Jun 12, 2014

How about a Cake Pop?

  I decided to make some cake pops to carry to an event recently. Figured the kids would love them.

I've made cake pops before with my oldest grandgirl but we done white chocolate and colorful sprinkles. This time I would do red and black to go with the theme of the party....

Recipes out there on blog land galore but I keep it simple...

Duncan Hines cake mix any flavor you want. I used chocolate and I only use Duncan Hines!

Follow directions on cake mix box BUT add a tad more oil that what it calls for, a tsp. of vanilla flavoring and one pack of instant pudding mix. I used chocolate pudding since I was making chocolate cake pops. (makes the cake more moist) A little secret...when I make my cakes for other occasions I ALWAYS freeze them for a few days! For some reason it makes them more moist as well!

 Let your cake cool.

Icing: I usually make my own icing but for cake pops Duncan Hines frosting is the way to go. And of course I used chocolate....everyone likes chocolate!

Crumble up your cake mix in a bowl. Then add the chocolate icing by the tablespoons...I add some and mix...add some and mix...until I get a good consistency to work with. You will know when it's the right consistency when you begin to form the cake mixture into balls.

TIP: Ice cream scoop works great to get the size you want. BUT I roll the mixture in my hands pretty tight so that it will not crumble when I place the pop stick in the cake ball.

I decided since this was a red and black theme I would use the Wilton candy melts and went with the red.

Pour some in a bowl and follow directions on package.

Melt a little so that you can dip the ends of the pop sticks in the chocolate, stick the pop stick about half way through the cake ball and then place on a plate to pop in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

While they are chilling I decided I wanted to make them CUTE so I had some white Styrofoam I decided to wrap with red and silver foil wrapping paper. I really like to use the green Styrofoam because it's so easy to work with but since I was transporting them about 30 miles away decided the white Styrofoam would hold up better.

I love this paper.

I have several of these compartment size red (whatever you want to put in them) holders so I cut my Styrofoam to fit each slot.

Melted more chocolate as it was time to dip the pops!

Once the pops was hardened I used a little black Wilton cookie icing to give a little swirl to the tops.

YEAH BUDDY....Looking yummy...don't ya think?

Pop them back in the freezer and leave them there until you are ready to gobble them up!

Okay now to tell you what happened next!

I was about 20 miles down the road headed to the event when it HIT me! I HAD LEFT THE CAKE POPS AT HOME IN THE FREEZER!!!

Well needless to say I was bummed out! HOWEVER, my husband wasn't bummed out nor my grandbabies! Guess what the family had for dessert for Sunday dinner after the Saturday event?

And just so you will know...I did carry other things such as my Oreo Peanut Butter Mini Pies, (you can see post here) http://creationsbycindyphotography.blogspot.com/2014/06/make-me-smile-monday-oreo-peanut-butter.html Buffalo Chicken Dip and chips, (Recipe later on this one) Chili nuts, honey roasted nuts and drinks. At least I didn't show up empty handed!  

I think my sister may have thought that I left the cake pops at home on purpose...HEE-HEE! 

Have fun and make some cake pops...

Hugs and blessings, Cindy 


  1. I've never tried making cake pops....but had a very tasty one at a Ladies event at our church last fall. They are soooo good! Is there absolutely NOTHING you cannot do?!?!? You are so gifted!! HOPE you have an awesome day, my friend!

  2. Well, you had me when I read the word cake! LOL!
    Connie Royals

  3. I've eaten lots of cake pops but never made them. Thanks for the tutorial - now I can make my own!! I'm sorry you forgot to take them to your event but I KNOW your family was glad they got to enjoy them!! Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  4. Thank you so much, Cindy, for stopping by my blog today. I have enjoyed reading here this evening!

    I loved the cake pop idea...and you certainly made them look appetizing.

    I'm giving you a "follow" and adding you to my blog list because I don't want to miss the goodness I've seen here on your blog! :)

    Oh...and I left a note for you over in the comment section at the blog. :)

  5. Cake pops were all the rage at weddings for a while here. Haven't really seen them much lately, but they are still fun! I've never tried making them, but heard they were pretty easy. They look so festive with the fun straws!

  6. I keep saying I'm going to try to make them and since you make it sound so easy maybe I will. They look DELICIOUS!!! I can't wait to see the recipe for the buffalo chicken dip & chips. Hope you have a fun weekend celebrating Father's Day. Hugs Sugar!

  7. Hi Cindy,

    YUM. Now that is plenty of chocolate going on there. I need to try my hand at making some myself and love the idea of using a cake mix because it saves more time. Way to go...maybe it was an accident on purpose to forget those babies in the freezer...lol
    Hugs, Lynnie

  8. I've never tried making these...but I will! These look SOOO yummy!
    Thanks for the recipe and tips!


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