Jul 24, 2014

Let's Talk Thursday

It has truly been fun getting to know other blogger's and even things about our own friends that we didn't really know! So with that being said...let's do it again!

So today is called "Getting to Know You" and I am going to spotlight one blog this week for you to pop over and take a peek at!

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I will ask the questions and give you my answers and then you simply reply with your answer. Fun way to get to know others.

1: What has been the most embarassing moment for you (so far) in life?

2: What was your favorite song as a teenager? (If you can remember) LOL!

3:  What is your favorite season? Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

4: What is your favorite type of shoe to wear:
A: Flats of any kind
B: Flip flops
C: High heels
D: Shoes with some height but not tall

5: If you could only pick one place to live would it be at the beach or in the mountains?

6: What movie genre are you usually drawn too?
A: Comedy
B: Romance
C: Action
D: Horror
E: Documentaries or foreign films

7: Favorite food dish?

Only 7 questions for today so let us hear your answers....

Here's mine:
1: I came out of the restroom of a restaurant with toilet paper hanging from my pants!
2: One that comes to mind is "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beatles.
3: Well in Florida the answer would be none! Too hot all year to me. But my answer would be Fall.
4: Shoes with some height but not tall.
5: Awe...the mountains 
6: Romance 
7: Fried chicken, hands up!

Now I want to spotlight a blog for you this week. If you like cooking, different ways to fix meals and some really awesome recipes then hop over and visit Aim. Love her recipes!

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Good morning, Cindy!

    Thanks for the challenge to think! :)

    1. Calling someone by the wrong name...repeatedly in a short amount of time.
    2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Beetles
    3. spring
    4. flats
    5. mountains
    6. romance
    7. Eggplant Parmesan

    And I LOVE the blog you chose to highlight this week! Aim is amazing!

  2. Cindy, this is a great way to get to know others for sure.
    1. I called my pastor by the previous pastor's name for one year!!!!
    2. Old time rock and roll(I've always been an oldie at heart I think)
    3. Summer
    4. flip flops
    5. beach
    6. action
    7. grilled fish of any kind
    What fun!
    Connie Royals

  3. What great questions!!! Okay, here goes:
    1. When I was a teenager, I went to a revival with my Aunt....who drove a white Corvair with red interior. When the service was over, I got into her car to go home....but it wasn't her car. Now what are the odds there would be two cars just alike in the parking lot? And, in my defense....why didn't they lock their car? LOL
    2. Anything by Journey or Bob Seger!!!
    3. Happy Fall, Y'all!!!
    4. "Tennis shoes"....actually runners...but I don't play tennis, or run!!! :)
    5. I love to visit the beach, but since we live practically in the mountains...well, there's no place like home!
    6. Comedy
    7. How do I pick just one food? Does chocolate count?!?!?

    Thanks for the fun, my friend. I love that you showcased Ms. Aim. Wouldn't it be awesome if all of us could meet at her house for supper?!?! HOPE you have an awesome day!

  4. 1. I lol when I read Debbie's embarrassing moment. I can do one better! After running a quick errand with my husband, I jumped back into the passenger seat of our car only to realize it wasn't our car! The hint: the man on the driver's side was a very surprised man who was NOT my husband! Our car was two cars down. We all had quite a laugh...at my expense!! :)
    #2 Free Bird (Lynryd Skynryd)
    #3 I love each season in its time. I couldn't live happily in an area that didn't have 4 seasons.
    #4 some heel but not too high
    #5 beach
    #6 action
    #7 BBQ pork steaks

    Love this!

  5. 1: embarassing moment? I had to sit down and really thing about this one. I have to say... not remembering someone. I find it very embarassing, and it makes me feel so terrible when someone knows me but I can't recall them, even after being reminded of where and when.
    2: favorite song as a teenager? Daddy's Hands by Holly Dunn
    3: favorite season? I Love them ALL... Winter - is Cleansing and Majestic, Spring - is so Fragrant with flowers, Fall - is Beautifully colored by Mother Nature. But Summer is the best for me beause I am such a water person.
    4: What is your favorite type of shoe to wear: A slip on (in between casual & dress) with a tiny bit of height because I'm so short my long dresses sweep the ground.
    5: beach or mountains? My dream is to have a small farm on the water with a mountain view, but since I can only have one... Water it is!
    6: movie genre? Honestly, ALL. I am a huge movie buff. I use to have a movie library room aka extra bedroom in the basement that I lined the walls with bookshelves and filled every one with DVD movies.
    7: Favorite food dish? Again, ALL! I love everything about food. Look, smell, texture, taste and even love cooking it! When eating out, I usually go for Seafood, Italian, Chinese / Thai.
    I loved your answers, I bet you make fantastic fried chicken too.
    This was so fun and I am beyond flattered and honored you picked my blog to highlight.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me, my very sweet friend xo

    Have The Best Day Ever!

  6. Cindy,
    If it is okay with you, I want to show this post on my blog, giving you a Shout out and answering the same questions?????

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!! you make my day... I just posted on my Christmas Blog for Rudolph Day tomorrow!!


  7. This is a fun post! But no favorite season? I love living in Florida and having warm weather all year long! It's perfect for me! Hope you have a good week...one of our hottest though! Sweet hugs, Diane


So glad you stopped by to visit.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy