Jul 1, 2014

Tuesday Toots

The only good thing about me having to drive 30 miles or more for a Doctor's appointment is getting to stop by a few Thrift stores. I think I scored pretty good!

This tea pot picture frame was the first thing I saw that caught my eye! I loved it. It had never been taken out of the box and all for $1.99!  

Just could NOT pass up more white napkins especially Fieldcrest as they are such a good sturdy napkin. Usually their brand of plain napkins cost around $9 for 4. Got 8 of them for $2.99. Now did I need them????? WELL if you ask my man he will say NO! But CINDY said YES!

 I feel in love with this hurricane jar.The picture does not do it justice. $2.99! I thought it was steel!

Couldn't pass up this cute little gravy boat for 99 cents either! You can ALWAYS use WHITE!

These little candle holders was adorable. Especially when I got both for $1.00.

Just simple little rings...but I see napkins rings!!!!! Doll these little cuties up and they will be good to go. 15 or 79 cents.

And my BEST prize of the day...........

You guessed it! PLATES.......

8 of these pretties for $4.99! They are really pretty. Trimmed in silver and has the little indention on them where you could place a tea cup if you wanted too.

I think I done pretty well don't you? Now here is the secret...DO NOT TELL MY MAN I have these plates! He has threatened to call Dish Alcoholics to me!

Decided to use a piece of material and had just enough to make a little skirt bottom attach to a tank top for the youngest grandgirl. (Yep, I done that when I was suppose to be sleeping)

 I love the Chevron prints and rick rack!

 Decided to embellish the tank top just a tad to match the skirt.

She had to have a hair bow to match so found one that matched great at non other than good old Wally World...

She is going to look so stinking cute with this little outfit on.

Got a little black and white dress almost finished for another grandgirl. Simple but cute!

My Blue Plumbago is so pretty....

Have a great Tuesday! See you tomorrow with some Wednesday in the Word....

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Wowsers, Girl, you really scored at the thrift stores!! That hurricane vase is beautiful. Love the little dress you made for your grand girl.... you'll have to show us a picture of her in it. Again I just gotta say you are so talented! Hope you have an awesome day my friend!!

  2. You have been busy, girl! I'm jealous over your thrifty finds but that little dress you made is gorgeous!! She will look so cute it it!!! When you get the other one done don't forget to post it. I don't have Grands yet but am pinning cuties for when I do! Love your flowers. I had some hydrangeas that looked a lot like those last year but they haven't bloomed this summer. They look healthy enough, though. You have a wonderful week, Cindy!!

  3. I don't know what I like the best, the tea pot picture frame or the hurricane jar! The little chevron dress is too cute.
    Connie Royals

  4. WOW! I would love to shop at the thrift stores you do! GREAT finds! And that little dress you made for your grand girl is absolutely adorable! You are a good Nana. :) Oh...and your secret is safe with me. ~wink~

    Have a great day, friend!

  5. really great finds, cindy! our thrift stores don't understand the meaning of "thrift". and the little dress is too darn cute! have a great 4th!

  6. DOn't know what I am going to do with all these talented friends! I love the little dress idea! I hope to have my work area set up by fall or winter and do some sewing. Of course the reading will get tossed by the way side! Thanks for sharing all your treasures too! I have to stay away from thrift stores. I would never get my house decluttered! :)

  7. Great job, as usual! Love it!


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