Apr 14, 2014

Tuesday Toots-Heart shaped Bird seed

I've been wanting to try my hand at making these little cuties so I did.

I would love to give credit to the website I found the recipe on but cannot remember. However, it worked for me but I did add a little tweaking of my own.

These are so easy to make! Super cute when you get your twine or ribbon in them too.

Such a fun project to do with children.

Here is the recipe for the batch I made.

 3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 envelope of unflavored gelatin (4 usually comes in box)
3 tablespoons of corn syrup (I used light color)
 4 cups of birdseed (any kind)

Take a cookie sheet and line with parchment paper.
Cookie cutter of your choice. I used two different size heart shaped ones. Rub the inside of cookie cutters with oil. 

 Heat water in microwave till warm enough the gelatin will mix well. Stir until completely dissolved. (make sure it is dissolved well)

 Add flour and mix well. Then add syrup and mix. I used a wooden spoon to do all the mixing with.
Then add your birdseed and mix well. 

Place cookie cutter on wax paper and fill with your birdseed. Press mixture down good into the cookie cutter so that will be full. The more you press the seed mixture in the cookie cutter the heavier it becomes but makes it easy to put your hole in for the string.  I used my hands because it made it easier for me. Because it is sticky I put a bowl of hot water with a dishtowel nearby and when my fingers got too sticky I would rinse them off in hot water and dry and start again.  I cleaned off any excess seed so it would have a perfect shape. I used a dowel rod for the hole but you can use chop sticks or whatever. Take your dowel rod or etc. and bore a hole just a little way down from the top of your heart shape seed project or whatever shape you are using and be sure to go all the way through to your parchment paper. Then slide your shaped seed out of the cookie cutter, leave on parchment paper and start again. About every 6th shape put oil on your cookie cutter again to keep it from sticking.

 Keep in a dry and cool place til they become firm. Usually about 8-10 hours. I put my batch in the refrigerator to speed up the process. (I hate waiting on something! LOL!) When hardened put your string, twine or ribbon in. Hang them on the trees. 

 Large heart

I think I winded up with around 10 small hearts and 5-6 large ones. Would really be a cute wedding favor for rustic or garden weddings but I would make small ones since you could get a lot more out of the batch. Great way to get the kids involved with something easy and fun. 

And just too cute on my trees.........

Small Heart

My granddaughter Raygen loved hanging them on Nana's trees! Of course she wanted to look every 5 minutes to see if the birds had eaten any.

One last note; be sure to tell your spouse that it isn't a cookie to eat!!!!!

NO, he didn't eat it but almost did!!! LOL!

Okay, here is what I have learned since I made them....on the 4th day after being stored in the refrigerator the white (flour) begins to discolor them. (I done a little experiment with a few of them)  Also, the birds have a hard time eating it unless it is laying instead of hanging.  However, they are so stinking cute hanging in the tree!

 Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Wednesday              in the Word. 

Til then remember,

Making memories with your children and grandchildren is something that no one can take away from you or them and they last a lifetime!!!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Adorable.....and so special making them with the grands. You're an awesome Nana!!!

  2. Cindy, those are just so darn cute and lucky are those little birds that get to munch on them! Your granddaughter is just adorable!

  3. These are so cute Cindy! I may have to try these out!
    Connie Royals

  4. You are right, they are just too cute hanging up in the trees! Do the squirrels get to them too?

  5. What a cute project! I wonder why the birds have a hard time eating when they are hanging! I buy the ones they sell at stores and birds eat them so fast.....Christine

  6. Absolutely darling! And what fun to share with grandkids - and the birds!

  7. Yes, too cute, indeed, Cindy! I'd like them in the trees, too, but would feel bad if the birds couldn't really enjoy them. Great memories with the little ones.

  8. Love this!! Haven't made these in years - You MAKE ME want to make some :-) LOL (really!!!)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Johnna D.


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