Jun 19, 2014

Let's Talk Thursday

Let's do some serious talking girls! I've got questions? Can't wait to hear your responses...

Who still irons? And do you like to iron?

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Who still cooks rice on the stove?

Who makes their bed every morning?

Who makes tea on the stove?

Who still makes biscuits from scratch and rolls them out by hand?

 Who still says "Pocketbook" instead of "Purse"?

Who still says "Preacher" instead of "Pastor"?

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Now I will share my answers.

Iron? I despise ironing! I will...but it is a must!

Rice: When I learned years ago that you could cook rice in the microwave and it be just as good....I gave up cooking it on the stove! Now I hear all the young women say, Miss Cindy, you have got to switch over to INSTANT!

Making the Bed: YES...I make my bed EVERY single morning. My granny instilled in me that ones bed needed to be made each morning. That was just something you done! I must admit that is a good feeling when you go to lay down at night not to feel that you just got up cause your bed is not made.

Tea on the stove? NO! Good old Microwave does it for me! Now I must admit that I do let it steep for a long time so it will have the stove top taste of GOOD BREWED TEA!

Biscuits? I used to make them from scratch but they didn't look pretty! Matter of fact when my man told me they could be used as a spare tire for a Mac Truck I decided Mary B's was the best! 

Pocketbook or Purse? LOL! I still catch myself saying pocketbook at times. That is what my granny called it so I in turn done the same. However, just for those old enough to remember the word "pocketbook" when I done a search on the word here is what came up. 

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Don't look like no pocketbook to me! 

Preacher or Pastor? And I know this would depend on your denomination. Well......I still say preacher! I get tickled sometimes at the young women in Bible Study when I say Preacher....they just look at me like...PREACHER? Guess everyone says Pastor huh? 

Have a great rest of the week and remember.....Those Mary B biscuits ain't half bad....(but they sure aren't my granny's either)

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Cindy, I LOVED this!

    Yes...I still iron some things every week! and Yes! I love to iron. I love that smell of freshly ironed clothing!

    I still cook my rice on the stove. I've never tried doing it in the microwave.

    I still make my biscuits from scratch...but I don't roll mine out. I gently pat them out. They always turned out tough and hard when I rolled them.

    I say purse or handbag. Although my mother loves to tell how I always called it a "pockiebook" when I was little. :) When I saw what you got when you googled pocketbook I laughed out loud! How the meaning of words changes over time!

    As for the tea making. Until about a year ago I still did it on the stove. Then I bought an iced tea maker! I have to admit...it is not the same. It is faster and less mess...but it just doesn't taste the same.

    Thanks for the fun this morning, Cindy!

  2. p.s. I forgot one...Preacher or Pastor? I currently use the term Pastor where we are now. But the man of God that I hold dearest to my heart I always called Preacher. He is the one whose preaching the Holy Spirit used to convict me of my need to meet Jesus! And by the way...he preferred to be called Preacher over Pastor! :)

  3. You crack me up Cindy! My answers to your questions: Iron? NO! I don't like rice so don't cook it. Make my bed daily, NO! Tea-yes I make it on stove in a tea kettle. Bicuits-don't cook them often but when I do I buy Grands. Purse or pocketbook? LOL! Purse. Preacher or Pastor...I call him brother. Fun talk today.
    Connie Royals

  4. What fun! I do iron, but not often. I love to use vintage linens and they must be ironed. My sweetheart irons more than I do. He has some shirts he just doesn't want to give up - lots of shirts that all require ironing. I told him I wanted to replace them so I wouldn't have to iron them. He said he would iron them and he faithfully irons them! I cook rice on the stove when it's just for two or three people. I use my rice cooker for bigger amounts. Yes, our bed is made every day! When I was still working fulltime we had an agreement - last one out of bed makes the bed! We're retired now but we still follow that 'rule'. Works well for us. I have an electric teakettle for making tea. Biscuits - sometimes from scratch, sometimes I buy them. I always carry a purse! If a man is the pastor of a church I call him pastor; it he does other ministries, I say preacher. My dad was a pastor for many years and then did evangelistic work all over the United States and Canada. I always say my dad was a preacher - that's what he did, he preached! Thanks for the fun.

  5. Cindy, what a cute post!!
    Yes I iron and I actually love it since my mom bought me a new Rowenta steam iron.

    I still cook rice on the stove.

    If I make biscuits, it is from scratch. Since my mom makes them so much, there is no need for me to!

    I use a tea kettle for tea also. I have always hated warming the water in the microwave, so I was excited to actually get a kettle.

    I usually say purse.

    My pastor doesn't like to be called "preacher" but that's exactly what my mother always calls him! I think that is definitely a southern thing. We watch Andy Griffith all the time and he calls the pastor preacher all the time, lol.

    Cute, cute!!

  6. Ironing: only as needed
    Rice: Microwave
    Biscuits: frozen, or canned
    Purse/Pocketbook: I think both
    Tea: I let the bags steep in hot water in my tea "jug"
    Preacher/Pastor: Don't you agree there's a big difference in those two? I call ours "Pastor"...it just seems respectful to me!
    Now that I've answered these....I realize I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cooking!!! ;-)

  7. Oh, making the bed....YES, I do that daily...so maybe I'm not THAT lazy!!! LOL!!

  8. Ironing - what's that?!!! I use Downey Wrinkle Releaser. Hey, it works for me!

    I still cook my rice on the stove.

    I make my bed every morning.

    Tea - in the microwave, just like you.

    Fun post, Cindy!

  9. HA! Great questions!! I was kind of surprised at some of MY answers...never thought about a few before.

    Yes, I love to iron! Crazy? Maybe!

    I cook my rice on the stove, never heard of the microwave method....may have to look into that.

    I make our bed Everyday!

    We actually don't have biscuits much. I like making those cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury but I have made biscuits from scratch a few times. Ina Garten has a great and easy recipe.

    I say purse.

    I make instant tea! And it's not sweet....hope I didn't offend anyone!

    I'm a Catholic now so we say "Father" when we address or refer to our priest. I grew up Methodist, we said "Reverend."

    Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  10. I cook rice on the stove, we have to eat brown rice and it takes almost an hour, wish I could find a new way to do brown rice good!

    I still iron sometimes, mostly the tablecloths for my tablescapes. I used to love to iron, when I visited my daughter and her husband I would iron 14 shirts at a time for him.! Made lots of points for my sweet SIL, since he was the one who usually ironed them!

    I don't make iced tea much anymore, but when I do I boil the water on the stove or in the microwave. I sometimes use the tea kettle when I make hot tea.

    We say pastor.

    I still say purse. Aren't they called "bags" these days? Not sure.

    When we have biscuits (for company) we have Pillsbury's Southern style frozen. They are great!

    This was fun!


  11. Great post, full of humor and wonderful memories. I also hate to iron. The microwave sure comes in handy. Tea is made by the hot water from our fancy coffee maker. I don't always make our bed daily. My husband comes along and takes naps.
    I say purse....As for biscuits, I make homemade ones. Enjoy the upcoming week-end.


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