May 8, 2014

Rustic Wedding-Part 1

YES, the Rustic Wedding is over with. What started out as being a rainy, nasty day turned into a beautiful time. The Lord found favor on us all and gave us perfect weather for an outside rustic wedding. Of course this Aunt who is a "planner" by the way did have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C! Plan A worked out great. LOL!

I love details so for today I want to share some of those sweet details of a rustic wedding.

The actual ceremony was outside but the reception took place inside the Lodge. I love the elegance of the Bridal Table. Rustic, simple and elegant. The Bridal party table was adorned with flowers, candles and even their on personal name plates on pieces of wood.

Just amazing at how simple mason jars can be used. We had silk flowers but added fresh greenery to make it fuller and more real looking. Even added water to our jars.

The Lodge had a huge fireplace (bigger than Cracker Barrel-LOL). Different things went on top of the mantle but I used a lot of carafes and it worked out perfect.

Another floral piece

My man was quite proud at how his little wooden place card holders turned out. Of course rose petals always add to anything.

Remember when I posted about the Bird Seeds? Well we decided to do these as a favor for the guests. Here was the sign we made.

Don't you just love the frame?

We had planned to use a tree but changed out minds since our space was limited in the lodge. In order to have seating planned for everyone for the reception we had to cut corners. However this worked out nicely. A curtain covering a tin bucket and stuffed inside the bucket with a trellis held some of the bird seed favors. We placed a few out and put the rest inside the bucket. Needless to say the children loved the fact they could carry home some bird seeds....

Turned out just as cute as could be!

Next on the agenda was "What to do for a guest book? So many ideas out there but we wanted something a little different and since Mason jars was a huge part of our decor guess what we went with????

We took two mason jars and filled them with dirt to hold our dowel rods. The line was placed on the rods to hold the mason jar cutouts. Once again our space was limited so we made it big enough to hold some mason jar templates signed by the guest and then the rest that was signed was placed back in the basket. This was a huge hit with the guests. They loved the idea and so did I!

Simple, simple, simple!

The basket to hold the cards turned out adorable.

Forks nestled in buckets inside a basket worked out great!

We even had the menu on a mason jar placed in the log! It was so funny when I saw a lady snapping a picture of this! Not sure if she got one of the bride and groom but she got one of the menu! LOL!

Mason jars even make BBQ sauce look good! But it was Sonny's BBQ sauce so it was GOOD! Cute little mason jar salt and pepper shakers!

Bathroom was small and not much room but this piece was already in there...Went great with our theme don't you think?

A piece of wood that held two candles....

Wedding cake was so pretty and the cupcakes. I will show you the grooms cake and cupcakes next round. The Bride made her own wedding cake, grooms cake and cupcakes.

I thought her topper turned out cute that she made.

Isn't this just sweet? What was really sweet about this is that the bride had no clue that her Finance had sneaked back to the property after we had got through with all of our decorating and done this for her! He wanted her to be surprised and she was.

Amazing how cut greenery from the yard just looks refreshing.

A little Cowgirl boots going on here....More pictures later on the wedding party.

The Bride...I love this picture of her.

And this was just too cute! Simple curtain rod attached to a piece of wood and curtain panels and a lace tablecloth! Little greenery and wa-la! The surroundings of the wedding was beautiful in itself. Though you cannot see it from this picture there was a huge pond behind them with lots of trees and fences.

I love this picture!


Stay tuned for Take 2 of the Rustic Wedding.....

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  1. Oh wow, what a fabulous idea and all of the decor is just perfect. Gorgeous pics of the bride and groom.

  2. Cindy, I love all of these details. The Bride is so pretty and she even made her own cake? WOW! I must say, I LOVE the idea with the menu! This is my kind of stuff here. Can't wait to see the rest.
    Connie Royals

  3. What a beautiful wedding! You did not disappoint Miss Cindy! I love all of those rustic touches and the mason jars everywhere! The cake turned out great too! The space looks amazing! I'm glad it all turned out for them! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!

  4.!!! You're awesome!! Great job!!

  5. Cindy, the wedding was beautiful- I feel like I was there! So many adorable ideas, and your photography is amazing! Thank you for sharing this lovely family event! :)

  6. Everything is so pretty, and great pics of the newly weds. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

  7. oh, my, this all looks fabulous, cindy! the mason jar sign in tags are adorable! the bride's cakes are so sweet! and i love the boots! great details--happy wishes to the couple!!

  8. Simplistic beauty Cindy! Cute couple and I just love the sweet heart he made for her! Mason jars are so cute and the guest book idea was fab! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. This is all just adorable! So many unique ideas! Great job! I think you have a whole new career ahead of you -- To do in all your SPARE time!! LOL!


  10. P.S. - Were you the wedding photographer? So many neat shots!



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