5,it's a deal! And I like the beachy candle holder and platter, perfect for coastal tablescapes. Thanks for sharing and for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful week!~Poppy


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