Jul 10, 2012

Wednesday In The Word

Psalm 34:14 "Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." 

Picture taken by my youngest daughter from a recent trip. 

My Bible study this week is about PEACE in my Wednesday night class and also for the online class that I lead. When we think about peace there are so many terms in which to think upon. It can be difficult to think about peace when we live in a world that offers no hope of peace. Praise the Lord that we serve a God that He knows the outcome of this world! 

It can difficult to think about peace when we are watching a loved one suffer, people loosing their jobs, marriages on the brink and children going astray. 

Peace on any level can be hard to comprehend at times can't it? 
But what about those words of "Seek Peace and Pursue It?  
 I am a peace maker at heart. I don't like drama, chaos, or conflict. I have a motto that my family has heard many, many times...:My House Is A House of Peace".  My ultimate desire within my marriage, home, church life, job, and family is to have peace. 

I don't look for trouble and don't want no trouble as my granny would have said. However it can very hard to have peace with others at times can't it? There is always going to be someone in our life or that crosses our path that we struggle with having peace with them. It can be a personal conflict, something that we may not see eye to eye on or even our mere way of thinking is totally different. What do you do?

We go back to the scripture. Seek peace and pursue it. I love what Romans 12: 18 says, "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone". I feel that the Lord desires that we do everything within our power to have peace with others and to show that peace outwardly. 

 Picture taken by my youngest daughter from a recent trip.

Does this mean that you can't have a say, or voice an honest opinion? Of course not! But what it does mean is that we are do so with a Christ-like attitude and to remember that our goal is to have peace with others.  But then there are times that YES, we need simply to be quiet!

That is a hard thing coming from a woman that is not quiet! LOL! Yep, go ahead and laugh cause I know you are!

If you have ever met me or have been around me even for a short amount of time then you know that my personalty trait is not the shy, quiet and reserved. And...there is nothing wrong with that as long as we can exercise control by allowing the Holy Spirit to control us and not the flesh. Hard lesson learned here from this ole gal but slowly and surely I am learning how to allow the Spirit to control me instead of "Cindy". I am just being honest and real with you today! 

Peace indeed can simply mean "Just be quiet".  

And do you know what I have learned? You can't really listen if you aren't quiet. And...sometimes, just by simply being quiet....you can hear what others are even thinking!!! 

Are you struggling to have peace with others around you?

A very small book I read once called "Certain Peace in Uncertain Times" by Shirley Dobson pretty much summed it up. "Prayer and Focus". Pray to the ONLY one that can answer and Focus on the ONLY one that really matters. 
Attitude and behavior is a choice we all make on a daily basis...choose wisely!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy



  1. What truth-filled, peaceful words you share, my Friend. And your daughter's pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Hugs...

  2. Wonderful truth today Miss Cindy. Thank you for your realness. Peace is something that I think everyone struggles with at times but most of the time my greatest struggle with peace is when I take my eyes off of Jesus. Those pictures are breathtaking and just looking at them this morning filled me with a sense of peace. They are beautiful! Of course I did have to chuckle at your lady with the tape on her mouth! LOL! Thanks for this post. Connie Royals

  3. Wow! Did I need this today! Loved the quote you shared. Need to post this on my wall....and my fridge.....and my mirror.......and car visor.....you get the picture, LOL! Thanks for this great post this morning. And Baby Girl's pics are beautiful! Looked like an amazing trip!

  4. Cindy, those pictures your daughter took are so pretty. How peaceful just looking at them. She must have gotten some of her photo skills from her mom. (LOL) PEACE....I've been struggling with an issue that I had no peace about whatsoever and two days ago It hit me that I had been a slacker when it came to reading God's Word. I knew right then what my problem was. Amazing at how the fact remains so true that when we take our eyes off of Him...everything else falls! Thanks for the post today! What a wonderful reminder to me of staying focused on the One that counts! Nita B

  5. Thank you for posting these truths Mrs. Cindy. One of the toughest things for me is to stay quiet (I like to say, "but I'm just speaking words of truth IN LOVE!"). Great post :) much love ~Deb

  6. Oh my! A great lesson on peace and how to be assured of it, starting with ourselves. I have learned the hard way, sometimes, that true peace comes from faith in what the Lord has planned for me. Your comments on being quiet really hit home too.
    Your daughters pictures are beautiful.
    As always, thanks for the inspiration and something to work on.

  7. Cindy,
    Goodness! What amazing photos taken by your daughter! Incredible.
    I find the most peace when I am at home. My home gives me the most comfort because it is where my family is and I have surrounded myself with the things that I love and make me Happy!
    Thanks so much for your visit!


  8. Beautiful post Cindy. And the pictures are gorgeous!

  9. Great post today Miss Cindy. Pictures are beautiful but your take on "quietness" has done a little ouch on my today. Thanks, I needed it. Selena Guest

  10. Just the word "peace" conjures up thoughts of...well, peace!!! Great insights, my friend!

  11. Sometimes we don't have peace because of our own actions! It's a wonderful goal to set for ourself..PEACE !


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