Mar 26, 2015

Party Time!

We just recently celebrated mom's 75th birthday. Of course she celebrated for several days it seems. (I get it honest I guess....celebrating my birthday for weeks, LOL)  My sister and I celebrated birthday cake with her and two of her friends along with balloons and gifts.

Mom's roommate's birthday was the day after hers so we included sweet Sadie in the party!
I couldn't help but laugh because neither of these ladies wanted to take their bibs off for the pictures. They didn't want to mess up their clothes!

We call these three the THREE AMIGO'S! They sit together every day to have their meals, play games, do crafts, pop corn parties, ice cream socials, tea parties, fine dining and well, there isn't a lack for something to do that is for sure!

Miss Ruby is a woman after my own heart. You can rest assured that she will have her matching jewelry on every day and she DID WANT HER BIB OFF for her picture! LOL!

Love me some Ruby~

All the residents love Miss Nancy.

Sweet lady right here!

My niece was celebrating her 10th birthday as well that day and was going to have her on birthday party later.

Mom got tickled because her roommate Sadie who was celebrating her 88th birthday was asking for something to drink. So I leaned down and said, "Miss Sadie, would you like whiskey, water, coffee or tea?. With her eyes big as saucers and a very serious voice Sadie said, I would prefer Shasta cola!  LOL!

Sadie and Mom shared the birthday cake together. That isn't the only thing they share though. They share a room room together, their meals, their extra goodies that family members bring to them, laughter, probably a few arguments along the way and JESUS! 

Happy Birthday Mom!

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May we never forget about those that CAN'T REMEMBER!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. How sweet! What a bunch of great ladies! They sure seem spunky!

  2. Beautiful memories Cindy. March birthdays are full of good people.

  3. Oh Cindy, how special to celebrate your mother's birthday with her roommate and special friends. I too gave my mother her last birthday party when she was in her nursing care home. It was very special and I think of it every year when her birthday comes around. It was a special day. Yes, they wore their bibs too and mom always had her jewelry on matching her pretty outfit.

    God Bless your mother and her friends. Wishing her many more special birthdays and you to enjoy them with her!!
    Hugs, CM

  4. Cindy, this is so very sweet! Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  5. Aww, that is so sweet Cindy. God bless you and your family! Johnna

  6. Oh, how precious. Looks like everybody had a great time. Your Mom looks so good.....and happy!

    1. Thanks Deb. She is okay. Has gained 50 lbs since she has been there. Not able to get any exercise and they eat all the time!!! My kind of place! LOL!

  7. What a sweet celebrations of births, Cindy! I'm sure you brought them all much joy on that day. And how sweet that your niece shares a birthday with your mom! Please wish them belated birthday wishes from one of your blogging friends! ~Zuni

  8. sweet post, cindy:) from the looks on their faces--you brought them joy:)

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom. I love the more "seasoned folks" they always have so many wonderful stories to tell. What a blessing for your mom to have some friends that she can "hang with" Looks like fun

  10. Happy birthday to your mom, Cindy! Such a beautiful series of photos, great times and memories, and the cake looks great. :)

  11. Awww...happy birthday to your sweet mom. Such a lovely tribute to her, Cindy. xo

  12. You're creating joy! Pretty cake, Cindy. Thanks for sharing. I think your mom had a nice birthday!
    Hugs, Beth

  13. I think your Mom had a great party. She looks so happy. God Bless her!

  14. Beautiful and heartfelt post about your dear mom. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom~
    I'm back~

  15. Hi Cindy and happy birthday to your sweet little mother! I know all of these ladies really enjoyed the attention and tossing in a 10 year old never hurts either! You're a sweet daughter.
    Shelia ;)


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