Apr 1, 2014

Tuesday Toots-Mason Jars, Burlap and Tin Cans!

Well I am getting ready for a bridal shower and wedding for one of my sweet nieces. Working on things along and along. It is all coming together nicely. Rustic, Burlap, and Lace--- you just gotta love!
 Mason Jars and Tin cans....Who would have THUNK IT! Sharing just a few things that SO FAR I have marked off my list!

These are going to make two little flower girls happy, happy, happy!

Ooh, loving me some tin cans! A little paint and some embellishments and you are good to go! Will look so cute with flowers and candles, don't ya think?

 Have quite a few left to do but they will be so cute for the bridal shower.

This will look so cute with a pillar candle in it and maybe some embellishments on the candle...such as pearls.....

Got lots of these mason jars to spice up for the wedding. But I just love how the simple burlap gives the jars a rustic feel.

Started on the Wrist Corsages...Loving how they are tuning out so far!

Bouquet's are really turning out pretty!

I love the burlap, brown, and rhinestone! Just really added an extra touch to me!

Well, lets just say my kitchen looks like a Florist Corner right now!!!! Wildflowers, wildflowers and more wildflowers!

Lots of Mason jars yet to do....ooh, I still have the garter to make, the ring bearer pillow to make..the toasting (Mason Jar) glasses to embellish...WHAT AM I DOING BLOGGING TODAY????
  See you tomorrow for Wednesday in the Word....

Till then..........Have some bubble gum.

Hugs and Blessings, Cindy



  1. Oooh ! So pretty! I love how the burlap looks with it all and the flowers are looking great!!! The cans, jars, etc! Wonderful! Don't work too hard! :)

  2. i bet this project has been such fun! everything is so cute, cindy! i did the florals for a wedding years ago and had so much fun with it!

  3. My you are being a busy bee. LOVE it all. You can't go wrong with burlap or Mason Jars. I am sure your niece is thrilled to have you doing these things for her. And I must say, I do, I do, I do love the rhinestone on the flowers.
    Connie Eoyals

  4. You are SO creative!!! I love these and I know the lucky couple will, too! Don't forget to post lots of photos of these at the shower and wedding. Have a blessed week!!

  5. Everything looks so pretty! Love the cans!!!

  6. Miss Cindy, you so inspire me!! In many different ways. What an awesome WOMAN you are!! It's going to be a gorgeous wedding and I for one will be looking for pictures of this EVENT!!

    Johnna D.

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome. What a wonderful job you've done. You need to quit your "day job" and go into business for yourself, my friend!!! HOPE the rest of your week is blessed!

  8. I do love these, I love mason jars myself and am always picking up different sizes when I find them at the thrift store. Have fun.
    BTW thank you for all your wonderful suggestions for my greeting cards, you had some great ideas that I will be using (love the idea of gift tags)

  9. I've been collecting little glass jars so that I can do some similar flower vases for Easter Sunday. These look great x


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