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{Fall Please Come To Florida}

Well I am LATE in making a post this week!  Marty and I took three days off to do a little bow hunting in those old Georgia Pines. Camo, lipstick and earrings is a must for this huntress! LOL! A girl still gotta look like a girl...even when hunting right?  We had a good time. I actually had a nice breeze in my tree stand. Though no harvest was bagged we just enjoyed being away. Some of the sweetest times for me with the Lord is while I am sitting in a tree stand.  Had the two youngest grandgirls for a couple of days and of course we had a tea party! And sprinkles...we have sprinkles on EVERYTHING !  I've really enjoyed making coffees, shakes and loaded teas. Dang, I am getting pretty good at this! LOL! Everything I have made has been healthy, low in calories. Well, maybe I did add a whip or two of whipped cream and chocolate syrup!  Y'all, I won all these books! I was so surprised to get an email from my friend Cheryl at telling me I had won!

Friday Favorites With Dawn

This gal has made it so easy for Friday Favorites. I'd like for you to meet Dawn Hoyle, owner of page book page called Simply Southern At Heart.
She shares decor, designs, recipes, and so much more on her facebook page. I sent Dawn a message to ask if I could introduce her on my Friday favorites and show off some of what she posts on her page. Of course she said yes but does want us to know that she does not own any of the pictures or recipes that she post. She finds the pictures on the Internet and from other favorite sites.

She actually needs no introduction....her FB page already has 16,033 likes · 58,145 talking about this. 
That could have changed already in the last minute!

Dawn said,  "I started this page as it is something that I love to do, it relieves stress and gives me happiness to see and share beautiful things.". 

Thank you Dawn for sharing with us. Google Simply Southern at Heart and check Dawn's page out! Love her daily show cases!  

Now here is a few things for my Friday Favorites from Dawn's Simply Southern at Heart.... 

Looks like Fall..........

 Brilliant idea. For a pretty design for your rolled out cookies use the bottom of a pretty glass with a design! NOW WHY DIDN'T I THING OF THAT!!!

Sweet Idea...

All the ideas using simple jars amaze me.

Another jar idea....

This is so stinking cute!

Oh my! Do I ever need want one of these!

 This cracked me up!

Be sure to visit Dawn on FB... Such a sweet gal.

Hey, by the you want to make new friends on the blog? Go over and visit my friend Debbie over at 
She has a linky going on and you can link up your blog and visit other blogs!She is need of Labor Day Ideas of "what to do and where to go"....Speaking of Labor Day Plans....what do you plan to do? We'll be celebrating with the kids and grandkids. Pool party and hamburger cookout!

Hope you've enjoyed our Friday Favorites today!

I leave you with is:

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. I "simply" (couldn't help myself) adore EVERYTHING that girl posts on FB. She sure does have some good taste!!! Thank you, sweet friend, for linking up and giving me a shout-out. I would love for this to grow and us make some new blogging buddies!! I still don't know what we're gonna do for Labor Day....except, Pappy is going in the morning to pick up yet another job application...we sure need prayers in that area of our lives!!! Love you dearly...and keeping your precious Kyleigh in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Love all the features. The dog one cracked me up too!
    Selena Guest

  3. such great ideas, and i love the dog!

  4. I follow Dawn on FB and just saw the doggie one the other day :)
    No plans yet for the weekend and it is our wedding anniversary!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Those cookies are such a great idea, I can't wait to try that!!!
    We are also celebrating the holiday with burgers and dogs on the grill. we will also be celebrating a birthday and it looks like the weather may just hold out. have a great weekend

  6. I love Simply Southern at Heart!! Always look forward to the next picture, Dawn and Aunt Betty amaze me with their finds!!

  7. I love the pillows on the swing. Makes me want to curl up and read a good book. Hope you have a great Labor Day. Heading out today for some yard sale and antique hunting.

  8. Got to check Simply Southern out now! One more thing I need to get interested in!!!! LOL! Love the features though. I really like that porch! Connie Royals

  9. WHat great ideas, Cindy! How I would love to have that swing with lots of pillows like that....Christine


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