Sep 3, 2012


Well, I think this Tuesday Toots will be a little different. I want everyone that would like to comment to "toot" on one thing in the past week that has made your day...or gave you a good feeling. Maybe you got some good news last week that spelled JOY. Or maybe you tried a new dish out and it was wonderful. Maybe you done a little sewing project and it turned out perfect. You finally got around to reorganizing that closet you've put off for a year. Or you bought something new that was on sale! Maybe you done a nice thing for someone and it was just one of those "feel good days". Let's toot this week!

I will start...........You see this little princess?

This is my youngest granddaughter Kyleigh Paige. She is indeed a little princess. The Doctors have been concerned about her being so small for her age. She is 15 months old and weighs about 16 pounds. She is a happy baby and seems very content. However, after a trial run of adding extra calories to her diet such as ice cream and misc. right before she goes to bed and no weight was gained the Dr. decided blood work needed to be done. We have gotten almost all the results in which so far is pointing to "She is just a little princess". The only test that we are waiting for is the test that shows the gluten. If that be the case then WE CAN DEAL WITH GLUTEN FREE! But as of now everything is pointing in the direction of Little Miss Kyleigh is a little petite girl who may decide out of the blue to take on a growing spell. I am praising the Lord for His mighty hand upon her. 

Gotta TOOT about God's Grace and Mercy! 


  1. Aw she's so precious!!
    Having the last week of summer with my younger daughter made me happy! Tomorrow starts school! Uggh!

  2. Wonderful news Cindy. Little Miss Kyleigh is truly a little princess.

  3. So glad to hear the results have all been negative for anything seriously wrong. She is so precious!! Our baby GRANDson was put on a gluten free diet and he's doing so much better. My "toot" will be that some of my crocheted items have sold at a local boutique. I go this week to pick up a couple of checks. Our GOD is so good!!!

  4. She is a cutie pie. She is probably just going to be one of those dainty little darlings. My toot for the day...Hubby took me antique shopping last Friday and it was an awesome day. He found me a little candy dish I have been looking for .... and it only cost $3.00. He is so wonderful to me. Not many men would take their day off to go antiquing.

  5. She is indeed a little princess. So glad results are coming back good.
    My "toot" was having a day off last week and doing nothing! I mean nothing! I read most of the day and lay around on the couch. Didn't eat bonbons though! LOL!
    Connie Royals

  6. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a little precious sweetie and what wonderful news. Oh, I'm so glad you told me the story of your baker's rack. Mine inspired you? Oh, I'm just humbled. Now that was so nice of your darling daughter to give you hers! Now I want to see it!! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Awww, she is a darling, Cindy. Nothing wrong with being petite, I think that makes her even cuter. As you know, my toot this week are my precious triplets. I can't wait to see and play with them again....Christine

  8. Miss Cindy she is adorable. And there is nothing wrong at all with being petite. Maybe she will stay that way. After all, none of your family is weight or height! You all are petite gals!
    She will be fine. God has that little petite gal right where He wants her.
    Selena Guest

  9. Cindy, she is definitely our little princess. We are praising God for wonderful test results and giving Him all the glory!

  10. Your little Princess is so adorable! I pray all is well for her health. I love your toots!!
    My toot is being thankful for my family. Last week in-laws from New Orleans had to find shelter from Hurricane Isaac. All were able to come through very well and my mother/father-in-law and 1 brother-in-law along with his girlfriend, 1 dog and 2 cats came to stay with me this past week. They left Sunday knowing that their power was back on and they had very little damage to their house. I am thankful for God's mercy.
    Love you, Cindy. Prayers for you and your family.

  11. Kyleigh is adorable! She is a princess :)

  12. Looks like you've got a little princess to be bragging on, too! Thanks for stopping by and celebrating my Mackenzie. Alas - I am the skype grandma and only get to see her a couple times a year. However, with my daughter's wedding in mid-November, I'll see her in just another couple of months!! Hoping to see more blogs in the coming months, too, if I can get myself on a regular routine. And - as far as gluten free goes - I highly recommend it. Changed my life! Blessings to you and your sweet little one!


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