Jul 3, 2012


Got several toots today I'd like to share with you. Coming back home from  a weekend trip to Ga. we stopped by a Dollar General or Family Dollar. (Can't remember which one it was) Had to have some coffee for that night!!!! 
Anyway.....not only did they have my coffee and but had a bin of items marked 50% off. 

 These little birdies was marked down to 50 cents each!

Isn't she lovely for $1.00?

This cutie was my fav....I think I paid $1.75 for this.

Couldn't pass this up either for a couple of bucks!

Grabbed this basket up in a hurry for $2.00

Of course I love me some Cracker Barrel and I always head straight for the clearance table!

Loved this light house and really loved it when it was marked down to $6

Here is how I displayed a few of my goodies.

Recently I showed you this small bakers rack that I
 got for $8.

Spray painted it yellow and now it displays some of my goodies on my front porch!

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Those were pretty.U got that thrifty eye! love ya

  2. Love all the treasures you found! I just want to know though where you store all this as you are constantly changing your decor. Or do you get rid of it?

  3. Love, love, love the buys then the decorating. You have given me some great ideas!


  4. Cute birdies! Love the yellow small bakers rack Miss Cindy and everything looks so cute on there. Love how you displayed the 1000 gifts! Happy 4th! Nita B

  5. LOL Cindy! You and your "toots"! What fun - and what a deal on your new porch spread!! You are a wealth of creative decor ideas on the cheap!

    ALso - have to comment on the post just before this - WHAT - the logs and greenery with lights in the crate??? YES - happening at my house this year. And, I happen to have ready access to lots of logs after the derecho hit us this week. My hometowon is a mess and power still out in many places, but there are logs aplenty for happier decorating days ahead!

  6. Love birds. Your display looks so pretty on your yellow rack. I have One Thousand Gifts on my Kindle. After seeing the book jacket, I wish I had purchased the "real book"

  7. Great finds....very pretty display!!! I love birdies, too!!! HOPE you have a great 4th of July!!!

  8. Love the small bakers rack on your porch! I really like the 3 little birds. They are so adorable. I am going to visit the dollar stores on Thursday. Maybe I can find some deals! Happy 4th Cindy. Selena Guest

  9. I love the rack spray painted yellow! Very cute display. Have a good 4th with your family. :)

  10. wow, you sure scored on that trip.
    love them all..

  11. Love all your little 'toots'
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th !

  12. Boy you really cleaned up with these finds...love them all

  13. Wow! I missed a couple of your posts....I love your little treasures. Birds always make life happy! I love what you did for your front porch. A little paint and a few cute items...VIOLA...A specal haven.
    Your the best, Cindy.


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