Aug 4, 2014

Make Me Smile Monday-Beach

By the time some of you read this I will be enjoying this....

Here at........

It's family vacation time for us... 

Which means we'll do lots of eating such as....

Which take my word for it...we eat well!

A lot of playing in the sand....

Making lots of these....

only to watch the youngest grandbaby tear it down...
Chilling out with a good book is RELAXATION to me...

Watching these babies (sweet times)


Hope you all have a great week. Catch up when I when I get back. See ya next week...

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Have a great time, my friend!

    Love ya!

  2. Have great time with your family!!! Wonderful hubby and I are off middle of next week to Michigan. We're hoping for cooler temps. It's so fun to take time off and enjoy the ones we love!

  3. Hey Cindy,
    I live in Palm Coast! I know you are busy with your family, but if you have a minute, maybe we could meet somewhere!

    Let me know!


  4. Good Morning Cindy, I hope you have a fantastic vacation with your family.
    Love the photo sitting by the waters edge. Enjoy that water.
    Have the best day ever!

  5. Have a great time! We were at the beach on the other side of the country from you on Monday. It was such a treat. We live close enough to make day trips over and back. A week of vacation there is always a special treat! And having grandkids along would be absolutely wonderful!

  6. Great pics! Have a wonderful trip! Looks like you had great fun times there in the past. :)


So glad you stopped by to visit.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy