Dec 11, 2013

Wednesday in the Word-Acts of Kindness-Snapshots of Life

I love looking back at the many pictures I have taken over the years. Every picture actually tells a story if you think about it. If we viewed each act of kindness that we have shown to someone on behalf of the Lord, not for ourselves but for Him over this past year and each one of those acts was a snapshot to go in our album for Christ what kind of story would they tell? 

I hope you enjoy looking "back" with me on a few of my pictures but most importantly I hope that you remember that every act of kindness that we do for others with a Jesus heart...we do it for HIM.
Clause: Photos are copyright protected.

 "Tea Time"

"Smashing Princess"

"My first breath"

"Angel baby"

"She said YES"

"Deep thoughts for little minds"

"The Fairy and the Gnome"

"Tea Party"

"Floral Creation"

"Fire Fighters"

"Pure Sweetness"

"Sweet Delight"

"Sheer Beauty"

"I touched your hand...You touched my heart"

"Fall Beauty"

"Sounds of the Sea"

"God's Promise"

"Family time Is the Best Time"

"Christmas Vintage"

"Winter Mountain Retreat"


"With this Ring I thee Wed"

"Sibling Love"

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Thanks Cindy for the reminder of "acts of kindness". Sometimes I as well as others I am sure, get caught up with life being about me. I don't mean for it to happen like that but at times it seems we can't give not one more ounce of ourselves for anyone or anything. The truth is when I am doing for others I am not thinking of myself and when I do it with the right intentions I am truly blessed. WOW girl, this post has spoken to my heart today! P.S. Love all the pictures you shared. Connie Royals

  2. What awesome photography, my friend! I enjoyed looking back with you!!! HOPE you're having a wonderful CHRISTmas-time with family and friends!! Love you bunches!

  3. What a perfect time of year to recall acts of kindness and show them in such beautiful photos! I pray you and your family have a blessed, very Merry Christmas!

  4. love the reminder, and the fabulous pictures that go with it, cindy!

  5. What beautiful snaps captured! Thanks for sharing and for the words of encouragement!

  6. These photos are absolutely incredible! Love the little baby and daddy hand. Merry Christmas, Cindy!


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