Jul 30, 2012


I get to toot today! YEAH!
Well I have had a couple of friends asking me about my chandi I bought at a yard sale for $3 and where I decided to put it. 
Of course the Lovely Grace from Growing Old with Grace gave me the idea and I feel in love with it.  Here is where I put my chandi.

I love it there. And you talk about really being pretty...I put some candles in it one afternoon and just as it was getting dark I lit them and my husband and I enjoyed watching the glow. 
(His first thought with the whole idea was, this is silly) that is until we got it in the tree and then he said, "well now ain't that about cute". (LOL) 
Here is where I originally got the idea from:
Here is her chandi... 
 I got my own piece of heaven going on by the pond. Don't you just love my red bird feeder on the red pole? Took a piece of PVC pipe, spray painted it red and used some nail glue to get the little red bird house to stay on top and wala!
Looks right cute beside my little bridge and plants don't ya think?
Love this old tea pot. Found this years ago at a yard sale and the gal wanted $10 for it. Which for this particular piece that was probably a steel as it is very old. However being the cheap frugal  person I am I offered her $5 and she took it. Done a little research on it when I got home. Found out this piece was def. a vintage piece and worth more than $5. Love it!
Who says you can't have a clock outside?
Had this little teapot clock for several years and thought, why not use it outside..."Think outside the box" right?
What is really a hoot is when hubby and I are outside and he will say, "Reckon what time it is? I will tell him, "Go look at the clock by the pond". Then we both laugh...yep, it doesn't take much to excite us! LOL!
Got to have a few pieces of dishes you know in my little spot of heaven.
 Join me sometime...we will have tea for two!

Good old clearance piece from Cracker Barrel. 

Don't you just love my little bridge. I have had this for years. Bought it at Big Lots. It has served many purposes for me.
Since I have taken these pics two of the plants have already been re-potted because of the growth. You should see them now! 
We have the cutest little humming birds. But I have found out those little cuties can be mean! They will actually run each other off from feeding! Fun to watch them though.
Another view of my chandi!
I hope that you have enjoyed my little piece of heaven with me today! 
 Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Oh Wow Cindy! You do have a little piece of perfection right there!! What a gorgeous pond and surroundings! That red bird feeder just pops and that chandi is too cool!! I like that your hubby came around to your thinking on that one!

  2. I love your chandi and I really love your little bridge. The entire area is so inviting, very pretty!

  3. its just like a little Fantasy world. I love what you've created out there..

  4. Love love love the chandi idea!

  5. I am in love with you clock outside and the chandi idea! WOW!
    Selena Guest

  6. Cindy, wow, I love everything and what great ideas!! That little bridge is adorable, why can't I find something like that?? Beautiful setting:-)

  7. I love your Heaven here on Earth too! I would sit and look at the chandy and watch the hummingbirds drink away.

  8. Your little piece of heaven is perfect. All the elements for a cozy place to enjoy the outdoors. Great little bridge and the red bird feeder is an inspiration. I always wanted to put a chandi on my back patio and hubby laughed at the idea too. Should show him yours. I would love to be able to sit in your garden and share a cup of tea.

  9. Well I must say I have never seen a chandi outside hanging from a tree! LOOKS AWESOME! I think you might have started a trend! Nita B

  10. You have a very pretty area! The chandy is perfect for a soft glow at night... can't get better than that!

  11. What a fun place! I love the way you've added sweet things to make everything so inviting!

  12. i would spend all of my time in your sweet garden, cindy! love the chandi--wish i had a tree to hang one outside:(

  13. What a cozy place to take a book and read!!! The chandy looks great hanging from the tree...and I love the idea for the bird feeder on the PVC pipe!!!

  14. Well I should say you can toot all you want too! Love the chandi in the tree! I must say though that I really love that bridge and what a cute idea with the bird feeder. Glad you shared this toot! Connie Royals

  15. Your little piece of Heaven is beautiful! Beulah Land!

    Love the little bridge, and the chandy and clock are great! Will you take them in when it rains/storms?

    Enjoyed it all! Neat finds!


  16. Thanks for taking my idea and improving on it! YOur chandi is wonderful! The clock idea is new to me, but a great one! I may have to give it a try!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  17. So cute Cindy, love the chandi in the tree, clever idea. I have been working with chandi pictures all day.


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