Oct 2, 2012

Tuesday Toots-Gold plated silverware

Well it is tootin' time this week. Just gotta toot on my new set of gold plated silverware....Well, it is new to me! (Sorta)

Even the wooden box is pretty!

Okay now for the story. My friend Janice gave this to me! I have borrowed this from her for the last few years around the Christmas holidays. I usually host a luncheon or dinner for a few ladies or either couples so Janice's pretty gold plated silverware was always perfect.

Well....she decided I used it more than her so she gave it to me! She never liked it nor did she use it...(so that is what she told me). I wonder if maybe she got tired of me borrowing it and just decided to give it to me?

Or I wonder if that is the part of friendship that says....I want you to have this just cause I love you! 

Or could it be one of those God things where the Lord simple whispers to your heart to give something to another person that you'd rather really keep? 

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother..........

Either way....I love my gift...not as much as I love my life time friend of more than 45 years....

Never ceases to amaze me at how God can use something so simple as a mere gift out of kindness or obedience to bring such joy and blessings to others.

I intend on using my new gift a lot! 

What have you done for someone this week?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Beautiful gift but a friend who is even more beautiful.


  2. What a wonderful friend!! You'll always think of her when you use it and she can feel good that it's gone to a good home!!

  3. What an awesome gift! I am sure we will see it in some upcoming tablescapes! Don't you love when unexpected blessings come your way? God is in the giving business and He uses all manner of folks and situations to bless us.

  4. What a sweet friend and a great gift...both the friendship and the gift. I have a few friends like that. Truly treasures from God.
    Look forward to seeing your tablescape useing your new gift.

  5. What a precious friend you have...of course, I know that you're just as good a friend right back to her. God is so good to bless us. I love the Journey devotional and a precious friend of mine is mailing me one each month because we have cut corners and I just couldn't afford to buy it any longer. That was truly a gift from HIM!!!

  6. I didn't notice your last question?!?! Can I give an example of something that happened, but not this week? Several months ago, I found out that a lady I used to be friends with liked a certain little item of jewelry. I knew I had the item but couldn't find it. Later on, while doing some cleaning out prior to a yard sale, I came across it...scrounged around and found her mailing address, and mailed it to her. I guess she received it....and HOPE she liked it!!!

  7. So Miss Cindy...is this how you really get something you want? You just keep borrowing it hoping they will give it to you? LOL! Just teasing. Love the silverware but I especially love the idea that is was given by a friend of many years! WOW!
    Selena Guest

  8. And every time you use that silverware you will think of your sweet friend and how God used her to bless you, love it!

  9. Love the gold silverware! What a sweet gift!
    Connie Royals

  10. Janice was very thoughtful to give you the silverware! I am sure you will put it to good use.
    Beautiful picture of you both.

  11. So pretty, Cindy ad the friendship is priceless!..Christine

  12. wow! nice color combination. i love it.


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