Aug 28, 2012


Tootin' with the grands..Nothing like them grandbabies! 
We have a craft and baking day at Nana's house sometimes and oh do they have fun!

Here is the deal with they are at Nana's! We don't do anything that isn't fun! We don't eat anything that is good for you!!!! We might brush our hair and oh well, we might not! Needless to say...we pretty much do what we want too!
Isn't that how it is suppose to be at Nana's house?

I have a play room for them and it is filled with dress up outfits, shoes, crafts, books, toys, TV, movies and etc. They love it! But we also have rules!

They like this rule the best:

Craft time! Of course the baby is more interested in taking the cushion in and out of the chair!!!

She has already changed into some of the dress up clothes.

 She is getting very serious right about now with her craft!

He isn't!!!! LOL! My only grandson and he is all boy!

 He wore his tee shirt on all day backwards! I knew it was backwards...but hey, what the heck right? We're having fun!

The mess fun begins!

My little Conner made Nana a purse!!!!

She is my little organizer. She is actually organizing all the colored paper!!!

Play time now!

The oldest and the youngest.

She loves this little chair! Best money I ever spent!

My oldest granddaughter tries her hand at making cake pops! 

We didn't have the new cake pop pans that you can put your batter in so our cake pops was made by rolling them babies in little balls. If you could have seen the look on her face when I told her, Raygen, wash your hands and dig in!!!!

Not to shabby for an 8 year old's first time at cake pops?

She tasted one and said, Nana, this is the best thing I've ever eat!!!

We had enough batter to make a single layer chocolate cake and of course she had to put sprinkles on that too!

She was quite proud of her cake and her cake pops! So was I.


Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. What a good Nana you are!!! Your babies are so cute...and handsome!!!

  2. Wish I had one of those delightful cake pops! LOL! Such a sweet post today.
    Connie Royals

  3. What a fun grandma you are!! Those kids must love coming over and spending time with you. Wonderful memories for you all. Those cake pops turned out really cute and so did the cake!

  4. Oh how fun. This are precious times, Cindy. I miss my grandbabies!...Christine

  5. looks like they are all having fun..

    what great childhood memories you are making for them.

  6. Looks like everybody had a blast. I love the bulletin board with the "rules". I am going to have to make one for my grandchildren to hang in there room. Love it!

  7. Awe...what fun! Selena Guest

  8. Nothing better than making memories with the grands. What fun!
    I agree with all your rules...great ideas.
    I had a play room for my grands too when we had our house. It was my favorite room in the house.
    Loved your Toots.


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